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ARG Player’s Championship: Winner’s Bracket Top 8 Ned Salkovitch (HAT) vs. Andrew Paller (Geargia HAT)

Welcome duelists to the Top 8 of the Winner's Bracket!  We have a pseudo-mirror match on our hands here with Ned running the Nationals-dominating HAT Read more

ARG Player’s Championship: Winner’s Bracket Top 16 Brandon Ball (Geargia) vs. Scott Page (Mermails)

This feature match comes to you from the second round of the Winner's Bracket!  Brandon Ball is bringing Geargia, a deck which had its biggest Read more

ARG Player’s Championship: Winner’s Bracket Top 32 Anthony Eckroth (Infernity) vs. Joseph Chou (Infernity)

How's it going everybody? We're here in sunny Cleveland for the first day of the inaugural ARG Player's Championship!  Thirty-two of the seasons best duelists Read more

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North American WCQ Top 16 Report Part I: My Sylvan Deck Explained

patrickhoban The first of the two biggest TCG tournaments of the year took place this weekend; the North American World Championship Qualifier. The other is the Read more

ARG Circuit Series Philadelphia Top 16 Decklists

Jordano Ibrahim - Traptrix Fire Fists Main Deck: 2 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear 1 Coach Soldier Wolfbark 2 Traptrix Dionea 3 Tarptrix Read more

patrick hoban

Top 8 ARGCS Milwaukee Report

Really, I was intending to play a Lightsworn deck very similar to what I topped the Atlanta regional with last weekend, but had lost a Read more

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ARG Circuit Championship Patrick Hoban vs Scott Page – Game 3


What to do in the Competitve Scene Hiatus

Next week, thousands of players will travel to Chicago, Illinois to compete in the North American World Championship Qualifier. After that, there won't be any Read more


Spellbook 2.0 – New and Improved

A few Italian duelists piloted a Spellbook deck at their WCQ not to long ago. This deck was incorporating the disregarded card, Spellbook Library of Read more

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Evaluating Draft in Top Cut

patrickhoban Hello everybody! I’d like to start out with a big congratulation to my friend Chris LeBlanc for winning his second YCS this weekend in Philadelphia. Read more

1st Place ARG Circuit Series Richmond Report

Where do I even begin? This weekend I won the ARG Circuit Series in Richmond, Virginia. This is my fourth premier event championship title, which Read more

Kalen Nelson

“Stratos, Can I be a HERO too?” ~Zombies

Ever since the release of Crossroads of Chaos, Zombies have been somehow surviving and seeing at least some play in every format. As fun and Read more


KMC Brake-down 7/19-7/20

bobby brake The second week for KMC’s just happened and boy was there innovation this time. It can be scary for players to venture out of the Read more
bobby brake

KMC Brake-down 7/5

I am going to start a series of articles where I go through each of the KMC’s on a weekly basis and talk about the Read more

bobby brake

Bobby’s Championship Standard Deck Profile

The Kaijudo Summer Championship was a couple weeks ago and I did a tournament report, but never really talked about the deck I used in Read more

Cardfight Vanguard

My Thoughts on Quintet Wall

wong Intro: I haven't watched the Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker series since the beginning of the school year, and had to catch up from the time Read more

Breaking the Meta Part 1: Rush Decks

The world of Cardfight!! Vanguard has had a very solid set of rules and ratios ingrained in deck building that have stayed ironclad throughout the Read more


A Lateral Approach – Angel Feathers

Cardfight! Vanguard remains a relatively new TCG in the US, but its popularity could very likely fool you into thinking otherwise. The game’s creator, Bushiroad, Read more

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