1k in a Day Top Tables Update+Information

Unlike most tournaments, there is an incentive to show up on day 2 even if you didn't do well on day 1. ARG offers players an opportunity to play in a 1k the following day, where you'll not only have the opportunity to win money, but also points that you can use at the 20k Circuit Championship later this year. The prize payout for the 1k in a Day is as follows:

1st Place: $400 Prize Credit*** + 40 Circuit Championship Points
2nd Place: $200 Prize Credit***+ 35 Circuit Championship Points
3rd-4th Place: $100 Prize Credit*** + 30 Circuit Championship Points
5th-8th Place: $50 Prize Credit*** + 25 Circuit Championship Points
9th-32nd Place:  Circuit Championship Invite +20 Points

Based on how many points you accrue, you could use it for a variety of different things, namely a 1 or 2 round bye at the 20k Circuit Championship. So next time you come out to an ARG Circuit Series and things haven't fallen in your favor, don't count yourself out yet. There's always the opportunity to win big the following day at the 1k in a Day!

And now a look at what's doing well in the 1k in a Day after round 5:

Table 1: Junior Dorcin(Mermails) vs Shijing Yang(Bujin)

Table 2: Pedro Clemente(Geargia) vs Lenard Hill(Mermails)

Table 3: Mike Centers(3.5 Fire Fist) vs Tahmid Zaman(Mermails)

Table 4: Mike Tinga(Dark World) vs James Robinson(Bujin)

Table 5: Brian Walls(Dark World) vs Steven McMearty(Hieratics)