A New Format-Recap and Opinions From Adam Corn

Hey readers, my article today is going to be my thoughts on the new September 2011 banlist that has just taken effect a few days ago in the YGO TCG. Plants dominated most tournaments in the previous format but have lost a large amount of support , not to mention the new ruling on Exceed monsters. Even with these changes they are still a highly playable deck and will continue to see play in tournaments across the world along with Agent’s, Gravekeeper’s, Glad Beasts, Gadgets, Heros , Lightsworn and other rouge decks from last format.

Newly Banned-

Royal Oppression- This card’s explanation can be based off the sheer number of games won just because a player flips an early oppression while your hand revolves around all special summoning. I've always hated losing to this card because my hand lacked spell and trap removal. I'm personally a fan of this card not being around anymore although I'm sure many people aren't.

Giant Trunade- This card was always waiting to be banned. Bringing back heavy over this mass removal card was a great twist to the game. With a format of Dark Hole and Heavy Storm along with other mass removal cards like torrential and mirror force, starlight road has started to see a large amount of play in almost every deck. Trunade also allowed you to capitalize on your own continuous traps that stay on the field like call of the haunted and limit reverse.

Fishborg Blaster- It was able to generate too much advantage in frog/monarch/syncro type decks. This card was way too unbalanced and made the deck extremely fast. It still opened up too many free syncro plays and even otk even with formula at 1.

Mind Master- Basically the substitoad for psychic decks which may receive more support in the next few sets. This card was obviously banned for a reason.

Limited to one-

Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning- Wow!!! Konami tried to give us a hint by putting this card is gold series 4 but who really thought that this power card would come off the list. With a lot of XYZ monsters being light and dark this card becomes live very fast in almost any deck. It’s a huge monster with 2 game winning effects and will be in almost every deck this format.

Formula Syncron- I mean who didn’t see this one coming. It’s way to easy to make, but mainly it’s a tuner itself and allows way too many broken combos to go off. This was a sure pick for limitation. Only being able to run 1 in plants definitely took away a lot of nutty combos that the deck could use.

Lonefire Blossom- Just another loss to the plant engine. This card provides instant access to all of the most powerful plant cards in the game although it can still be easily searched out by Sangan/Tour Guide into Sangan.

Pot of Avarice- In my opinion this was by far the biggest loss plants took on the ban list. I was running 3 of this card, allowing me to constantly recycle my Syncro monsters as well as any other important cards like reborn tengu while still generating a plus 1 in card advantage. This card is too good and most definitely deserved a spot on this list.

Legendary Six Samurai Shi-En- Limiting this card down to 1 was a huge hit to samurais. This deck was already starting to fade out and with the new list it has gotten even worse.

Shien’s Smoke Signal- Another huge hit to the deck was this card. I really don’t see many people still running the deck. Of course some people won't give up and try to keep it alive but this deck should never win any major tournaments again. The deck took no skill in my opinion and I'm glad it's gone.

Heavy Storm- It’s about time that we get this card back. It stops people from setting a bunch of cards and is a better card to have around than giant trunade. It will punish people for setting multiple cards like it always has. Playing this card can be tricky now that starlight road will be a mainstay in most decks.

Debris Dragon- I really don’t feel like this card needed to be touched considering all of the other cards that plants lost. I always hated summoning this card because of maxx "c" and effect veiler. In my opinion. this card didn’t really need to go to 1.

T.G. Hyper Librarian- This card was obviously going to 1. I don’t really have much to say about this. It was a no brainer.

Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier - It's limited in Japan so this card was expected to go down to 1. Most players only ran a single copy anyways due to space in the extra deck.

Newly Semi Limited-

Call of the Haunted- I like that this card went to 2. A lot of people won’t run both copies but it’s a cool option to have. Its nice to able to chain this card to a space or a heavy and gain advantage through graveyard effects like sangan.

Destiny Draw- I was extremely happy to see this card go back to 2 again. The D-Hero engine is actually playable now although I’m not sure how good it will be.

Mind Crush- This card at 2 is fine. With all of the search cards in the best decks this card can easily be mained or more likely sided vs. a large amount of decks. It’s also chainable to cards like space and heavy which can save you from losing a game.

Tragoedia- This card will definitely see play in multiple different decks. Being able to pitch something to take control of an opponent’s monster and then copy the level and Exceed summon something is pretty good. This card will only be played at 2’s in a few decks. After testing I found that I really isn’t that good in most decks and don’t think it will make much of an impact.

Necro Gardna- The only real deck that gained a boost from this going to 2 is Lightsworn. This card is only good if you discard it or mill it. It just adds another card to your deck that you don’t want to draw unless you have a way to discard it fast.

Summoner Monk- This card going to 2 didn’t really change too much. Discarding a spell isn’t something that I would want to do very often. It’s not bad for searching stratus and then XYZ summoning into a Utopia or Roach. But I don’t think it will see much play or have much impact.

Swords of revealing light- This card at 2 didn’t change anything. No one played it before and no one is going to run it now unless your playing some sort of stall deck.

No Longer Limited-

Judgment Dragon- This card really shouldn’t be at 3. It’s easily the best monster in lightsworn and should be played in 3’s in any L.S. deck. I still don’t see lightsworn being good again even with this card at 3 and necro gardna at 2. The deck is still just as flawed as ever and don’t think it will ever win a big tournament again. Nonetheless, I still hate playing against it because it is such a luck based deck.

Icarus Attack- The only deck that this gives any support to is blackwing. In my opinion that deck is outdated and won't ever make much of an impact on the meta again. I’ve never been a fan of the deck nor do I think it will see much play. Especially with starlight road being a heavily played card again.

Mystical Space Typhoon- I like that this card went to 3. There’s a lot of different ways to play this card and I think it’s a card that pays off if you play it well. Spell and trap removal is never bad for the game. Most people will run 3 beween the main and sidedeck combined. This card also helps combat Gravekeeper’s by keeping necrovalley off the field.

Spirit Reaper- Love the card but 3 is a little much in any deck anyways. I do think this card shoud see more play though, not because it’s at 3, but because it has potential to be a plus 1 not to mention the defensive factor of it.

The other cards that went back to 3 arent really too relevant and don’t see them making much impact on the game at all. I played in a tournament of this past weekend and did very well with a gadget deck inspired by my teammate Alex Vansant. I put my own twist on it for the new format and it worked very well although I feel like there is still much better decks out there.

This format should be interesting. The Tour guide ruling was good for the game even though I do like the idea of having a broken card like that in the game. There is a wide array of good decks and still a lot of stuff to test and play around with before anyone really knows what is best. I haven’t done a huge amount of testing but as I do more I will learn a lot myself and have much more valuable information for my next article. Hope everyone learned something from this and as I learn more you will too in my future articles.

Thanks for reading!

Adam "Pro" Corn