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Greetings duelists! My name is Bobby Barone but most of you probably know me by my online alias ‘Exhale’ on various forums. I have had some success at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series and Shonen Jump Championship tournaments across North America and have been playing this game for 5 years now. I am writing this article to shed some light on my thoughts on the importance of side decking. Whenever I discuss decklists with friends and other duelists at local tournaments, I always ask “What does your side deck look like?” and they almost always respond with “Oh well, it’s not really Read more

Banishing Helps A Lot! As most of you know what happened at Atlanta, Georgia Frazier Smith won with Gravekeepers and so did his colleagues. Well I showed a somewhat new archtype that broke the meta as well, but most people didn’t notice. It was Eatos Macro! Here is the decklist that I used that changed what people thought of the deck “Eatos Macro” YCS Atlanta Georgia: Kevin Silva ( Top 16 – Dimensional Eatos) Monsters: 3 Guardian Eatos 3 D.D. Warrior Lady 3 Thunder King Rai-Oh 3 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 Banisher of the Radiance 1 Blackwing Gale the Read more

Magic 2011 MTGO Draft Review #1 Preface: Before you start reading, please understand that I am by no means a professional Magic player. I am a 1700+ rated Limited player with a large amount of experience in Core Set drafting. My opinions should not be taken as fact, but they are instead meant to provide a starting point for new drafters, or some fresh insight for more experienced drafters. I welcome all feedback in the comments section, positive or negative, as I will be using these articles to improve just as much as you will. Drafting is far and away Read more

Psychics are a type that first debuted back in The Duelist Genesis. While they never really saw any competitive play as their own deck, it’s impossible to deny the ridiculous impact that Psychics had on the game. Psychics were a critical part of the Teleport Dark Armed Dragon (TeleDAD) decks that completely ruled the September 2008 format. Their support card, Emergency Teleport, added unrivaled speed to the deck, dropping cards like Stardust Dragon and Dark Armed Dragon within the first few turns. After the Limiting of E-Tele, Psychics had to find another way to win, so people turned to the Read more

Hello boys and girls, It’s T-Time. This whole article will seem very simple to some of you while I am sure others will learn a great deal from the references within. Playing lately, I’ve seen players make some grotty syncrho plays when they have their deck’s ultimate combo in place. This is mostly directed towards plant players, but I may make one for faries soon. Think of this more of a reference of what, how, why, and when you should make certain synchro plays. Without further ado, let us begin: Synchro for a Shooting Star Dragon Dandyion+Lonefire Blossom One of Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! Summer is now upon us and the World Championship Qualifier is just around the corner! I am very excited since this is basically the biggest tournament of the year in the Yugioh World. This year the USA and Canada will both be playing in the same “Nationals” event and we will send the Top 6 players of this tournament to World’s to try and take a championship home to North America! There are roughly 5000 players qualified and if even half of those players show up we are still looking at the biggest TCG tournament ever! As Read more

The new YuGiOh structure deck Lost Sancturay is obviously the newest deck in YuGiOh. It contained some of the rarest Light and Fairy monsters including Honest, Marshmallon, Splendid Venus ,and of course the awesome trap card Solemn Judgement. The Agents are the main cards of the deck and there leader Master Hyperion. Not many people know that the Agents first appeared in the set Ancient Sanctuary and then appeared in the Dark Revelation sets. The set included most of the Agents like Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. The cards were not very important until the Lost Sanctuary came out. The Read more

The victory seemed unthinkable but the story is true. It was my third Yugioh tournament and I was using Ancient Gears, which won me the first round. My next opponent was undefeated so far and used a deadly dragon deck. When the duel started he didn’t hesitate. He played his Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and ended his turn. The duel went on and I was already on the edge. He had summoned his Blue Eyes Ultimate only to have it removed from play for another Darkness Metal Dragon. I held on for a few more rounds and managed to Read more

Post Caw-Blade Standard

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The recent news that Wizards released on Monday took the majority of the Magic community by surprise: both Jace the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic have been banned from standard play. The loss of Jace was a popular debate even before the announcement, with many players wondering whether or not he’d be reprinted, though no one thought that Wizards would take such a drastic step. Indeed, most assumed that he would simply fade away with the rotation. But with Jace and Mystics appearing in an overwhelming amount of top eight decks, it’s no wonder that Wizards went to such lengths. Read more

The 2011 World Championship Qualifier will be all about one of the most powerful cards to come out in ages; T.G. Hyper Librarian. Almost everyone has heard of this card by now, and once it is legal it is going to make changes to the game (On July 5th). This level 5 Synchro Monster immediately replaces 1 to 2 slots in your Extra Deck as its stats are above par for its level, backed up with a kick ass effect: allowing you to draw a card every times someone Synchro Summons. Although every deck should have this card in their Read more