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Siding Out Wavering Eyes

pat new picture Over the last couple of years there has been a trend to side out powerful cards in mirror matches. We saw cards like Return From Read more
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How Much Influence Does Cube Draft Have On Your Regular Game?

Practice makes perfect right? Playtesting is a very common form of practice for those preparing for an event, which is typically a process of identifying Read more

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Evaluating Hand Traps Post BOSH

One of the biggest questions amongst duelists after the release of BOSH is whether or not they should be playing hand traps, and if so, Read more

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1st Place ARG Circuit Series Las Vegas Magician Pendulum Deck Explained

pat new picture Last month I wrote about how I felt Unicore had been crippling creativity for close to a year and expressing my excitement to play without Read more
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ARG Circuit Series Las Vegas Top 16 Decklists

Paul Cooper - Kozmo Main Deck: 3 Kozmo Strawman 3 Kozmo Dark Destroyer 3 Kozmo Forerunner 3 Kozmo Sliprider 3 Kozmo Wicked Witch 3 Kozmo Read more

circuit series round logo SEASON 3

ARG Circuit Series Anaheim Top 16 Decklists

Kurt Hirata – Pendulums Main Deck: 2 Gem-Knight Garnet 1 Jigabyte 1 Masked Chameleon 1 Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness 3 Performage Damage Juggler 1 Read more

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ARGCS Hartford Finals B. Leverett vs Gorgievski


ARG Circuit Championship Patrick Hoban vs Scott Page – Game 3

And here it is folks the moment that we’ve been waiting for all weekend…The Finals of the first ever ARG Circuit Series! These two players Read more


What to do in the Competitve Scene Hiatus

Next week, thousands of players will travel to Chicago, Illinois to compete in the North American World Championship Qualifier. After that, there won't be any Read more

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2015 Hall of Fame Recommendations

pat new picture Hey everyone! As I write this the participants of the 2015 Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship are sleeving up their decks in hopes of being crowned King Read more
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ARGCS St. Louis Top 16 Report

This last weekend the Circuit Series came to St. Louis and the Leveretts and I made the trip. I made it to the Top 16 Read more

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How Deckbuilding and Technical Play are at Odds with One Another

I often wonder if my whole approach to the game is correct. As a competitive player I am always looking for ways to gain an Read more

Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: New Restriction List and How to Adapt

connor morgan Greetings cardfighters! I was planning to do another article expanding my look into Fighter's Collection 2015 Winter this week, but instead Bushiroad hit us with Read more
connor morgan

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: What to Chase in Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter

Greetings cardfighters! Fighter's Collection 2015 Winter just launched a few days ago, and I wanted to discuss the cards I believe to have the most Read more

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Cardfight!! Vanguard G: The Return of Star-vaders

Greetings cardfighters! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas holiday. While tis' the season to celebrate in good spirits, the game of Vanguard is Read more

Force of Will

ARG FOW Circuit Winter Championship Top 16 Player Profiles

circuit series round logo SEASON 3 Name: Zack Tufford Age: 23 Occupation: FOW Player/Student Hometown: Atlanta Ga Deck (MVP Card): Change the World, Orb of Ilusion Previous FOW Accomplishments: WGP top Read more

Force of Will Finals Report

The ARG State Championships for NC was held at Raleigh this year and if you had asked me earlier this week I would have expected to Read more

dan musser

What We Can Learn from the World Championship

Greetings WILLing readers (hehe). Previously, I had planned on writing about new decks and cards and synergies and all around newness, but then something…happened…this past Read more

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