A Look at the new set! Billy Brake’s favorite cards!

Hello Yugioh Community! It seems like every other week in the Yugioh world is an exciting one! First of all, YCS Chicago will be taking place this weekend, so I hope everyone who is attending is prepared, I know I am! Also, in local shops around the world will be the sneak preview for the new set Galactic Overlord. Sneak Previews are one of my most favorite events to attend in my local area. It is almost like Christmas for duelists everywhere! Everyone is trying to get their hands on all the copies of the cards they are after before anyone else! Since the sneak peak is this weekend, I decided to let you all know about a few cards that I am looking forward to being released.

Question of the Article: What card are you most looking forward to coming out in Galactic Overlord?

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EFFECT: Cannot be Special Summoned. During your Main Phase 1 of the turn this card was Normal Summoned: You can Tribute this card; draw 2 cards, and enter your End Phase. You cannot Special Summon monsters the turn you activate this effect.

Pros: Let’s start off the gate with probably the most hyped up card in the new set. He is hyped because he is quite obviously good. The fact that you get an almost free plus one from this card is amazing. In decks like Hero and Inzektors that don’t need to special summon a whole bunch and require a little bit of a set up he will be amazing.  While his effect is pretty restrictive, he is still a very powerful card. Simply winning a die roll and opening up with Cardcar D can give you a huge advantage in almost any duel.

Cons: Because of his effect, outside of setting a few spells or traps, his draw two cards effect will take your whole turn. His effect stimulates a lot of interest for decks like burn which I find detrimental to the game. He will be all chain burn decks new boss monster; I already know there will be a lot of duelist out there in major events getting upset because they got burned for 8000 by turn two since their opponent opened up with Cardcar D and five backrows. Now that you cannot retain player priority to activate a monster effect, this card can be effect veiler'd when it is summon before it can activate its effect.

Spell Card
Target 1 Set Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy that target. Your opponent cannot activate that target in response to this card's activation.

Pros: Oh boy, another form of usable spell and trap removal! I cannot tell you how long I have had a couple copies of Dust Tornado in my side deck and now I might have found a replacement. I feel like this can be very powerful against a lot of anti-meta type of decks. If you are playing against a HERO deck you now have a safe way to destroy their Hero Blast and they won’t be able to chain it when you target it. Having the ability to just play this from your hand and destroy whatever face down spell/trap they might have and knowing they can do very little about it is just awesome to me.

Cons: It is only a normal spell card so unlike Dust Tornado you won’t be able to activate it on your opponents turn. You also won’t be able to kill problem cards that are already face-up such as Skill Drain, Macro Cosmos, Fiendish Chain, etc.

2 Level 6 monsters
Once per turn, during either player's turn, when a monster's effect is activated on your opponent's side of the field: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate that effect, and if you do, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.

Pros: Talk about some cool card art! Finally in GAOV the TCG is going to have access to Rank 6 monsters! This means in decks like Chaos they can now do more than leave their spent Chaos Sorcerer sitting on the field. The same goes for the few frog monarch decks that are still running around out there. Not only is this guy able to negate monster effects on your opponents turn he will inflict 1000 points of damage to put salt in the wound. This XYZ monster is like Evolsaur Dolkka who is stronger and can dish out a decent amount of damage. He is one of my favorites I will be looking to pick up this weekend!

Cons: He is Rank 6, outside of a few decks, he will be very hard to make. Is effect is really powerful, but at least Konami learned a little bit after making a card as powerful as Dolkka (who is a rank 4 with an arguably better effect ) , they knew to restrict Photon Strike Bounzer to once per turn. This clause in his effect does make him less powerful and a lot more balanced.

Honorable Mention ( cards I also like so thought that I should mention)
- Lightray Sorcerer
- Trial and Tribulation
- Number 11: Big Eye
- Neo-Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Conclusion: This weekend it is time for another exciting Yugioh Sneak Peak for the set Galactic Overlord. I wanted to sit down and let you all know on the cards that I have my eye on in the upcoming set. Cardcar D, Night Beam, and Photon Strike Bounzer are among some of my favorites. There are many other cards being released in the set that you shouldn’t discredit either! New Inzektors and even the new archetype known as the Hieratics. Be sure to be on the lookout for all the cards I mentioned and any other hidden treasures you might be after!

Thanks for reading feel free to leave any questions or suggestions for future articles in the comments down below! Don’t forget to answer the question of the article located at the top! Remember, Play hard or Go Home!

- Billy Brake
- YCS Toronto and Columbus Champion



  • john capote

    i think night beam at 2 with 3 mst will be very good.I believe its becoming a trap heavy format again.with this new fast timing ruling change,a lot of duelists will be running a bunch of chain-able traps.which will help night beam be more powerful.I already see some decks in the ocg main deck 2 night beam.Machina,inzektors,hieratics all have night beam sided or main decked.I see why billy likes this card.Pro’s know a good card when they see one.And night beam is one of those cards in my mind

  • cmon

    You forgot Exa-Beetle in the last set.
    Therefore Strike Bounzer is only our SECOND rnak 6.

  • I want a playset of Cardcar D soo bad, but man, it’s gonna be so damn expensive.

  • Joey

    just in time for the sneak peek1 great article. I feel like anyone who can secure a playset of the cardcar d is at a huge advantage in the game. Im assuming that the absurd price will reach 200-250 dollars

  • Riddge Mussington

    Does anyone know the effect of Lightray Grepher. Like, did anyone confirm it?

    • pg

      You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by discarding 1 Level 5 or higher LIGHT monster. Once per turn: You can discard 1 LIGHT monster; banish 1 LIGHT monster from your Deck.

  • Logan Houston tx

    I don’t see way everyone criticize billy so much! Just let him do what he does and be happy he writes a articles for everyone to read? Good luck to Camden, Billy, Thomas and Scott this weekend!

  • jerardo rojas

    i agree with team cuddi. play anti-meta, or dragons? please no more wind ups they suck. your starting to look bad

  • Drew M.

    New set, new cards… oh what’s this? Konami rarity bumped every good card in the set. again. yeah screw that, i’m staying home, the prerelease can suck it.

    • Drew M.

      oh nvm, my source told me that Card Car-D was going to be a secret. I imagine it will still be a freaking formula synchron though

  • Alex Flamer

    I think CarCardD could be pretty good in Heros as well as Inzektors. Helps get to hornet faster (I still love Tour Guide) an it can work under Skill Drain. I’m not really sure if Night Beam will be that widely played though.

  • you better play a diff deck besides wind ups this weekend.. im pretty sure you would top with any other deck.. why do you insist on topping with wind-ups?

    • Patricio Galvan

      i think is because he stated in a previous article that he likes decks that require you to think and to plot your next move so he might enjoy windups a bit more now that he has to think a lot harder about what and how he plays with priority gone

  • travis

    Im really looking forward to photon strike bounzer, too. With the the new evols, Im going for a build that capitalizes off evolzar solda and photon strike bounzer. Also, with the new RotA for evols, its gotten so much more consistent.

  • dude

    Billy but i can still do this with night shot:

    Chain another card and chain my targeted card to my card LOL, so i can turn around on you. Obviously card has its uses but in this meta i do not see it being very very good with hero decks suffering of decree, inzektors from macro cosmos, the darkworld field spell being ridiculous, etc. I think that for the time being dust tornado/decree are better.

  • Noah

    Are you still running wind-ups for Chicago?

  • Tej T.

    i like night shot/night beam against chain burn too

    definitely a cool set, i’m looking forward to inzektor gruf/the ladybug the most

    • Bobby Kenny

      Actually, Night shot only prevents the targeted card from being chained in response to it’s activation. Any activations later on the chain are fair game.

      So, say you targeted a Legacy of Yata Garasu. Your opponent then chains a seperate Jar of Greed, and because there are no restrictions to responding to jar of greed, they then chain the targeted Legacy. Then they can follow up with an Accumulated Fortune or any other card they may have ready for a big chain. In this case you would have done just as well with MST…

      Personally, the cards I’m looking forward to the most right now are Trial and Tribulation (I’m a long-time Frognarch player and this card has inspired a powerful new build), and the 3 cards that give Evols a big push: Evoltile Elginero and Evo-Diversity (for fixing hands) and the underrated Number 32: Marine Biting Dragon – Shark Drake (which gives Evols a High-atk powerhouse to drop to the field at a moment’s notice).

      • Tej T.

        oh man, i didn’t realize that; sad times 🙁

        good catch though!

  • Anonymous

    Do another wind up deck profile

  • Kelly L.

    I have to wonder just how much Cardcar D will see play in the TCG as compared to the OCG. They still don’t have Tour Guide, so Inzektors often run 3 Cardcar D. Will TCG players be willing to make space for that? I guess we’ll find out…and maybe more importantly: are people going to be willing to pay the absurd cost for a playset?

  • Brian

    good article! i dont like how you forgot to mention exodia, though. i tested an exodia build with card car d, and i went 10-0 on DN. even though it is just DN, thats still saying something at the least