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Answering Questions, a Decklist, and the explanation for the list Read more

Hello boys and girls, it’s T-Time. As you all should know, Yu-gi-oh! Championship Series Charlotte, NC took place this weekend. Many new decks emerged and many old decks took to the top tables once again to show their dominance. With the initial thought going into this first tournament being “what is the best deck?” people will begin to ask themselves “how can I beat the best decks?” The best way to answer this question is by looking at cards that can completely disrupt a deck’s strategy without putting any strain on your strategy. That is right, I am talking about Read more

In Yu-Gi-Oh, there are always those archetypes which come out in new sets, which everyone dismisses as bad, unplayable, stupid, so on and so forth. Gladiator Beast was one of these, until Paul Levitin, beyond all odds piloted the deck and won a Shonen Jump Championship with it, before cards like Gyzarus and War Chariot even existed. The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” could never be so correct in this instance. Many decks are much deeper then at first glance, and the Nordic deck is one of them, which to be honest, surprised even me! As of Read more

Hello boys and girls, It’s T-Time. Let’s go back a few years to a very different format. Synchros and Tuners were only a rumor of what may soon to be. Some people called this the “Gladiator Beast” format, but really it was made up of 3 decks: Dark Armed Return, Lightsworn, and Gladiator Beasts. This was considered to be one of the most expensive formats of all time since in order to play any of these decks you need the extremely expensive secret rare boss monsters. Each of the said boss monsters dominated the format and the summoning of which Read more

Hello boys and girls it’s T-Time.  So you’re tired of locals and you want to take your game to the next level.  Maybe you already have attended said events and you are looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to attend said tournaments.  Well since nobody really likes to talk about these things, I suppose I will pass on some in game as well as some not-so-Yu-Gi-Oh based advice about going to these events. If you haven’t noticed, gas prices are getting quite high and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.  Clearly this means that Read more

Hello many of you will have no idea who I am as I hardly play YuGiOh much anymore.  I have been to one YCS and two regionals in my short YuGiOh career.  In fact I have only played in five sanctioned events in my life.  I do have my invite for nationals this year thought.  Most of my time is spent on the financial side of Yugioh as I am the general manager of Alter Reality Games.  The new banlist has hit and people are getting ready for the new format that has just started.  This banlist has had a Read more

To the average Yu-Gi-Oh player, the Forbidden/Limited list release is like crack. Everyone wants to know what’s on it. People even go as far to make fake list with Photoshop to try and trick others. But the thing is, once the Forbidden/Limited list is confirmed, what comes next is a process every TCG player is familiar with. Testing! Everyone puts together new decks, test new cards, theories, all trying to make the next “big thing”, and chances are if you’re reading this, you’re one of those people too. This is an important process in which even I have been participating Read more