3rd Place Feature Match: Steve Klaus(Dragunity Rulers) vs Larry Musgrove(Dragons)

Both players made it to the top 4 of the tournament today, but unfortunately lost out and would now be facing off for the 3rd place. We've seen this match-up countless times throughout the format, so let's get right to it.

Steve won the die roll so he'd be starting this match off. He activated Gold Sarcophagus banishing Tempest. He searched a Dragunity Phalanx off of the Tempest and then proceeded to Sacred Sword his Blaster away. He searched another Blaster via Blaster's effect. Cards of Consonance came next, ditching the Phalanx he had just searched. Dragunity Dux took the field and pulled back the Phalanx, and they proceeded to sychro summon into Dragunity Knight Vajrayana, and then into Colossal Fighter. Steve set a card to the backrow and passed turn.

Larry drew for turn, and he had Dragon Ravine, 2 Tempest, Redox, Tidal and Blaster in hand. He activated Tempest's effect pitching itself and another Tempest to add a Blaster to hand. Blaster's effect was next, ditching itself alongside another Blaster to remove the Colossal threat. Without making any other plays, he passed turn back to Steve.

Steve drew for turn and activated Dragon Ravine. He pitched a Tempest to add a Dragunity Dux to hand. Dragunity Dux pulled back Phalanx and they synchro summoned into Vajrayana. With Vajrayana he pulled back Phalanx and it special summoned itself via its effect. Next, he banished Tempest and Vajrayana from the graveyard to special summon Blaster. He added Dragunity Arma-Mystletainn off of Tempest. He sent off the Phalanx to special summon Mystletainn and Mystletainn brought Phalanx back to the field. He overlayed Mystletainn and Vajrayana for Hieratic King Atum. He detached Mystletainn to special summon Redox from the deck via Atum. Redox and Blaster were then overlayed for Dracossack, and Redox was detached to special summon 2 Mecha Phantom Beast tokens. He tuned the 2 tokens alongside Phalanx to make a Scrap Dragon, and then overlayed Atum with Gaia the Thunder Charger. With no way to stop the impending attack, Larry admitted defeat.

Steve Klaus takes a quick and decisive game 1 with some intricate plays that put 8000 damage exactly on board.

Game 2

Larry started things off in game 2 with Debunk, Redox, D.D. Crow, 2 Dragunity Corsesca and Maxx "C." He set the Debunk and passed turn.

Steve drew for turn, and after he shuffled his hand a bit, simply decided to set 3 to the backrow and passed.

Larry drew a Sacred Sword for turn, and before he could even proceed to the standby phase he was met with an Imperial Iron Wall. Unable to make a play, Larry set a card and passed.

Steve activated Terraforming and added Dragon Ravine to his hand, then passed play to Larry.

Larry drew a Tidal for turn and passed, still unable to do anything.

Steve played Ravine and pitched a Tempest to add Phalanx to his hand, then ended his turn.

Larry drew a Debris Dragon for turn, and in the end phase he discarded Tidal because he had too many cards in hand.

Play was on Steve who had a moderate grasp on the game via Imperial Iron Wall. He pitched Phalanx for Dragon Ravine to add Dragunity Dux. He summoned Dux to equip Phalanx, and Larry dropped Maxx "C" on Phalanx when it attempted to special summon. Larry drew Raigeki Break off of the Maxx "C." Dragunity Dux punched in 1700 for Steve and he ended his turn.

D.D. Crow came off the top for Larry. He summoned Debris Dragon targeting Maxx "C" from the graveyard, and Debris was flipped face down by Book of Moon. He set a card to his backrow and passed.

Steve drew for turn, and activated an Upstart Goblin to dig one card deeper. He synchro summoned Vajrayana with Dux and Phalanx and then Stardust via Vajrayana and Phalanx. Stardust attacked over Maxx "C" for 2000. Main phase 2 Steve pitched a Terraforming to get another Ravine, then pitched the Ravine for his on field Ravine to add Dragunity Dux to hand. Dux hit the field and pulled back Phalanx, into Vajrayana and then into Scrap Dragon. Scrap Dragon activated its effect, targeting one of Steve's backrows and Larry's Debris Dragon. Steve chained his face down Mystical Space Typhoon and hit Larry's face down Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars,  and Debris was destroyed. Steve ended turn.

Larry drew another Sacred Sword for turn. Still unable to activate it, he passed back to Steve.

Steve drew for turn and went straight to the battle phase, where Stardust attacked into a Swift Scarecrow. He passed back to Larry.

Mystical Space Typhoon came up next for Larry. He activated Raigeki Break discarding Redox, targeting Steve's Imperial Iron Wall. Steve responded with Stardust and negated the Raigeki Break. Mystical Space Typhoon came down next, destroying the Imperial Iron Wall. Next up, Tempest and Dragunity Corsesca were discarded by Larry to add a Debris Dragon to his hand. He summoned Debris Dragon pulling back Maxx "C," and he synchro summoned the two for Orient Dragon. Scrap Dragon was banished via Orient Dragon.  Then he banished Redox and Debris Dragon to special summon Tidal. He added Redox off of Redox and proceeded to the battle phase. Orient Dragon declared an attack first and was cut off by Mirror Force. Larry offered the handshake, knowing he'd lose next turn.

Steve Klaus wins 2-0 against Larry Musgrove and takes home the bronze at ARGCS Columbus!