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  1. The Scoop: Massacre at Dallas

    Welcome back, duelists! Thanks for joining in on The Scoop, the absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it's right here Read more

  2. The Scoop: Nowhere But Up?

    Greetings my fellow duelists! I'm glad you're back here with me after one of the busiest months I've ever seen in my life! I'd like Read more

  3. The Scoop: Spotlighting Change(Feat. TheCardGuyz)

    Hello, duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it's right here on ARG! Having Read more

  4. The Scoop: It Means The World…. (Feat. Galileo De Obaldia)

    Hello, duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it's right here on ARG! We Read more

  5. The Scoop: Final Bosses(Feat. Noah Greene)

    Good day duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it's right here on ARG! This Read more

  6. The Scoop: Back to Back

    Hello duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it's right here on ARG! This Read more

  7. The Scoop: Godzillaaa!!

    "You have fear, which might become reality; and you have Godzilla, which IS reality" - Ogata; Godzilla, King of the Monsters(1956) Hey there, duelists! Welcome back Read more

  8. The Scoop: The World of Lists

    Salutations, duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it's right here on ARG! We Read more

  9. The Scoop: Recapping Madness

    Welcome back duelists!! Glad to see you back here and it's glad to be back bringing you guys The Scoop, THE realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that Read more

  10. The Scoop: Jarel “Pro” Winston

    W-w-w-what's good YouTube, it's'ya boy Pro Winston here and --- Excuse him, he gets excited sometimes. Welcome back to The Scoop! The realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Read more

  11. The Scoop: The Casuals’ Conundrum Pt. 2

    Good day, Duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! This is the realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on Read more

  12. The Scoop: The Casuals’ Conundrum Pt. 1

    Hello again, Duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! This is the realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on Read more

  13. The Scoop: Beyond Repair?

    Hello again, Duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! This is the realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on ARG! Read more

  14. The Scoop: Aftermath

    Hello again, Duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! This is the realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on ARG! Read more

  15. The Scoop: YCS Cap Space

    Salutations, Duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! This is the realeset Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on ARG! Read more

  16. The Scoop: Countdown to the 150th

    My greetings, duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! This is the realeset Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on ARG! Read more

  17. The Scoop: The End of a Pilgrimage

    "But already my desire and my will were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed, by the Love which moves the sun and Read more

  18. The Scoop: With Eugen Heidt!

    What's up duelists! We are back again with The Scoop! The realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the net right here on ARG! We are coming off Read more

  19. The Scoop: This Week In Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Hello again everyone and welcome back to The Scoop! The realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the net right here on ARG! It was a light Read more

  20. The Scoop: YCS Chicago

    Welcome to The Scoop! This is the realeset Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on ARG! It may not Read more

  21. Frazier Smith: Enter Scoop Phase

    Greetings, duelists! I hope you’ve all been testing diligently! US Nationals is approaching with less than a month to spare, and if you have been Read more

  22. Deck Doctor – Kyle Ferris

    Hello I’m Kyle Ferris from Denver, Colorado. I am 16 and have been playing this game for a little less than two years. My only Read more

  23. 1st Place ARG Circuit Series Las Vegas Tournament Report

    Hey everybody, last week I did an in-depth analysis of the deck I used to win the ARG Circuit Series in Las Vegas and how Read more

  24. Back to Back: A YCS Toronto Tournament Report

    “…the funny thing is, I think his fake confidence gets overpowered and reversed by real confidence,” he said as we laughed over cocktails. “Yeah, I Read more

  25. 10th at WGP Houston

      Hey everybody! I’m back, fresh from the WGP in Houston Texas. While the event didn’t quite go how I planned (winning a slot on Read more

  26. Analyzing ARG Format Matchups

    Now that there have been two events in ARG format, I wanted to take the time to discuss the popular decks that we’ve seen so Read more

  27. ARGCS Syracuse Tournament Report

    A week before the Circuit Series in Syracuse, I went to the one in Edison and played a super ignorant build of Nekroz. I mained Read more

  28. What It Means to be a Lifelong Gamer

    Exactly a year ago from the time I’m writing this, I was in Seattle, Washington. The third Kaijudo Summer Championship was upon us all, and Read more

  29. ARGCS St. Louis Top 16 Report

    This last weekend the Circuit Series came to St. Louis and the Leveretts and I made the trip. I made it to the Top 16 Read more

  30. 150th YCS Columbus Top 8 Tournament Report

    I’m like hey, what’s up, hello; Just got done Top 8ing YCS Ohio! This week I’m going to discuss everything that went into my Top Read more

  31. Garden City Second Place Regional Report

    Hello everyone! I’m back this week to report on how my regional experience was at the Garden City regionals in Michigan this past weekend. I Read more

  32. Top 8 ARG Metro Series Louisville Report

    The Prologue: The Journey From Wisconsin to Kentucky The three of us drove off into the night praying for a safe trip to Kentucky. Mike, Read more

  33. YCS Tacoma Top 16 Report

    Hello Duelists! This past week I attended YCS Tacoma and made it all the way to Top 16 in draft before losing out. Before I Read more

  34. 1st Place Columbus Regional Report

    Hello everyone, I’m back this week to discuss my undefeated run with the new Nekroz deck at the Columbus Ohio regional! Going into the week Read more

  35. ARGCS Texas Top 16 Report

    Hello Duelists! This past weekend I attended ARGCS Texas and got my 5th premier event top in a row! This is my tournament report, and Read more

  36. ARGCS Orlando Top 4 Report

    Hello Duelists! This week I'd like to share my tournament experience with you guys from ARGCS Orlando this past weekend. I went undefeated in Swiss Read more

  37. Match Mentality

    Hello Duelists! The year is coming to an end and I'd like to take a review on some mental thinking that I think every player Read more

  38. 2014: A Year In Reflection

    The Winter holidays provide not only a much needed break from school, but also a break from competitive Yu-Gi-Oh. There are four full weeks in Read more

  39. The Game Outside The Game

    There are plenty of things about the game that you should know before playing in a major event. When I was watching the live stream Read more

  40. ARGCS Atlanta Tournament Report

    Hello everyone! I’m back this weekend to discuss my trip to ARGCS Atlanta along with my report on my first place finish in the 1k Read more

  41. Top 5 Cards of ARGCS Chicago!

    Despite the dominance of Burning Abyss at ARGCS Chicago, there were still plenty of innovations that saw success throughout Day 1 and all the way Read more

  42. Maintaining your Composure

    Hello everyone! In this week’s article I want to address one of the things that takes both experienced players and new players’ victim. That one Read more

  43. YCS Anaheim Top 8 Tournament Report

    Hello again, Duelists! This past weekend I made the Top 8 at YCS Anaheim using Qliphorts. The list is a little different from the one Read more

  44. ARGCS Seattle Runner-Up Tournament Report

    Hello Duelists! This week I'm back with a tournament report from ARGCS Seattle. I ended up finishing in second place. I flew into Seattle with Read more

  45. ARGCS Seattle Final: Anthony Eckroth (Burning Abyss) vs. Rosty Elkun (Qliphorts)

    It all comes down to this! Anthony Eckroth comes in finishing 1st place after Day 1, trying to complete a feat no other 1 seed Read more

  46. ARGCS Seattle Top 16: Rosty Elkun (Qliphorts) vs. Jake Ruger (Satellarknights)

    Welcome to Day 2 of ARGCS Seattle! Nearly 200 duelists came into Day 1 vying for the sole prize of champion, and we have narrowed Read more

  47. ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 7: Chancy Wigglestove (Chaos Shaddoll) vs. Luka Soskic (Qliphorts)

    With two rounds remaining in Day 1, many players are playing on the bubble. Both of these players are playing with a record a 5-1, Read more

  48. ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 8: Kritin Deo (Qliphorts) vs. Alyxander Lisgathe (Artifact Shaddolls)

    This is the last round of Day 1 at ARG Circuit Series Seattle. For this round's feature, we have Kritin Deo with Qliphorts and Alexander Read more

  49. ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 6: Anthony Eckroth (Burning Abyss) vs. Tyler Yu (Chaos Shaddoll)

    Round 6 is upon us here in the Emerald City, and this round we have a match between Tyler Yu and Anthony Eckroth. We featured Read more

  50. ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 5: Diego Haltom (Qliphorts) vs. Sam Johanson (Burning Abyss)

    This is  Round 5 of ARG Circuit Series Seattle. Here we have Diego Haltom running Qliphorts against Same Johanson playing Buning Abyss. Sam wins the Read more

  51. ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 1: Chancy Wigglestove (Chaos Shaddoll ) vs. Zeyang Zhang (Artifact Shaddoll)

    Welcome to ARG Circuit Series Seattle! In Round 1 we have Chancy Wigglestove running Chaos Shaddoll against Zeyang Zhang running Artifact Shaddoll. Zeyang won the Read more

  52. Feature Match Round 6: Jerome Porter(Qliphorts) vs Kenneth Mccarthy(Qliphorts)

    Here in round 6 we have a mirror match between Qliphorts yet again. It seems that this deck is living up to the hype, so Read more

  53. Feature Match Round 5: Matthew Nistico(Qliphorts) vs Patrick Hoban(Burning Abyss)

    Here in round 5 we have a glimpse at a match between 2 decks that will most likely define the format. We have the well Read more

  54. Feature Match Round 4: Jerome Porter(Qliphorts) vs Peter Cheng(Satellarknights)

    Here in round 4 we have Peter Cheng playing Satellarknights vs Jerome Porter, who is piloting Qliphorts. Game 1 Jerome started things off with a Read more

  55. Feature Match Round 2: Kyle Rohweder(Shaddolls) vs Kenneth Booth(Shaddolls)

    Here in round 2 we have Kyle Rowheder from Raleigh, North Carolina facing off with Kenneth Booth from Maryland. Both players are piloting Shaddolls today, Read more

  56. ARG Raleigh Round 1: Matthew Nistico (Qliphorts) vs Courtney Waller (Qliphorts)

    To start things off for us today we've got Courtney Waller who hails from Virginia, facing off with Matthew Nistico from New Jersey. Both players Read more

  57. Gear Second

    The Geargia starter deck recently hit shelves, and it packs quite a punch with the new 4-star Machine monster, Geargiauger. The first thing I thought Read more

  58. Sweet Tooth

    The format has become pretty stabilized with Shaddolls and Burning Abyss leading the pack. When it gets to this point, I usually start trying out Read more

  59. A Series of Improbable Events – ARGCS Columbus top 16 tournament report

    Hello once again Duelists! I have just come back from ARGCS Columbus and unfortunately it was only a top 16 finish but that's okay, as Read more

  60. ARG Circuit Series Columbus: Parker Roberson (Shaddolls) vs. Rosty Elkun (Burning Abyss)

    Here we are from the Greater Columbus Convention Center!  We have over 200 duelists here vying for the top prize.  This round we have the Read more

  61. ARGCS Indianapolis Top 16 Report

    Hello everybody! I’m back this week with a Top 16 report from the ARGCS in Indianapolis. I only changed my deck from YCS Toronto by Read more

  62. ARGCS Indianapolis: Grand Finals Jordan Winters (Burning Abyss) vs. Jeff Jones (Burning Abyss)

    We've finally arrived here in the Grand Finals as we have ARG mainstay Jordan Winters against two-time champion Jeff Jones.  Both of these duelists have Read more

  63. ARGCS Indianapolis: Top 4 Dalton Bousman (Burning Abyss) vs. Jeff Jones (Dalton Bousman)

    Here's your Top 4 Feature Mach with a rematch between Dalton Bousman and Jeff Jones.  Both of these duelists are running different variants of Burning Read more

  64. ARGCS Indianapolis: Top 16 RJ Scarpelli (Burning Abyss) vs. Jeff Jones (Burning Abyss)

    Welcome to Day 2 of the ARGCS here in Indianapolis, IN!  We're kicking things off here in our Top 16 with a Burning Abyss mirror Read more

  65. ARGCS Indianapolis: Round 8 Alex Vansant (Burning Abyss) vs. Brandon Wigley (Shaddolls)

      We're in the final round of the swiss portion of ARGCS Indianapolis!  I have the great pleasure of featuring Alex Vansant and his Burning Read more

  66. ARGCS Indianapolis: Round 6 Matt Menchaca (Shaddoll Artifacts) vs. James Frazier (Burning Abyss)

    Our Round 6 gives us a match featuruing Matt Menchaca and his Shaddoll deck with a flavorful splash of Artifacts, while James Frazier is running Read more

  67. ARGCS Indianapolis: Round 5 Dalton Bousman (Burning Abyss) vs. Jeff Jones (Burning Abyss)

    Here in Round 5 I have the pleasure of bringing to you a match featuring two-time champion and ARG's own Jeff Jones against ARG mainstay Read more

  68. ARGCS Indianapolis: Round 4 Colton Young (Burning Abyss) vs. Jovad Cruz (Shaddolls)

    We're at the halfway mark here, folks!  This round we'll be featuring Colton Young's Burning Abyss against Jovad Cruz's Shaddolls.  Both of these duelists came Read more

  69. ARGCS Indianapolis, IN: Round 1 Doug Bender (Satellarknights) vs. Maximillion Reynolds (Shaddolls)

    Welcome everyone to the racing capital of the world, Indianapolis, Indiana!  We're kicking things off Round 1 with a matchup that has come to define Read more

  70. 1st Place YCS Toronto Report

    This past weekend the Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series made its only North American stop of the format in Toronto, Canada. The usual suspects and I made Read more

  71. ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Grand Finals Tyree Tinsley (Satellarknights) vs. Aaron Furman (Satellarknights)

    We're finally here in the Grand Finals of ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City!  Once again we are featuring two-time YCS champion Tyree Tinsley going up Read more

  72. ARG Circuit Series Atantic City: Top 8 Aaron Furman (Satellarknights) vs. Calvin Tahan (Burning Abyss)

    Game 1 Calvin wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He sets two backrow, plays Supply Squad, then passes the turn. Aaron draws Read more

  73. ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Top 16 Tyree Tinsley (Satellarknights) vs. Daniel Cunningham (Satellarknights)

    We're here on Day 2 for the Top 16 of the ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City!  This round we'll get to feature two-time YCS champion Read more

  74. ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 6 Eric Brache (Burning Abyss) vs. Alyxander Lisgathe (Satellarknights)

    Here in round 6 we finally get to showcase the new archetype of the Burning Abyss!  Based off of Dante's Inferno, the deck specializes in Read more

  75. ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 4 Corey Roca (Shaddoll) vs. Joe Bogli (Satellarknights)

    Here we are in Round 4 and we once again get to showcase two outstanding duelists in Corey Roca and Joe Bogli!  Corey is piloting Read more

  76. ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 3 James Lee (Shaddoll) vs. Jeffon Greene (Shaddoll)

    Here we are in Round 3 and we finally get to bring you all a Shaddoll mirror match!  James Lee is running Shaddolls splashing Artifacts Read more

  77. ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 1 Alistar Albans (Shaddoll) vs. Aaron Furman (Satellarknights)

    Here we are in the wonderful Atlantic City, New Jersey for the ARG Circuit Series! 292 players means we will have nine rounds of swiss before a Read more

  78. Top8 ARGCS Providence Tournament Report

    I had every intention of playing Madolches for this event. I had picked the deck up right after the ARG $20K, and I took it Read more


    Hello everybody and welcome back to the second part of my NAWCQ tournament report. Last week I focused on the deck and card choices of Read more

  80. Top16 $20K KAT Tournament Report

    Hello, dueling world, I hope you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you. It’s been quite some time, but after coming off of two Read more

  81. ARGCS Championship Top 8 Report

    I figured a good way to start this off would be an explanation of what happened at nationals. It is all really simple and I Read more

  82. ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Top 16 Ali Yassine (Infernity) vs. Tyree Tinsley (Geargia Hand)

    We're heading into the home stretch of the tournament as we feature Ali Yassine and Tyree Tinsley in the Top 16!  Infernity has been on Read more

  83. ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 11 Justin Russell (Sylvan) vs. Parker Roberson (Infernity)

    Justin Russell vs. Parker Roberson Justin won the die roll and elects to go first.  He starts off with two copies of Upstart Goblin to Read more

  84. ARG Player’s Championship: Grand Finals Luke Feeney (KAT) vs. Alyx Lisgathe (Spellbooks)

    We're finally here!  The Grand Finals of the first ever ARG Player's Championship!  Luke Feeney has battled his way through the winner's bracket to earn Read more

  85. ARG Player’s Championship: Loser’s Bracket Top 4 Aaron Furman (HAT) vs. Alyx Lisgathe (Spellbooks)

    We're all the way to the Top 4 of the Loser's Bracket.  These duelists have fought long and hard after suffering an earlier defeat, but Read more

  86. ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 10 Kevin Silva (HAT) vs. Jose Jones (Infernity)

    Welcome to Day 2 of the ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k!  We're here in Round 10 featuring two X-3 duelists fighting for a chance at Read more

  87. ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 3 Nate Forte (Madolche) vs. Sean McCabe (Geargia)

    ARG D.C. Champ Nate Forte is battling it out against veteran Sean McCabe.  Nate is once again championing the deck that gave him his victory, Read more

  88. ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 2 Alyx Lisgathe (HAT) vs. Roman Welden (HAT)

    We're already in Round 2 and we have a HAT mirror match featuring your 2014 ARG Player's Champion, Alyx Lisgathe!  He's decided to forgo the Read more

  89. ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 1 Alex Decolator (Mermails) vs. Tyler Benard (Infernity)

    Here we are for our second day in Cleveland for our first day of the ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k!  We're kicking off Round 1 Read more

  90. ARG Player’s Championship: Winner’s Bracket Top 16 Brandon Ball (Geargia) vs. Scott Page (Mermails)

    This feature match comes to you from the second round of the Winner's Bracket!  Brandon Ball is bringing Geargia, a deck which had its biggest Read more

  91. ARG Player’s Championship: Winner’s Bracket Top 32 Anthony Eckroth (Infernity) vs. Joseph Chou (Infernity)

    How's it going everybody? We're here in sunny Cleveland for the first day of the inaugural ARG Player's Championship!  Thirty-two of the seasons best duelists Read more

  92. Tournament Report: 1st Place Kaijudo Summer Championship

    Hello again, duelists! I know it's been a while since my last article, but there was a bit of a downtime between the KMC season Read more

  93. Top 8 ARGCS Milwaukee Report

    Really, I was intending to play a Lightsworn deck very similar to what I topped the Atlanta regional with last weekend, but had lost a Read more

  94. Top 4: Nate Forte (Madolche with Fire Fist) vs. Pedro Parreno (Madolche)

    In our Top 4 we have a clash of delicious titans!  Both of these duelists have put their own spin on the Madolche archetype, but Read more

  95. Top 4: Jordano Ibrahim (Traptrix Firefist) vs. Aaron Furman (Geargia Hands)

    Our first matchup of the Top 4 highlights two duelists who have taken a tried and true archetype and added a twist to it.  Jordano Read more

  96. Finals: Nate Forte vs Aaron Furman

    Welcome to the Finals of Alter Reality Games Circuit Series Washington D.C.! Wow that was a mouthful to say... Anyways, we have Nate Forte piloting Read more

  97. Top 8: Luis Poma (Bujin) vs Jordano Ibrahim (Fire Trix)

    Welcome to Top 8 Alter Reality Gamers! Jordano was a featured player from Day 1 where he dominated a Bujin deck in a quick 2-0 Read more

  98. Top 16: Jarred Randolph (Spellbooks) vs. Jerome Porter (Sylvans)

    Welcome guys to Day 2 of the ARG Circuit Series Washington, D.C.!  We kick off our Top 16 with a great matchup featuring two strategies Read more

  99. Round 8: Nicholas Ramsammy (Bujins) vs Jordano Ibrihan (Fire Trix)

    It's coming down to the wire, but there are two rounds left in the day! In this match it's a battle of control decks as Read more

  100. Round 6: Jarred Randolph (Spellbooks) vs. Louis Poma (Bujins)

    Game 1   The two duelists cordially shake hands and begin the match. Louis goes first and activates Fire Formation - Tenki and searches out Read more

  101. Round 5: Calvin Tahan (Geargia) vs Vinnie Silverman (HAT)

      Game 1: Calvin starts off with Geargiarsenal into Geargiarmor. He sets the armor and 3 more cards before ending his turn. Vinnie set Fire Read more

  102. Tahmid Zaman (Geargia) vs. Brad John (HAT)

    Coming into Round 4 we have two undefeated duelists. Tahmid Zaman, no stranger to the ARG Circuit Series, is piloting the trap-heavy Geargia, while Brad Read more

  103. Round 3: Nate Forte (Madolche) vs. Mike Schwankert (HAT)

      Welcome to Round 3 folks! This round we'll be bringing you an interesting and potentially grindy matchup, with Nate Forte piloting Madolche with a Read more

  104. Round 2: Aaron Furman (Geargia) vs Daniel Cunningham (Evilswarm)

    We've seen Evilswarm once today already, losing out to the HAT deck piloted by James Frazier. Now the deck gets to try again in the Read more

  105. Round 1: Jerry Williams-Anderson (Sylvans) vs. Johnny Kasonde (Infernity)

    Welcome guys to ARG Washington, D.C.!  This Round 1 feature match gives us a match with seasoned veteran Jerry Williams-Anderson piloting an archetype with tons Read more

  106. YCS Philadelphia Top 32 Report

    This past weekend, I was able to place in the Top 32 of YCS Philadelphia and I'm back here today with my tournament experience! Leading Read more

  107. ARGCS Richmond Top 8 Tournament Report

    What a crazy weekend! ARGCS Richmond was undoubtedly an amazing event for all those who attended! It was particularly a great weekend for the top Read more

  108. 1st Place ARG Circuit Series Richmond Report

    Where do I even begin? This weekend I won the ARG Circuit Series in Richmond, Virginia. This is my fourth premier event championship title, which Read more

  109. The Game Outside the Game: Player Management

    The Game Outside the Game: Player Management What’s fuzzy my wuzzies?  Let me start off with another awful pun.  You can’t spell GeARGia without A-R-G.  Read more

  110. Feature Match 3rd place: Brandon Bird(Geargia) vs Corey Roca(Evilswarm)

    Corey started the match off by summoning Evilswarm Castor, then using its additional summon to summon Evilswarm Thunderbird. He overlaid the two for Evilswarm Ophion Read more

  111. Round 8 Feature Match Alex Decolator (Geargia) vs. Kevin Rubio (Hieratics)

    We’re coming to a close to the end of Day 1 and both these duelists are in a position where they’re basically locked into a Read more

  112. Feature Match Round 5: Corey Roca(Evilswarm) vs Daniel Joy(Reaper Turbo)

    Here in round 5 we have a match-up that strays away from the barrage of Mermails and Dragons we've seen today. Corey Roca is undefeated Read more

  113. Top 32 YCS Las Vegas Report

    Hey everybody! I’m back this week with a tournament report from YCS Las Vegas. I managed to make it to the Top 32 with a Read more

  114. Winning and Losing

    I am going to start this article by saying none of this is meant to sound hateful or taking shots at people. All of this Read more

  115. YCS Chicago Top 32 Report

         A week and a half ago, I was able to place in the Top 32 of YCS Chicago and today I'm here with Read more

  116. Double KMC Report: 1st, Top 4!

    As you all know, I try to get a tournament report up after every weekend that I attend a Kaijudo Master Challenge. Well, I was Read more

  117. Dragon Ruling in Vegas – A Top 16 Report

    Hello Duelists! I'm back! This was a strange trip to prepare for because I was prepping my bags for YCS Chicago and as I packed Read more

  118. ARG Circuit Series Finals: Joey Chou vs Admassu Williams

    Admassu elects to go first, setting a monster and 4 backrow before giving Joey his first turn. Joey plays Fire Formation - Tenki, knowing Admassu Read more

  119. Top 16: Anthony Eckroth vs Mario Ramos

    Welcome back Alter Reality Gamers! We have a powerhouse match for you here played between Anthony Eckroth’s Evilswarms and Mario Ramos’s Mermails! Ophion is definitely Read more

  120. Round 8 Feature Match: Dalton Bousman vs Travis Gondrezick

    Here we go in this Round 8 Feature Match. First we have Dalton Bousman playing his signature Fire Fist deck. His opponent Travis is a Read more

  121. Round 5 Feature Match: Denny Yu vs Aaron Furman

    The age old battle of Fire vs Water continues today at ARGCS Las Vegas as Denny Yu's Mermails face off against Aaron Furman's Fire Fist! Read more

  122. Round 2 Feature: Hooman Farah Vs. Dustin Davis

            Alright everyone we have some Round 2 feature match action here. First off we have Hooman Farah from Las Vegas, NV Read more

  123. Round 1 Feature Match: Adam Corn vs Billy Brake

    Round 1 Feature Match: Adam Corn vs. Billy Brake Billy opens by playing Upstart Goblin, giving Adam 1000 free lifepoints. Next Pot of Duality is Read more

  124. ARG Charlotte

    Hello again duelists! This time I’ll be doing a tournament report on the most recent ARGCS in Charlotte but before I start let me talk Read more

  125. Top 8 Feature match: Sean Mccabe(Fire Fist) vs Bodan Temnyk(Fire Fist)

    As we've seen all weekend, Fire Fist are undoubtedly one of the overplayed decks of the format. Its dominance can't be ignored. Both Sean and Read more

  126. Top 16 Feature Match: Zach Leverett(Hieratics) vs Ian Slobodianuck(Harpies)

    Today we've got a pretty interesting feature match amid the flurry of Fire Fists and Mermails in the top 16. Ian successfully managed to a Read more

  127. Round 9 Feature Match: James Guerrero(Mermails) vs Kevin Silva(Hieratics)

    James Guerrero and Kevin Silva are both sitting on the bubble here in the last round of ARGCS Charlotte, and the winner here will likely Read more

  128. Feature Match Round 7: Dirk Wagner(Fire Fist) vs Jordan Winters(Fire Fist)

    Dirk started the match off by activating Pot of Duality, revealing Cardcar D, Upstart Goblin and Mystical Space Typhoon. He normal summoned Cardcar D,  set Read more

  129. Feature Match Round 6 Dirk Wagner (Fire Fist) vs. Deon Akridge (Fire Fist)

    Round 6 Dirk Wagner (Fire Fist) vs. Deon Akridge (Fire Fist) This round we’ll be featuring two undefeated players Dirk Wagner and Deon Akridge. Dirk Read more

  130. Feature Match Round 3: Aaron Furman(Spellbooks) vs Jordan Winters(Fire Fist)

    Aaron won the die roll and he'll be starting things off today. He's piloting Spellbooks and his opening hand consisted of Justice of Prophecy, 2 Read more

  131. Round 2 John Brad (Mermails) vs. Roland Morton (Geargia-Karakuri)

    Round 2 John Brad (Mermails ) vs. Roland Morton ( Geargia) Welcome to Round 2 everyone! We have John Brad piloting his Mermail deck against Read more

  132. Feature Match Round 1: Shane Scurry(Evilswarm) vs Paul Cooper(Hieratics)

    Shane will be starting game 1 today. He opened with Evilswarm Kerykeion, Mirror Force, Evilswarm Mandragora, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Infestation Pandemic and Evilswarm Heliotrope. He Read more

  133. Finals Match: Carl Manigat Vs. Dalton Bousman

    Finals Match Alright everyone here we go with the Finals of ARG Circuit Series Nashville. First off we have Dalton Bousman playing Fire Fist from Read more

  134. Top 8 Feature Match: Jacob Kingsbury Vs. Alex Keeler

    Top 8 Feature Match Here we go everyone. We have some Top 8 action here. We are winding down in this tournament and have 8 Read more

  135. Round 8 Feature Match: Tahmid Zaman Vs. Deon Akidge

    Round 8 Feature Match Alright everyone we’re in the final round of the day. We have Tahmid Zaman from Queens, NY playing Hieratic Rulers. His Read more

  136. Round 5 Feature Match: Paul Cooper Vs. Treveon Young

    Round 5 Feature Match Alright guys we have some Round 5 action. We have Paul Cooper from Kansas City, Missouri playing Hieratic Dragon Rulers. Treveon Read more

  137. Round 2 Feature Match: Robert Scarpelli Vs. Dalton Bousman

    Round 2 Feature Match Here in Round 2 Feature Match we have Daltoun Bousman and Robert Scarpelli. Robert is from Chicago,IL and Dalton is from Read more

  138. Top 8 Feature Match: Tahmid Zaman Vs. Darelle Lewis

    Tahmid Zaman from Queens, NY playing Guu Dragons and Darelle Lewis from Waukegan, IL playing Karakuri Geargia! Darelle wins the die roll and will be Read more

  139. Round 6 Feature Match: Deck Doctor Johnny Li Vs. Nathan Ura

    Round 6 Feature Match Here we go for the Round 6 Feature match. We have Deck Doctor Johnny Li from Houston, TX. Nathan Ura is Read more

  140. Round 5 Feature Match: Justin Huskey vs Kevin Silva

    Game 1 Justin won the Die roll with 10 vs 6 and will be starting off the game! He opened with Dark Hole, Forbidden Lance, Read more

  141. Round 2 Feature Match: Tahmid Zaman Vs. Jordan Winters

    Round 2 Feature Match Alright everyone we have some Round 2 Feature Match action. First we have Tahmid Zaman from Queens, NY playing Mythic Dragon Read more

  142. Feature Match Top 4 – Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family) Vs. Nicolas Banville (Blackwings)

    Feature Match Top 4 – Dave Trepanier Vs. Nicolas Banville We now enter Top 4 at Dave and Nick's table, neither of whom are playing Read more

  143. Feature Match Top 8 – Ali Yassne (Dragon Ruler) Vs. Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family)

    Feature Match Top 8 – Ali Yassne Vs. Dave Trepanier   Welcome to Top 8 of the ARG Metro Series Montreal, where Ali and Dave, Read more

  144. Top 16: Gilles Gibeault (Dragon Ruler) vs. Sehabi Kheireddine (Dragunity Ruler)

    Top 16: Gilles Gibeault vs. Sehabi Kheireddine  Gilles is here today from Sudbury playing Dragon Rulers and his opponent Sehabi is here locally from Montreal.  Read more

  145. Feature Match Top 16 – Patrick Dago (Frogs) vs. Nicolas Banville (Blackwings).

    Feature Match Top 16 – Patrick Dago (Frogs) vs. Nicolas Banville (Blackwings). Time to start off the Top 16 round with an interesting matchup: Frog Read more

  146. Round 4 Feature Match – Nicky Lacaille vs. Joey Matthews

    Round 4 Feature Match – Nicky Lacaille vs. Joey Matthews - Dragon Ruler Mirror Match As Round 4 of the tournament gets underway we find Read more

  147. Feature Match Round 3 – Matthew Vanden Heuveul vs Marc Carisse

    Now we’re at table 1 in Round 3 of the ARG Metro Series Montreal, looks like we’ve got a Dragon Ruler mirror match upon us! Read more

  148. Feature Match Round 1 – Vince Clarizio Vs. Sehabi Kheredine

    Starting Round 1 Vince wins roll to start. He activates Seven Star Sword, Banish Blaster, Draw 2, Search another Blaster.  Sets 1 and passes. Sehabi's Read more

  149. Tournament Report: Winter KaiChamps 2013

    Welcome back, everybody!  My apologies for the break in content last week, but I was spending all of my time clearing as much schoolwork as Read more

  150. Round 8 Gaetan Georges (Mythic Rulers) vs. David Everett (Dragon Rulers)

    Laughter turns to serious faces as two close friends square off to see who continues playing and who has to go home. David rolls a Read more

  151. Top 4 Carl Manigat (Mythic Dragon Rulers) Vs. Mike Espinoza (Dragunity Rulers)

    Top 4 Feature Match Alright guys we have Top 4 Dragon Mirror Match here. First off we have Carl Manigat from Long Island, NY and Read more

  152. Top 8 Feature Match: Andrew Paller (Dragons) vs Alejandro Ahearn (Dragunity Ruler)

    Here we are, Alter Reality Gamers! Top 8 of the 3rd ARG Circuit Series event and we have Andrew Paller and Alejandro Ahearn facing off Read more

  153. Round 9 Ben Leverrett (Dragunity Rulers) Vs. Juan Correa (Dragunity Rulers)

    Round 9 Feature Match   Game 1:   Alright everyone we’re here at the Final Match of the ARCS in Worcester. We have Ben Leverett Read more

  154. Round 6 Luke Feeney (Dragon Rulers) Vs. Joe Bogli (Dragon Rulers)

    Round 6 Feature Match   Alright everyone we’re almost to the last round and we have some Round 6 action here for you. We have Read more

  155. Round 5 James Saleh (Evilswarm ) vs. Steffon Bizzell (Dragon Rulers )

    Going into this feature match there was a little controversy as to one of the competitor’s willingness to be shown on camera. However after coming Read more

  156. Round 2 Joshua Furlong (Dragon Rulers) Vs. Andrew Irons (Evilswarm)

    Round 2 Feature Match Good afternoon everyone! It’s Corey Encinas coming live (well live after some editing) from Worcester,MA (pronounced Wuusster) with some Round 2 Read more

  157. ARGCS Worcester Pre-Event Player Interviews

    Name: Steve Klaus Hometown: Tempe, Arizona Shoutouts: Team EGO (Executive Gaming Order), Team ChrisKendricktakesme Deck you’re playing today: “Teledad” aka Dragunity Rulers" What made you decide to play Read more

  158. 1st Place Regional Report – Dragunity vs Debris Ruler

    Entry 22 Hey duelists.  Patrick and Frazier recently wrote on the merits and drawbacks of the Dragunity and Classic (Debris) variants of Dragon Ruler, each Read more

  159. Double KMC Report: Techs and Successes

    Last weekend, I was able to take part in something I had yet to have the opportunity to experience in Kaijudo.  With a Kaijudo Master Read more

  160. Bay City KMC Top 2 Tournament Report Isaac Kupetz

    What's up, Kaijudo Duelists?  My name is Isaac Kupetz, and I recently took second place in the KMC at The Stadium in Bay City, Michigan! Read more

  161. ARG Circuit Series Columbus Top 8 Report

    Hey everybody! I’m back this week as I bring you my Top 8 ARG Circuit Series Report from last weekend’s event in Columbus, Ohio! In Read more

  162. Top 16 Feature Match: Nathan Ura (Dragon Rulers) vs. Larry Musgrove (Dragon Rulers)

    Duelists Nathan Ura and Larry Musgrove are both playing Dragon Rulers in Top 16, each bringing their own special tech choices to the game! At Read more

  163. Top 8 Feature Match: Larry Musgrove (Dragon Ruler) vs. Dominique Roberts (Dragon Ruler)

    Another Dragon Mirror match with Dominique Roberts and Larry Musgrove in top 8! Roberts won the die roll! Roberts opened up with a hand of Read more

  164. Feature Match Round 9: Billy Brake(Dragons) vs Jordan Winters(Dragons)

    Today in round 9 we have Billy Brake, who is fresh off of another top from last weekend, going up against Jordan Winters. Both players Read more

  165. Feature Match Round 5: Stanley Ng(Bujins) vs Hin Ting Lee(Dragunity Rulers)

    Stanley Ng is 3-1 heading into round 5 with Bujins. His deck packs some inherently good cards against dragons, such as Vanity's Emptiness and Kaiser Read more

  166. Round 4 Feature Match: Britten Malone (Dragon Rulers) vs Nathan Forte (Dragon Rulers)

    Today we have duelists Britten Malone and Nathan Forte squaring off in Round 4 of the ARGCS Columbus both hopeful to make day 2 for Read more

  167. Round 2 Feature Match: Adam Culp(Spellbooks) vs Nick Curtis(Evilswarm)

    Here in round 2 we have Adam Culp who's piloting Spellbooks, facing off with Nick Curtis, who's playing Evilswarm. Typically in the case of this Read more

  168. Release Restraint: Breaking Free of Mental Limitations

    Hello, duelists! We’ve just experienced the first ever ARG Circuit Series tournament held in Fort Worth, Texas where my fellow teammate, good friend, and our Read more

  169. ARG Circuit Series 1st Place Report

    Welcome back everyone! I’m super excited and humbled to have claimed the title of the first ARG Circuit Series Champion this past weekend in Fort Read more

  170. ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Finals, Patrick Hoban vs Scott Page

    And here it is folks the moment that we’ve been waiting for all weekend…The Finals of the first ever ARG Circuit Series! These two players Read more

  171. Featured match: 3rd and 4th Play-off. Jerry Williams-Anderson Vs. Jordan Pollack

    Game 1 Jerry wins the dice roll and chooses to play first Jerry starts by banishing Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms and Tidal, Dragon Ruler Read more

  172. ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Top 8 Feature Match Vincent Gillette VS. Jordan Pollack

    Here we go Alter Reality Gamers, we're winding down here in the First ARG Circuit Series. In this Top 8 match we have a player Read more

  173. ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Top 16 Dalton Bousman vs Oscar Zelaya

    Oscar Zelaya will be starting the day off by playing Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and use its effect to search for Spellbook of Secrets. Oscar Read more

  174. ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Top 16 Feature Match Brenden Beckmann VS. Vincent Gillette

    Top 16 Feature Match Alright Folks welcome back to Day 2 of the ARG Circuit series! We're going to kick today off with some Top Read more

  175. Round 7 Feature Match: Keller Hanegan vs Eric Liu

    Keller will take first after rolling 11 on the dice. Game 1 Keller began the duel with double High Priestess of Prophecy, The World of Read more

  176. ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Round 6 Feature Match Brady Brink VS. Oscar Zelaya

    Round 6 Feature Match Alright guys and gals it's time for some more undefeated action here in Round 6. We have Brady Brink North Dakota, Read more

  177. ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Round 4 Feature Match Tyler Ashlock vs. Courtel Ruth

    Round 4 Feature Match Here we go again with some hot, undefeated Round 4 action! Introducing first Tyler Ashlock from Benton, Arkansas playing Psychic Madolche! Read more

  178. Round 3 Feature Match: Leo Anaya vs Christian Lopez

    Alright Alter Reality Gamers, we're back in Round 3 with two Undefeated players. First we have Leo Anaya from Albuquerque, New Mexico who had a Read more

  179. Exciting & YCS Toronto Top16 Report!!!

    Hey, duelists! It’s been a little while but I hope you’ve been enjoying the September format as much as I have. I have so much Read more

  180. Top 4 YCS Toronto Report

    Hey everybody! Due to some computer issues, I’ve taken a break with writing since nationals, but I’m back this week with a tournament report from Read more

  181. Worlds 2013: Remembering a Legacy Format (Part 1)

    Worlds 2013: Remembering a Legacy Format (Part 1) Hello, my furry friends.  Johnny Bear is back with entry #16.  This format, I have covered the Read more

  182. Tournament Report: 3rd Place at the First Kaijudo Championship!

    Well, we finally made it.  After an intense season of Kaijudo Master Challenges in which duelists across the continent tried to secure invites, the first Read more

  183. Becoming a Kaijudo Champion

    This past weekend I was able to win the first Kaijudo Championship in Seattle. It was probably the most fun I have ever had on Read more

  184. The Road to Nationals: Becoming a Ruler of Dragons

    I had been talking with Steve Silverman and Patrick Hoban every day for a month leading up to Nationals. Everyone else was so scatterbrained over Read more

  185. NAWCQ 2013 Top 32: Theory in Practice

    He wins his battles by making no mistakes. Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is Read more

  186. 1st Place North American WCQ Tournament Report

    This past weekend I had the esteemed pleasure of winning my first major championship and man what an event was it to win! I’m honored Read more

  187. W/F/N Aggro in the Current Metagame

    Welcome back, duelists!  It's no secret that aggressive decks aren't the most popular choices right now.  Light/Water/Darkness control (often with a Nature splash) and Dragon-centric Read more

  188. Urano Metria – Power of the Stars

    Now that Dragons and Prophecy have officially started dominating our Metagame, its hard to have fun sometimes when 2 decks are clearly more powerful then Read more

  189. Bad Religion: Priestessless Prophecy

    Hey, duelists! It’s that time again! We’re in one of the most exciting parts of the year when WCQs are taking place around the globe. Read more

  190. Jeff Jones: Return to Psoil

    So with the release of the Elemental Dragons they not only are great for making their own deck, but also increase the power of other Read more

  191. KMC Poughkeepsie Tournament Report: Greed Dragons

    I collapsed on my bed at 2:00 AM Sunday morning after a nearly 4 hour drive through the rain, but I couldn't fall asleep. I Read more

  192. Top 32 YCS New Jersey Report with Infernity

    Hey everybody, I’m back after an exciting weekend in New Jersey with a tournament report after placing in Top 32 with Infernity. In this report Read more

  193. Masters of Secrets, Wisdom, Fate, Life…

    Hello, duelists! It’s the week after YCS New Jersey and as you know, Mermails were able to claim another victory. Tyree Tinsley captured his second Read more

  194. YCS New Jersey 1st Place Tournament Report

    Hello Yugioh players! I would like to start off thanking everybody who congratulated me on winning YCS Meadowlands New Jersey which happens to be my Read more

  195. Joe Bogli: Playing for the Future

    Hello everyone. I hope you all had a nice sneak preview weekend if you could not attend YCS New Jersey. I know a bunch of Read more

  196. Frazier Smith: A Meta United

    What’s up, duelists? This week has been pretty exciting for us since the OCG imports, TCG exclusives, and card rarities for Lord of the Tachyon Read more

  197. Interview: Steve Silverman

    I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Steve Silverman to chat about Kaijudo. Steve came in 2nd at this weekend’s Kaijudo Read more

  198. The Inevitability of Andromeda and Infernus

    It’s no secret: [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Infernus the Awakened[/ccProd] are the most talked about cards in Kaijudo today. It’s blatantly obvious that these two are Read more

  199. The Deck to play at YCS New Jersey

    What is up my fellow duelists!? It has been quite some time since my last article! The intention of this article is to point you Read more

  200. Reflecting on the Meta

    So I've decided to take a break from my article series because there are a lot of things to talk about before YCS New Jersey Read more

  201. YCS San Diego Top 32: Theory in Practice

    In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns. – Sun Tzu, The Art of War Greetings, I’m back with article #7.  Today, I Read more

  202. YCS San Diego Top 8 – MonoMermail

    Going into YSC San Diego, I had never played Battle Pack, nor did I think I had too. One of my greatest strengths is my Read more

  203. Analyzing the Meta – Finding the Singles

    Hello Yugioh World! Sorry it's been a while since my last article but with all these events coming and going I figure it's time for Read more

  204. How to be Good at Yu-Gi-Oh

    I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to continue playing or if YCS San Diego is going to put the spark back into me Read more

  205. The Playability of Cardcar D

    Cardcar D, a card that I loved to hate upon its initial release, but one that I now find myself unwilling to cut from many Read more

  206. Frazier’s Maryland Regional Report

    Greetings, duelists! We’re a little over one month into the March 2013 format and Mono Mermail has claimed the first YCS victory—shocking, I know. The Read more

  207. CVH: Tournament Report Dragonstrike Infernus Premiere

      Greetings, Kaijudo duelists!  I hope everyone had a great first week with Dragonstrike Infernus!  As expected, this set has already shaken up the metagame Read more

  208. Origins 6: SJC Philadelphia

    Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. I was staring down the week of my first ever Shonen Jump Championship, which happened Read more

  209. What’s Your Story? YCS Miami Runner-up: Elijah Gersten

    How’s it going everybody? Last week I gave you all an inside scoop on the deck of Florida’s defending champion. As it so happens I’m Read more

  210. YCS Miami Top 16 Report

    Hey everybody! I’m back with a tournament report from YCS Miami. I managed to make it to top 16, giving me my 5th premier event Read more

  211. May the odds be ever in your favor!

    Recently I got into a discussion about whether or not you could effectively will yourself to achieve your Yu-Gi-Oh goals. I’ve always been somebody who’s Read more

  212. The New Mermail – A Jeff Jones and Billy Brake Creation – YCS Miami

    Hello Yugioh Community! By the time you are reading this article the first YCS of the year, YCS Miami, has probably taken place and a Read more

  213. Origins Part 2: Take Your Game to the Next Level

    There he was, Sean McCabe, the third name at the top of the scoreboard and another obstacle for me to overcome. With round 1 starting Read more

  214. Defeating Gishki Turbo

    Every now and again the Yu-Gi-Oh card pool happens to align in such a way that a unique First Turn Kill variant becomes viable. The Read more

  215. Beyond the Top Deck: The Power of Nothing

    I have been wanting to write this article ever since YCS Seattle a little bit ago. I took note of something that occurred in the Read more

  216. Knights of the Round

    The Noble Knights, based upon the legend of King Arthur have been TCG exclusive cards released in the last 3 sets. Up until now they Read more

  217. A History of Competitive Play: Oct. 2005 – April 2006

    Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great holiday season and now that it’s over we can all get back to Yu-Gi-Oh! Konami has Read more

  218. Painful Choices

    Every so often, you will sit down versus an opponent and they will open so well you don’t even have a chance of winning the Read more

  219. iPad Tournament Report!

    Hey Duelists! Happy Holidays to you all! I decided to finally finish this saved up tournament report so I hope you all enjoy it! I Read more

  220. No Church in the Wild: A YCS Barcelona Report

    Hello my Apprentice Magicians! It’s been a little while since YCS Seattle, the holiday season, and the most recent YCS in Barcelona, Spain, but I’m Read more

  221. Ycs Tacoma report Dark Magic Attack…

    Greetings everybody, I am back today to talk about my experience at YCS Seattle - Tacoma where I managed to finish top 8 in the Read more

  222. Washed Away: YCS Seattle Top 32 Report

    It would have been silly of anyone to look at the Mermail cards from Abyss Rising and think they would have no impact on the Read more

  223. Yu-Gi-Oh: State of the Game by Samuel Pedigo

    As a community, we’re not satisfied with Konami or ourselves so I’ve decided to write my own “State of the Game” from the perspective of one of today’s “pros” and build on what Kris did by determining the root causes for these issues and ultimately, use this information in order to develop an actionable plan for everybody to help improve our game.

  224. The Bringers of Peace: Top 32 YCS Providence

    The weekend started Friday at 3 AM when I started my drive to the Chicago airport where I'd be catching my flight to Providence. A Read more

  225. Evolution of Dino Rabbit

    What's up ARG community, TourGuideForGame here with another article, and today I wanted to talk about Dino Rabbit, and it's evolution into the september 2012 Read more

  226. Tick goes the Clock

    Hey Arg Readers, since this is my very first article for ARG I will go ahead and introduce myself. You have probably never heard of Read more

  227. YCS Toronto Report

    I’d like to start this off by giving a big congratulations to Josh Graham for winning YCS Toronto! As many other duelists, I also began Read more

  228. Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 10th Anniversary Report

    My crazy weekend started on Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning) as I'm testing with my friend Bobby Barone. I show him my standard GK build Read more

  229. Grotesque Hybrid: Casually Cubing Confusion

    Hola ARG Magic community, with my competitive play results beings less than stellar there's no real reason to bore anyone with the fabled 2-2 drop Read more

  230. Collector’s Cache 1k Tournament Report

    What's up guys?  This is the last article I'm going to be able to write before I leave for Japan and this week I'm going Read more

  231. The Article.

    I’m going to cut the fancy introduction and cut to the chase this week. It is about time we all sit down and have a Read more

  232. Grotesque Hybrid: Mocking Me, One Turn Away

    Howdy all, after all the lead in the Super IQ has come and passed. First off let me say thank you to the people at Read more

  233. Counting Down to Worlds

    As I write this 2 weeks stand between Team USA and the rest of the World at the World Championships.  Just 12 days left before Read more


    Hey readers!  Back again; this week with a war report on how I did at this past weekend’s Star City Open.  Last week I gave Read more

  235. Grand Prix Atlanta (6/30/12 – 7/1/12)

    I decided to plan my summer vacation around the Legacy Grand Prix because: 1. I finally had a Legacy deck built and that I enjoyed Read more

  236. Tyler Tabman’s NAWCQ 1st place report

    How’s it going everybody? I’m back again with another tournament report and man has this been one exciting week for me! Not to mention a Read more

  237. From LCQ to Worlds: Top6 NAWCQ Report

    Hello everyone, I'm probably not a familiar face to most of you so let me introduce myself.  My name is Mike Steinman, and I've been playing Read more

  238. Poding into Delver

    Hey readers as you may have realized I am new to AlteReality games crew. I am heading up the magic team and going to get it Read more

  239. Inzektor Tournament Report and Conclusions

    So this past weekend there was a tournament down in Connecticut where the prize pool consisted of 3 Cardcar D, 3 Rescue Rabbit and 3 Read more

  240. Placing In The Top 8 In The City Of Brotherly Love

    Hello Yu-Gi-Oh fans, my name is Oliver Tomajko. I am an 11-year old player and I love to travel around and compete in large Yu-Gi-Oh Read more

  241. Tyler Tabman’s YCS Philadelphia Top 16 Report: A Take on Final Countdown

    How’s it going guys, I don’t think many of you know me so I’ll take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Tyler Tabman Read more

  242. Number 7: (Not so) Lucky Straight – Top 4 YCS Philadelphia

    YCS Philadelphia has always been a special location to me. Before I had the opportunity to travel to the majority of events, Philadelphia was just Read more

  243. The Justice League at YCS Chicago

    Hello Yu-Gi-Oh players, I am Manuel Ballesteros from Puerto Rico and I just top 32 YCS Chicago using Masked Heroes, that’s right, Masked Heroes. I Read more

  244. Beyond the Top Deck: Prolonged Mistakes

    Greetings again dueling world! As promised I have returned with yet another installment of Beyond the Top Deck. With articles on Long Beach and Dallas Read more

  245. So close, yet so far: Top 16 YCS Dallas

    Well that was quite a weekend. It all began Thursday morning when I left out of Boston with my good friend Paul Clarke for the Read more

  246. YCS Dallas Tournament Report

    Hey everyone, I’m back this week after my trip to Dallas. This week I’m going to be bring you a tournament report to recap all Read more

  247. A New Dawn

    Greetings, ARG community! My name is Tej, and I’ve been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Since the very beginning. Having experience in other TCGs, namely VS Sytem, there Read more

  248. YCS Dallas Top8 Tournament Report

    I’m back! And it’s like I never left you at all! Thanks to some of my Facebook friends I’ve decided to do a tournament report Read more

  249. Placing Top 4 at YCS Long Beach

    Well that was insane. So if I remember correctly last week in Beyond the Top Deck I mentioned how this week I would either be Read more

  250. Beyond the Top Deck: Consequences

    Welcome back everyone for this week’s addition of Beyond the Top Deck! There were some fantastic comments last week about the introduction and I am Read more

  251. iPad 2 Tournament Report

    What’s up Yugi-doods? This past weekend I attended a local iPad Tournament at my local card store Alternate Universe. I decided to play Dino-Rabbit since Read more

  252. A Genus in Georgia

    Hey Duelists! I’m back with another Yu-Gi-Oh article that I hope will shed some light on the previous North American YCS in Atlanta. As most Read more

  253. After Mexico and Before Atlanta!

    ¡Hola! It’s that time again duelists! Today we’re going to take a look at the metagame from YCS Guadalajara and analyze the results. As most Read more

  254. Destiny Hero-Absolute Zero?

    In the recent months, Dino Rabbit and Hyperion/T.G. Agents have risen to become top contenders. However, one of our old friends, the HERO deck, has fallen to the wayside, longing for someone to take it back to the top. With the release of the new HERO fusions, the old Named HERO builds will never come back, but what about the Nameless HERO build? Can it make a comeback? Well, here’s my list to do just that!

  255. What I Want To Write

    Hello. As I sit down to write an article I consider a few things: Originality, information, accuracy, and a few more key points that I Read more

  256. Choosing Watt Deck to Play

    by: Jeffrey Carr

  257. The Power of Bluffing

    Hello Yu-Gi-Oh! Community. My name is Aurelio and I decided to write an article for the writing contest on the subject of bluffs. It is Read more

  258. Accumulated Knowledge- 52nd Place Grand Prix Pittsburgh Report

    For those of you who had read my last article you know I was on the Valakut Plan at the SCG Richmond Open event when Read more

  259. Accumulated Knowledge – SCG Open Tournament Report, Valakut.

    Hello readers, my names Nick Montaquila I’m a local player out of Medina, Ohio with some success in the competitive magic scene. My resume consists Read more

  260. Topping Nationals 5 Years in a Row, The Experience.

    Heading into 2011 Yu-gi-oh nationals this year, I was extremely excited, but very skeptical at the same time for multiple different reasons. I had been Read more

  261. WCQ: The Side Deck – Part 2

    Hello Yugioh Community! I am back to wrap up my discussion on cards I feel players should greatly consider to put in their side decks Read more

  262. The Slight Advantage

    Hello boys and girls, it’s T-Time! Have you ever wondered if there was something you could do in a match to give you an advantage Read more

  263. Preparing for the new format!

    To the average Yu-Gi-Oh player, the Forbidden/Limited list release is like crack. Everyone wants to know what’s on it. People even go as far to Read more

  264. Declare Damage Step

    In competitive play now more than ever at locals, regionals, and ycs’ the damage step has become the difference between a decent player and a Read more

  265. Round 4 Feature Match Vince Campana Vs. Kevin Slapnik

    Round 4 we are going to featuring a couple of local heavy weights against each other in Kevin Slapnik and Vince Campana. Campana comes in Read more


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