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Player Classification Hey guys, today I’m going to be talking about player classifications. First off I want to establish what I aim for you to take away from this article. What I am not going for is a scale of players ranging from noob to pro so that everyone can overrate themselves as just under a pro. Instead I want to classify players according to playstyle so that you can identify how your opponent is playing in a match and how to play accordingly. Additionally if you are on the lower end of the classification, I want to give some Read more

Welcome back everyone, today I would like to discuss a new theme that is going to be released very soon and more importantly will be legal at the upcoming YCS in Ohio! Can anyone guess what deck that may be? I’m assuming it wasn’t too hard to guess the theme I would like to talk about today is Dark World! I would like to take a look at various approaches you can take when building this deck and share a little bit of insight I have gained thus far when practicing with the deck. First, let’s take a look at Read more

Hello boys and girls, its T-Time. I am sorry I have been gone for so long, I hope this article makes up for it. I was trying to think of a way to make my articles and deck profiles more interesting, so I figured I would supplement them with my youtube videos. If you are a usual follower of my videos, you will no longer find my deck profiles on there. To view the decks I will be playing and explaining you need to read my articles. That being said, I know that I did not make it into the Read more

First, I would like to congratulate Alter Reality Games’ own Billy Brake for FINALLY becoming a champion after years of trying. His victory was unquestionably deserved. With the amount of hard work accompanied with the time and dedication he put forth towards this game, his largest accomplishment was almost inevitable. The best way to access a tournament is not only looking at what decks won, but also to statistically analyze the various deck types that topped. Answering the following question will be a good first step; what has changed from last format? How many different deck types made the final cut? How Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! For those of you who don’t know, YCS Toronto took place this past weekend. I was fortunate enough to be able to walk away with my first ever 1st place finish at a major event! It was my 10th time to top a major event and words can’t describe how it felt to finally win! I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and have been rooting for me to get a victory! It was a long road, but I can now call myself a Champion! Today I am going to let everyone Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! The first Yugioh Championship Series of the brand new format is happening this upcoming weekend in Toronto! It is time to find out what decks will be on top and the key tech cards players will utilize to get an edge on the rest of the competition. I know that I have been testing endlessly over the past month to try and find out what deck and specific card choices will help me achieve my first ever victory at a YCS! Throughout my copious amounts of testing, I have gone through many different cards that I feel Read more

Welcome back everyone! Is anyone out there having trouble figuring out what to play at YCS Toronto? Well today I have a special article that goes over a deck I built for a Box Tournament this past weekend and ended up going undefeated with it to score an overall 7-0 record in the tournament winning the whole thing! So maybe after this you will gain a little insight into what exactly you would like to pilot going into your next tournament! Lets jump right into the deck list and I will go over some choices and cover some of the Read more

Hello Duelist, Dale Bellido here reporting from Alter-Reality Games. Firstly I would like to thank Jim for the opportunity to continue writing and expressing my thoughts while it gets exposure on a premier site. If you guys don’t know who I am, like I said my name is Dale Bellido and I’ve been playing this game and been extremely successfully even before ban list were introduced. I have 15+ tops across  the shonen jump/ycs/nationals circuit combined and over 50 regional tops so I would like to consider my self much more then a seasoned veteran.  Enough with my self so Read more

Hey guys, this is Patrick Hoban here with my first article here at Alter Reality. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself so that you know I am qualified. Firstly I am a freshman at the University of Georgia and have been playing the game pretty much since its release, competitively since about 2007. I made Top 16 at YCS Indianapolis, Top 4 at SJC Nashville, and Top 8 at Nationals all in 2010. Additionally I have 19 regional tops and contribute to both the Duelistgroundz and ETC Forums Yu-Gi-Oh communities. Now that the introduction is Read more

Hey readers, my article today is going to be my thoughts on the new September 2011 banlist that has just taken effect a few days ago in the YGO TCG. Plants dominated most tournaments in the previous format but have lost a large amount of support , not to mention the new ruling on Exceed monsters. Even with these changes they are still a highly playable deck and will continue to see play in tournaments across the world along with Agent’s, Gravekeeper’s, Glad Beasts, Gadgets, Heros , Lightsworn and other rouge decks from last format. Newly Banned- Royal Oppression- This Read more