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I just got back from YCS Orlando Florida, and it was an experience that changed my life. Teamwork… is a keyword in this game. During today’s metagame anyone using teamwork has proven to get greater results than working alone. A few good examples are Frazier Smith’s group of gravekeeper’s who got 1st 2nd and 3rd place at YCS Atlanta Georgia, Nizar Sarhan and Sean covert at YCS Dallas and North Carolina, and finally this recent YCS with Juan Morales and the newly formed Team Tengen which includes me, Greg cohen, Bertha Pena, and Juan Morales. What I’m going to write Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! I am back from my trip this past weekend to Yugioh Championship Series Orlando! Sadly, this event is the first event that I was not able to capture a spot in the top 32 playoff, but Two other Alter Reality Games writes Alex Vansant and Juan Morales were able to make up for my absence! So Congratulations to them and their recent success! Today, I am going to give everyone a recap of my weekend! We will look at the deck I chose to use, my side deck choices, why I was not able to make the Read more

Hello boys and girls, It’s T-Time! I am back from Yugioh Championship Series Orlando, and what an event it was! I want to say thank you for everyone who congratulated me on my top 32, it means a lot. A lot of you may have seen my deck on the main Konami website and wondered what it was, how it worked, and why I played it. I will explain all of those things, but for those of you who do not know the list, here it is: Monsters: 19 3 Effect Veiler 3 Reborn Tengu 2 Green Gadget 2 Yellow Read more

Trading cards for cards gets boring all the time, you wanna know something? Besides trading? Traveling to a YCS and keeping a balanced budget! I wanted to solely introduce the budget factor in this article. Here is what the incomes and outcomes are. Incomes: Everything you make is an income, so add it all up and see how much you make to decide what you budget is going to be. Your job, the cards you sell, and whatever else you may do. Seeing how much income you make really decides what your going to do about your budget for cards, travel Read more

This past weekend as many of you may know was YCS Orlando. This was the first tournament in which players were allowed to use cards from Hidden Arsenal 4 (mainly Trishula) and Extreme Victory. Many people dismissed Extreme Victory as a “good set” but surprisingly, the top 32 had MORE cards from Extreme Victory then YCS Dallas did (the first YCS which Storm of Ragnarok could be used). Going into this tournament, I thought I wanted to run something with Reborn Tengu, simply because the card is that good. Many other people felt the same. Most commonly, people were using Read more

Who knew that Yugioh players would be able to have so much fun at the Library? Well, more so with the Library. For those who do not understand what I am talking about, it is the new Yugioh card T.G. Hyper Librarian! This brand new card is on the verge of coming out and will be legal on July 5th just in time for the North American World Qualifier! I am here to talk about this card because it is a game changer. The release of this powerful synchro monster will make and break many decks that are very popular Read more

Hello boys and girls, it’s T-Time once again. I have taken a bit of a hiatus and I’m glad to be back playing this game competitively and writing articles once more. I have been quite busy with school and other things, which is only fitting that I would be writing about time management. Play testing is detrimental for success in major tournaments, but finding time is often quite difficult. I will show you a lot of ways to find time play testing and then also make sure that your play testing is efficient and not just a waste of time. Read more

In this game, decent Spell and Trap support which isn’t  themed can be very hard to come by.  Even harder to come by are Spell/Trap cards which help you defensively that aren’t a complete minus. Sometimes, once in awhile we get something like Solemn Warning (although a bit too powerful), or the new card from Extreme Victory, “Safe Zone”. Safe Zone is a spicy new Continuous Trap that does the following; Safe Zone Select 1 face-up Attack Position monster on the field. It cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponent’s card effects, it cannot be destroyed by battle, and it Read more