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Hey everyone! I’m back this week after an exciting weekend in Long Beach. The turnout for the tournament was absolutely incredible and over 4300 people showed up to play. Also a big congrats to fellow ARG writer Joe Giorlando for making Top 4 with Heroes! I opted to play Dino Rabbit and I started out 9-1, but ended up losing my last two matches to not top. While that is a tragic story, today I want to talk about a very under the radar card that will surely see tons of play in upcoming tournaments, Forbidden Chalice. Forbidden Chalice Quick-Play Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! Let me start off by giving a huge congrats to the winner of the 100th YCS Michael Balan! He managed to take his Dark World deck all the way to the top and capture 1st place out of the 4200 duelist that showed up to this historic event. Another big shout out to my fellow ARG Writer Joe Giorlando! He was on a rampage last year topping almost every event he attended, and was able to make a very respectable 3rd/4th place finish at YCS Long Beach. Awesome job Joe! Moving on, my article this week is Read more

Well that was insane. So if I remember correctly last week in Beyond the Top Deck I mentioned how this week I would either be writing about my experiences in Long Beach or continuing on with the next installment of that series. It all depended on how well I did out at the 100th YCS and if I felt like a tournament report was worthwhile. While I did not quite achieve my goal of walking away with the championship, it is tough to ignore how special this weekend truly was. I’ve had this event on my mind a lot since Read more

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! I am going to ride the wake of the largest TCG tournament of all time, the 100th YCS. I again missed the top cut, losing on the bubble to my own misread. More or less, I played the same deck that let me go 9-2 at YCS Atlanta. There is no way around the fact that this deck should have toppoed twice in a row now. This is going to be an Alter Reality Games exclusive as I decided to turn down many people asking for a profile on their Youtube channels. Without Read more

Welcome back everyone, hope you all enjoyed the article last week pertaining to Long Beach! Hopefully by this point the things I said ended up panning out and I didn’t look like too much of a lunatic with my suggestions! Anyway, today we are going to continue on discussing the timeless topics I think are necessary in order to progress as a duelist. On the docket today is the concept of a misplay and the different types of misplays. We will be discussing the varying degrees of misplays and by the end of the article uncover exactly what it is Read more

Hey everyone. I’m sure you’re all excited for the 100th YCS this weekend in Long Beach! I know I sure am. Before making the 3000 mile journey across the states tomorrow, I’m going to bring you one last article before the big event. This week I’m going to be dealing with chain links and the importance of knowing how stuff works so you can make the best out of any situation. The first thing you need to know is something I’m sure a lot of you already know, how chain links work. I’m sure everyone knows the basics of how Read more

Hey Yu-Gi-Oh duelists! I’m super excited for the 100th YCS in Long Beach, California this weekend and I hope to see everyone there. For those of you who are unaware, the last two YCS in Cali were both won by Hero variants and by the same person. A lot of players—including myself and the other writers here at ARG—are speculating that heroes will make a strong showing at this event to further perpetuate the superstition. I am almost certain to be playing Dino-Rabbit because I believe it to be the best deck this format, and to be quite frank I Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! The 11th hour is upon us! We are merely days away from the 100th YCS that will be taking place in Long Beach, California! I know I speak for a majority of duelist out there when I say it is almost impossible to contain my excitement. The best duelists from around the world will be flying in to take a shot at being the winner of this monumental event! I know I will be pulling out all the stops to try and capture my 3rd YCS Championship win! Just before the 100th YCS is here I want Read more

With YCS Long Beach right around the corner I think it is only appropriate to sit down and have a little chat about what you need to do to get into position to succeed in sunny California. As little as the Forbidden and Limited list did to change the top tier decks from YCS Atlanta, there have been significant revelations over the course of the last month which need to be taken into consideration. Popular trends, new releases and potential new tech will all be key for players looking to do well this upcoming weekend. So exactly has changed you Read more

Hey everyone. I’m back this week and I’m going to be talking about convincing your opponent to make plays that will benefit you.  For example, maybe you have a Torrential set and want your opponent to overextend and summon another monster. I’m going to be talking about what you should be doing and what you should not be doing in order to get them to summon that monster. Determining Skill Level The first thing you have to understand is getting your opponent to make a play that will benefit you is an art and there is no one specific way Read more