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frazier smithWhat’s up, duelists? This week has been pretty exciting for us since the OCG imports, TCG exclusives, and card rarities for Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy have been spoiled via social media. A lot of players were surprised to see that the Incarnate Dragons are none other than rares, and the baby dragons are all commons. It seems most of the community expected these cards to be super rare at the very least, but most likely secret rare just to make us chase the set. Well luckily for everyone, it looks like you won’t have to spend $1,000 to play the deck—though I may be speaking too soon—because the main shouldn’t cost you that much; it’s just the extra deck you have to worry about. By referencing the meta from the OCG, it seems you need something along the lines of 2-3 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and 2-3 [ccProd]Number 11: Big Eye[/ccProd]. Duelists everywhere have been suspecting that Big Eye will get reprinted in either one of the upcoming tins or in Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants. If this is true, then you’ll essentially only need to worry about getting your hands on the new, outrageously overpowered rank 7, Dracossack. In any event, the point of this article is not to illustrate what you’ll need for your Dragon deck, but to discuss the possibility that for once in a very long time, we could have the same meta as the OCG. What does that mean for Yu-Gi-Oh, and what decks would need to be playable for it to be unified?

Well for one thing, we cannot deny the fact that the nationals format is always absurdly fast and ridiculous—this year will be no different, obviously—but it usually isn’t united by card pool. Our TCG exclusives and their various promos, along with their newest set, have always been excluded from the available options when constructing a deck for the World tournament. I suppose that makes sense since the cards aren’t legal for tournament play in the opposite country (this excludes English cards that have already been released in the OCG). Anyways, I don’t think that Judgment of the Light will have too much impact on the OCG’s meta, meaning that Dragons will continue to reign supreme until a new Forbidden List goes into effect. In the TCG, Dragons will also be the deck to beat immediately after they are legal. Since the deck doesn’t rely on any exclusives from either side, I feel as though this will be the first time in years when the TCG and the OCG will face off equally…almost.

Mermail AbyssteusThe other decks in the meta will be Prophecy, Evilswarms, and Mermails. Unlike the OCG, we have a much more powerful build of Mermails thanks to our exclusive card, [ccProd]Mermail Abyssteus[/ccProd]. With the addition of Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Cascades, I feel as though Mermails will remain up there among the best decks for the rest of the format. It still has super solid OTK potential and it can throw out rank 7s really fast, kind of like the Incarnate Dragons. I would not underestimate the deck’s resilience and speed; an open field is still an opportunity to push out an easy 8000+ damage.

Prophecy gets Judgment Day in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, which is a plus infinite and setup for massive damage on the following turn. The deck will go straight from tier 2 to tier 1 all because of one card. I think it’s time you all get those[ccProd]Retort[/ccProd](s) out. That card can be pretty good in the mirror match, allowing you to stymie the opponent’s [ccProd]Spellbook of Secrets[/ccProd] and then reclaim your own. I don’t think Prophecy will stand too tall against the other 3 decks, though, simply because they can main/side [ccProd]Eradicator Epidemic Virus[/ccProd]. Dragons and Mermails can easily bring out Big Eye on the first turn, while Evilswarms can simply summon the only monster they know how—Ophion—to be the tribute fodder. It doesn’t matter how many cards you waste to trigger the Virus due to the fact that it’s essentially an auto-win card against the decks you’ll be siding it against. The Prophecy player will be left with some High Priestesses and maybe a Spellbook Magician. Good luck.

Evilswarm OphionEvilswarm will stand as a sort of “check” for the other three decks—Dragons, Prophecy, and Mermails. It aims to shut them all down before they get started, and just win with Ophion. The strategy is a bit fragile for my taste because it relies heavily on protecting one card, and once it dies, you’ll be the one getting swarmed. I honestly don’t think this deck has that great of a Mermail matchup like everyone thinks. When I’ve watched it played, I always see a point of weakness in the Evilswarm’s strategy where the Mermail player gets a chance to penetrate the field and win. Then there’s the whole issue where if you lose the die roll with Evilswarm, and the opponent makes a Dracossack, you can no longer go into Ophion reliably. That leaves you with [ccProd]Evilswarm Bahamut[/ccProd], which is much easier to deal with than the evil Gungnir. It also seems that people are now maining [ccProd]Genex Undine[/ccProd], [ccProd]Fiendish Chain[/ccProd], and [ccProd]Breakthrough Skill[/ccProd], so there’s that, too. Lastly, I’m fairly positive that [ccProd]Compulsory Evacuation Device[/ccProd] is about to see play again, if for nothing else than to get rid of Dracossack, but it will also serve as an out to Ophion as well.

The fate of Fire Fist/ Dino Fist is up in the air. The deck will more than likely end up outclassed by everything else. It still has some solid side deck options, but you’ll be dropping game ones left and right. It will also be one of the only decks left that gets absolutely devastated by [ccProd]Heavy Storm[/ccProd]. Incarnate Dragons and Prophecy don’t really play too many backrows, so they can walk away unscathed, but Fire Fist will be scooping it up almost every the card hits the field. And while Cardinal Commander is cute and all, it won’t do much simply because it was designed for the late game, and there won’t be many late games, especially for Fire Fists. I haven’t looked into the 3-star build because the allure of Incarnates and Prophecy is too strong to even consider anything else really. I’m sure there will be more cool decks to surface from this pack like Madolches, Dragunities, and such, but as far as consistency goes, I’ll have to give it to the Dragon Rulers.

So what are you going to build after Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy becomes legal? And why is that?

Thanks for reading! Remember, Play Hard or Go Home!

-Frazier Smith

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