Round 5: Calvin Tahan (Geargia) vs Vinnie Silverman (HAT)


Game 1:

Calvin starts off with Geargiarsenal into Geargiarmor. He sets the armor and 3 more cards before ending his turn.

Vinnie set Fire Hand and 5 S/T cards before ending. Calvin activated Geargiagear for double Geargiano MK-2

Calvin flipped Armor to get Accelerator before overlaying his MK-2s into Gear Gigant X. He activated Gigant’s effect but fell into a Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare! Undeterred, Calvin Normal Summons MK-2 for his turn, activating its effect to special summon another MK-2 from his grave. Vinnie activated Artifact Ignition, destroying Artifact Beagalltach and setting an Artifact Moralltach from his deck. Beagalltach used its effect and destroyed 2 Moralltach. When the Moralltachs special summoned themselves, Bottomless Trap Hole took away one of them, but not before both Geargiarmor and an MK-2 were destroyed! Calvin discarded Machina Fortress and Geargiaccelerator to special summon the Machina Fortress! Fortress swung over Moralltach for 400 damage before ending Calvin’s turn.

Vinnie 7600, Calvin 8000

Vinnie drew for his turn before setting a card to his backrow. He switched Fire Hand and Beagalltach to attack position and sent Beagalltach to attack over MK-2 for 400 damage. Fire Hand attacks the Machina Fortress, bringing it down with him in addition to 900 damage and bringing out an Ice Hand for his troubles. Ice then proceeded to beat down Calvin for 1400 damage.

Vinnie 6700, Calvin 6200

Calvin summons Geargiarsenal before declaring an attack on Ice Hand. During the Battle Step, Compulsory Evacuation Device hit the field to send Beagalltach back to Vinnie’s hand, allowing Arsenal to attack over Ice Hand for 300 damage and leave no cards in his back row for Ice to destroy. Calvin then activated Arsenal and tributed it away for Armor in defense position before passing.

Vinnie 6400, Calvin 6200

Vinnie activates Pot of Duality and revealed Warning, Moralltach and Sanctum before taking Artifact Sanctum. He set 2 before ending.

Calvin drew and watched his Armor fall to a Sanctified Moralltach in his Standby Phase. He set 1 and passed.

Vinnie activates Pot of Dichotomy in his Main Phase 1, sending back 2 hands and a Moralltach for the ability to draw two cards. He then activates Pot of Duality and snags a Myrmeleo. Myrmeleo hit the field and searched out Bottomless Trap Hole before Vinnie set 2 and passed his turn, unable to attack.

Calvin didn’t really see a way out so he scooped up the game and moved onto round 2!

Beagalltach hit the field and disrupted Calvin's plays way more than he was feasibly able to recover from. But, there isn't only one game in a match so lets move onto game 2 and see if these Gears can grind out the HAT deck!

Game 2:

Calvin opened with a normal summoned Arsenal and special summoning Accelerator to overlay for an early Gear Gigant X! A different first turn play for sure! He then searched out Ancient Gear Box and another Geargiarsenal off of the box's effect. He set 2 and passed.

Vinnie played Upstart Goblin, giving Calvin a free 1000 lifepoints before setting 5 to his backrow.

Vinnie 8000, Calvin 9000

Calvin saved his Gigant by Wiretapping Vinnie's Artifact Sanctum that he tried to activate during the Standby Phase! Gear Gigant then used its effect to search for Machina Gearframe, but Breakthrough Skill was ready for the Gearframe when Calvin summoned it! Calvin would not be denied and instead activated Book of Moon and forced his effect through. After searching Machina Fortress he summoned it to the field by pitching Geargiano and attacked for 4800 damage.

Vinnie 3200, Calvin 9000

Vinnie drew for his turn and activated Acid Trap Hole to destroy the set Machina Gearframe and set 1 more to end.

Calvin sent Gear Gigant to attack for 2300 damage successfully, but when Fortress tried to attack Vinnie activated MST on his own Moralltach to cut the play short. In Main Phase 2 Geargiano MK-2 came down and brought out Geargiano to make Zenmaines. He then discarded Arsenal and Gearbox for Machina Fortress.

Vinnie 900, Calvin 9000

Vinnie set his Moralltach into defense position before passing.

Calvin attacked over Moralltach with Gigant. Sanctum came down and saved his remaining lifepoints by letting another Moralltach destroy Machina Fortress. Zenmaines then attacked Moralltach and saved itself, but causing 600 points of damage in the process. In the end phase, Moralltach fell to Zenmaines.

Vinnie 900, Calvin 8400

Vinnie activated Pot of Duality and revealed Dark Hole! Instant grab! Dark Hole then comes down, followed by banishing Breakthrough Skill to completely eradicate Calvin’s field. Gigant pulled out Geargiano in defense before Vinnie passed.

Calvin activated Geargiano’s effect to bring back Accelerator before summoning a MK-2 and forcing Vinnie to scoop the game up and go for round 3.

Game 3:

Vinnie sets a monster and 3 backrow to start the game out.

Calvin summons Geargiarsenal and baits out a Breakthrough Skill! Undeterred, Calvin activates Mind Control to take over the Ice Hand and overlay for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, but lost the monster due to a well placed Black Horn of Heaven. Calvin sighed and ended his turn by setting 2.

Vinnie summons Ice Hand before attacking for 1400 damage. Calvin decides to try his hand at a blind MST and hits Artifact Ignition, costing him his next battle phase.

Vinnie 8000, Calvin 6600

Calvin activates Upstart before setting a monster and 1 backrow.

Vinnie 9000, Calvin 6600

Vinnie sets a monster and passes. Undeterred by the last chain of events, Calvin attempts to blind MST again and hit Solemn Warning this time!

Calvin flips his Armor and searches for Accelerator before Upstarting and then normal summoning MK-2. MK-2 recruits a yarded Arsenal to Calvin’s cause before being tributed off for Geargiano. He then tributes the Geargiano for Arsenal and summons the Accelerator from his hand. He makes Abyss Dweller and sets his Armor before entering his battlephase. After declaring an attack with Dweller he activates its effect and destroys Ice Hand with 0 repercussions. After setting a card Vinnie activated Artifact Ignition in the End Phase to hit newly set Debunk.

Vinnie flips Fire Hand, falling into Bottomless Trap Hole and ending his turn and forcing him to concede the duel.

A unique take on the Geargia deck secures the win in games 2 and 3 for Calvin today! Best of luck to both duelists through the rest of the tournament!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!