Round 1 Feature Match: Adam Corn vs Billy Brake

Round 1 Feature Match:

Adam Corn vs. Billy Brake

Billy opens by playing Upstart Goblin, giving Adam 1000 free lifepoints. Next Pot of Duality is activated revealing Bottomless Trap Hole, Cardcar D, and Noble Knight Gawayn; He opts to take Bottomless. He sets 3 to his back row and summons Cardcar, activating the effect to draw 2 cards and ending his turn.

Billy 8000, Adam 9000

Adam opens with 2 copies of Abyss-Sphere, Book of Moon, Fiendish Chain, and Mermail Abyssteus. For his turn he draws Mermail Abyssgunde. He sets the Spheres, Book of Moon and the Fiendish to pass his turn.

Billy played duality into Noble Arms-Excaliburn, Traptrix Nightmare Trap Hole, and Noble Arms-Destiny. He opts to take the Excaliburn and shuffles the rest back in. Next he summons Noble Knight Borz and the summon is successful but Borz is set face down by Book of Moon. During main phase 1 Adam activates Abyss-Sphere and attempts to summon Mermail Abysslinde, but it gets banished by Billy's Bottomless Trap Hole. Adam activates another Sphere and it’s denied by Solemn Warning. Adam is still at 9000 and Billy ends his turn by setting a card.

Billy 6000, Adam 9000

Adam draws into Mermail Abysspike for his turn. He normal summons Pike and discards Mermail Abyssgunde for the effect but is shut off by Fiendish Chain. He passes after having his play cut short.

Billy draws for turn and then equips Excaliburn to his newly flip summoned Borz. He triggers Borz to reveal an Noble Arms-Arfeudytyr, a Noble Arms-Caliburn and a Gwenhhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms; Adam randomly selects Arf and the other 2 are sent to the grave. Billy equips his Borz with Noble Arms-Destiny before summoning Drystan and equipping him with the graveyard bound Queen. Billy attempts to trigger Drystan’s effect but it’s shut off by Adam's Fiendish Chain. He attacks over Pike with Borz for 100 damage and then passes his turn

Billy 6000, Adam 8900

Adam draws Gunde and passes.

Billy attacks for 1700 then passes back with that.

Billy 6000, Adam 7200

Adam draws upstart and activates it to draw Mermail Abyssmegalo. He proceeds to discard Gunde and Aqua Spirit for Megalo but Billy activates Mind Crush on Megalo causing it to be sent to grave. Gunde brings back the Megalo to attack for 700 on Borz. Noble Arms Destiny protected Borz this turn, but will it be enough to help overpower the Megalo before he can attack again?

Billy 6300, Adam 7200

Billy draws then summons Noble Knight Medraut then activates Arfeudytyr on Medraut. He attempted to activate Medraut but I reminded him that it says only when you control no other monsters, these are the problems that occur when you try to play a deck in a tournament for the very first time. Medraut and Drystan are used to summon Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus and Adam scoops up his cards with that.

Billy opens up with a Cardcar D and multiple backfield to keep control of the game. The deciding factor was the main decked Mind Crush on Megalo to shut off Adam searching for his last Abyss-Sphere! Adam will be going first in Game 2.

Game 2

Adam opens up Game 2 with Linde, Mermail Abyssturge, Gunde, Mermail Abyssteus, Sphere, and Fiendish Chain. He sets the traps and the Linde, passing with that.

Billy summons Borz for his turn and Torrential is activated to destroy both monsters. Linde summons Pike, which activates its effect discarding Gunde to summon back the Linde from grave and to search Genex Undine from the deck. He sets 1 to his back row and ends.

Adam draws for turn and it’s the Controller! He attacks for 3100 damage and passes with that.

Billy 4900, Adam 8000

Billy activates Reinforcement of the Army to get Medraut from his deck. Medraut is summoned and Destiny is activated. Medraut summons Borz, and Destiny is destroyed to re equip to Borz. Borz reveals Arf, Queen and Noble Arms-Excaliburn, Adam randomly selects Excaliburn and Queen/ Arf go to the grave. Excaliburn is activated on Medraut and Billy uses them to summon the Sacred King! Arf, Excaliburn, and Destiny are equipped to King. Arf is activated lowering King to 1700 atk, Sphere is activated in chain and Linde is summoned. Queen is activated to equip to King from the graveyard boosting it to 2000. King activates his effect to destroy the on field Pike. King attacks to destroy the Linde in attack for 500-7500, Linde is activated but is shut down by Solemn Warning 2000-2900. Billy sets one and passes turn.

Billy 2900, Adam 7500

Adam drew Turge for turn. He activates Teus discarding Genex Undine into Fiendish chain. Genex Controller is summoned to ynchro into Leo, Guardbeast of the Great Tree. Leo attacks for 1100 over King but he is protected by Destiny. Adam passes with that.

Billy 1800, Adam 7500

Billy summons Noble Knight Gwalchavad for turn and special summons Noble Knight Gawayn from his hand. Heroic Champion Excalibur is summoned and the effect activated but is shut off by a well timed Effect Veiler. Billy scoops up with that!

Game 2 goes to Adam regardless of him drawing the Controller the turn after searching Undine, which ended up working in his favor. Adam and Billy both confess that they have no idea what’s a good card to side against Noble Knights.

Game 3

Game 3 opens with Billy starting the game by Pot of Duality into Medraut, Gwalchavad and Destiny, immediately taking Medraut. He sets 2 and passes.

Adam starts with Aqua Spirit, Linde, Gunde, Sphere, Undine and draws Controller yet again. He summons Linde attacks and sets sphere.

Billy 6500, Adam 8000

Billy summons Medraut and activates Excaliburn. Next Arf is equipped to Medraut and activated targeting Sphere which Adam uses summons Megalo from the deck. Medraut summons Borz by destroying Arf and it’s re equipped to Borz. Borz activates its effect, selecting Caliburn, Excaliburn, and Queen; Adam selects Caliburn randomly sending the other two to grave. Billy paid 1000 life points to activate Soul Drain, hoping to lock out Adam from his grave effects. Medraut attacks over Linde for 200. He passes with that and Megalo is destroyed at the end phase.

Billy 5500, Adam 7800

A replay happened to Medraut attacking because he lost 500 due to Arf. He’s destroyed and Billy takes 300.

Billy 5200, Adam 7800

Adam draws another Linde for turn. and summons Undine right into Solemn Warning 2000-3200. Adam special summons Aqua Spirit and attacks over Borz once and then again with Linde.

Billy 1600, Adam 7800

Billy draws for turn then concedes knowing he would lose next turn.

Adam Corn wins the Round 1 feature match after a well fought series of games. Billy had a few issues getting going with the deck being that it was his first time playing it in a competitive setting and his second time playing it ever, but he will continue on through to tournament and hopefully come out ahead. Adam however will move on with a strong first game under his belt going into the next rounds so we will keep up with him as it goes on!