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Billy-Brake-480x360Hello Yugioh Community! Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy has been released and the game of Yugioh that we all know has been completely changed. Over the past few months Mermails have been dominating the competitive scene, but now their unrivaled power has been challenged. We are now entering the last month and a half until the biggest tournament of the year for North America, the North American World Championship Qualifier, or Nationals as many duelists tend to call it. We now have most of the card pool that will be legal for this event so it is important to assess the format and make adjustments to your deck accordingly. Even if you are not planning on attending and just want to stay competitive at a local level, you still want to try and figure out what you will be facing a majority of the time and have your deck ready!

Question of the Article: What do you think the best deck is now that Lord of The Tachyon Galaxy has been released?

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number 11 big eye-The Top Four Decks-
Starting things off, I want to offer up my personal opinion on what the top four decks are now that Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is legal. Knowing which decks are the most popular can be a key factor during deck construction to make sure you don’t have too many cards that won’t help you out against a majority of the decks you will be facing. Here is my list.

-Tier 1- “The Big Two”

1st – Dragon Rulers aka “Elemental Dragons”
This deck is hands down the best deck of the format and will easily be the most played deck. It has the most amounts of outs to almost any situation and if played correctly, very rarely will it run out of power. This deck takes the most advantage out of Rank 7 monsters, mainly Number 11: Big Eye and [ccProd]Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack[/ccProd]. The Dracossack can deal with any card on the field with his [ccProd]Scrap Dragon[/ccProd] like effect and if they are facing down any opposing monster that may be a threat they will simply take it with Number 11: Big Eye. The best part of this deck and why it never runs out of steam is because of their ability to be summoned from the Graveyard and when you banish one of the Dragon Rulers for the effect of another, you can search your deck for another copy of itself or the Baby Dragon used to summon him. This is one of the most unique decks that has ever been created in this game and utilizes almost all monsters to achieve their goal.

HighPriestessofProphecy-REDU-EN-ScR-1E2nd Prophecy
It is hard to say that a deck this good is only second best, but it’s vulnerability to [ccProd]Epidemic Eradicator Virus[/ccProd] is the only reason I am putting it behind the Dragon Rulers. If a Prophecy player gets the chance to go first and the deck it’s facing does not have Eradicator in their deck, chances are they are going to have a pretty easy time winning the duel. Their new card Spellbook of Judgment is quite possibly one of the best spells ever released in this game. The sheer advantage this deck gains from this one card is why I am rating this deck as highly as I did. Much like the Dragon Rulers this deck has outs to almost every situation with cards like [ccProd]Spellbook of Fate[/ccProd] and of course[ccProd]High Priestess of Prophecy[/ccProd]. These two decks stand alone from all of the others and I have a feeling will be the dominating decks until September 1st.

-Tier 2- “The Other Two”

3rd – Tidal Mermails –
Of course I had to include Mermails, but with a new twist! While the deck is still as explosive as ever and has a chance to win, with the huge increase in the amount of hand traps being played, this deck has taken a little bit of a back seat. With the integration of [ccProd]Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls[/ccProd] this deck gains easier access to Rank 7’s and even more of an OTK potential, but even with this speed increase it still doesn’t match up with the power of Prophecies and Dragon Rulers. It can still win against both of these decks, but Mermails will never see the dominance that it did through the first half of this format. Also the rise in the popularity of the next deck I am going to talk about, Evilswarms, does not help Mermails chances in the upcoming months.

Evilswarm Ophion4th – Evilswarms
I wanted to include this as the last of the top decks of this post-Tachyon format due to its popularity and decent match-up with the best decks. [ccProd]Evilswarm Ophion[/ccProd] can really shut down Dragon Rulers and Mermails. It even has a decent match-up against Prophecy if It can get off an early [ccProd]Eradicator Epidemic Virus[/ccProd], but the reason I have this deck ranked last out of the competitive decks is due to its one-trick-pony nature. This deck has one goal, summon [ccProd]Evilswarm Ophion[/ccProd], protect him, and slowly try and kill your opponent while shutting them down from doing anything. While it is a valid strategy, with all of the options the other top decks have it just won’t always pan out. This deck is very similar to Dino-Rabbit, but instead of negating everything, you just don’t let your opponent play anything. It can stand a chance, but if you miss your turn one [ccProd]Evilswarm Ophion[/ccProd] you are in really bad shape and more than likely will lose the game. Evilswarms are a pretty solid deck, but its lack of power and speed is why it finds itself at the bottom of the competitive totem pole. Don’t get me wrong though, the fact that it has the ability to be competitive in a format that is mainly going to be dominated by two decks means that it has to pack a punch, but sadly the other decks are so strong it will be hard for this one to shine.

Conclusion: Now that Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy has been released the game has changed drastically. In my opinion, the next few months will mainly be dominated by two different decks, Dragon Rulers and Prophecy. Both of these decks have amazing speed and once they get going they are hard to stop. They have the most amounts of outs to most situations and will tear apart any deck that isn’t ready to face them. Mermails and Evilswarms come in right behind these decks as far as my own personal rankings as they both have a chance to do well this format, but I feel they are just a step behind the other two. They will be able to hold their own in the upcoming months, but I highly doubt they will have anywhere near the amount of success that Dragon Rulers and Prophecy will see. Only time will tell though, but maybe there is a rouge deck out there waiting to be put together and take down all of these decks? Will there be another under-the-radar deck like Wind-ups at last year’s NAWCQ that will seemingly come out of nowhere and take the tournament by storm? We will have to wait and see, but for now you can expect these four decks to mainly dominate the format.

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-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and YCS Columbus Champion