A Treasure from the Start

joe bogliWhats up everyone? Starting things off, how about a special congrats to ARG members Frazier Smith, Jeff Jones and Mike Steinman for their respective performances in this past weekends special YCS event. The event showcased some of the games most prevalent players in the current to one of my favorite players from the past. During my weekend at home in Windsor Locks, Connecticut reading up on the coverage on the yugioh-card.com website, I saw one of my old time favorite players back in the action. Theerasak Poonsambat. Or also known by a single letter in the yugioh community as "T". While growing up reading the old feature matches, seeing a player known just a single letter was astonishing. He created a name for himself in the game as one of the best to ever sit down at the dueling table. Former National and Shonen Jump champion, "T" was also know for basically creating one the games most powerful and well-rounded decks of all time. "T" Heroes. Combining the power of Destiny Hero's with Metamorphosis was unreal at the time. But he found a way to do it and make it a well known deck in the yugi-world. Seeing "T" back in action made me go back more into my yugi-past you could say and had me go back in time a little.

Yata-GarasuGoing back into the past, have you ever been trading with someone and you see an older card in their binders that you ask if they are willing to trade and their typical response is something along the lines of "I have had that card forever, I really don't want to get rid of it" or "It has a lot of sentimental value, id rather keep it". There is nothing wrong with having those cards of your own trust me, but if you have them, put them in a personal/collection binder. Most of the cards I'm talking about are like secret rare [ccProd]Chaos Emperor Dragon[/ccProd]s or secret rare [ccProd]Yata-Garasu[/ccProd]. Older cards that have lots of meaning to players who played during those times and like to think about the good ol' days of dueling instead of thinking about magician/shark or rabbit/tour guide. Myself personally, there is only one card in my possession I have never traded/sold since I acquired my first copy of it. [ccProd]Tri-Horned Dragon[/ccProd] is my significant card. Going back to my first ever booster pack of Legend of Blue-Eyes from Wal-Mart right before my 6th Grade All-Stars basketball practice. My mom took me their to buy dish soap (I remember this in detail because it was my night to do the dishes) and it was either I walk to practice that night or go along for the ride then get dropped off on the way home at the school. I decided to tag along with my mom because I really did not want to walk a few miles to practice. I mean, what 11-12 year old kid would really want to walk to basketball practice when you are going to be running around all night? Come to think of it, if I had basketball practice right now, I'd gladly walk and save myself money on gas! Anyways, back to the story.

We arrive at the Wal-Mart, we do our normal walking around the store and of course I venture off into the video-games and electronics department to do the test games they had out on display. Did some more walking around with momma Bogli to the soap isle and got all the goods we needed and made our way to the check out line. Line number 8 actually. I remember this because number 9 was taking forever with this lady with cat food and paper towels and number 10 was an elderly women just taking forever! Not being mean of course towards the elderly, but we all know they can take a good amount of time doing certain things. And my mom claimed to leave her coupon book back at the dish soap isle. So she told me to run back their and grab it for her. So like the good son that I am to my mother, I did. Ran like lightning speed dodging other shoppers and their filled carts. Zig and zagged out of isles until I found the dish soap isle. And just my luck, the coupon book was not there! I was more scared of the fact that if I went back to my mom and said I could not find it, she would start to yell at me and be angry with me I could not find it. So I spent a good amount of time searching the isle and looking everywhere it could possibly be. Minutes later, still no coupon book in sight. I went back to the checkout line where my mom had her cart parked a little to the side of the register and she had already had her things bagged up. My intial response was "Mom, your coupon book was not in the isle". I had said this so quietly and slowly that I did not think she heard me at first. But before the word isle came out of my mouth, she said she found her book and already cashed out. A HUGE sigh of relief came off my chest as we began to walk out the store towards our car.

We get to the car and I help her load the bags into the trunk. I get into the car, click my seat belt and wait for her to start to car and head off to practice. She sits in the car and looks at me and puts a plastic bag on my lap. Apparently, while I ran back to look for her coupon book, she managed to find the Yugioh cards. I open it up and find a single booster pack of Legend-of Blue Eyes. I had never been so excited to open a booster pack in my life. Even more excited then when I opened my first Pokemon pack! Simply because this was the very first pack of Yugioh my mom had ever bought for me. Not even a Yugi or Kaiba starter deck. No Yugioh cards at all. This was it. The initial start to the yugi-world for Joe Bogli.

I peeled back on corner of the pack, pulled back the middle and opened it so quick I think I bent the common card in the front. Reading each card as I worked my way from beginning to end. Right after I pass over [ccProd]Darkworld Thorns[/ccProd], there it was, [ccProd]Tri-Horned Dragon[/ccProd] right before my eyes. "An unworthy dragon with three sharp horns sprouting from its head." I re-read the text over and over again as I could not take my eyes off it until we reached the school where I had basketball practice. Pulling up to the school, I tried everything in my power to sneak my new cards in my basketball bag and show them off to my friends who had some cards of their own. But momma Bogli always knew when I was up to something. The second we pulled up to the school doors, she took the cards from me so she could bring them home. Good thing she did, otherwise someone might have taken my new dragon from me! Needless to say, basketball practice got over with, I was burnt out and extremely tired from layup drills and jump shots that as soon as I got home, I went right to bed. Suddenly a light bulb hit me and I forgot about Tri-Horned! I got out of bed and went to my mom's room and asked where she put my new cards. She said they were in my nightstand next to my bed. I go back to my room, open up the nightstand, and there it was sitting right on top. My first ever Yugioh card.

Tri-Horned DragonWhenever I go to an event and I see a secret rare [ccProd]Tri-Horned Dragon[/ccProd], I will usually go out of my way a little to pick it up and add it to my collection binder. This coming Saturday is a Philadelphia Regional and I should be having my Tri-Horned binder with me, so if you want to see how many I really have, don't be afraid to ask!  Alot of my good friends actually go out of their way to get me these cards also. I owe a lot of my Tri-Horned binder to ARG team mate Paul Clarke who got me a lot of foreign ones so thanks bud! Even though you know how much it means to me. Also Desmond Boyd, who is a collector of [ccProd]Banisher of the Radiance[/ccProd]! Bet some of you did not know that! Me and Des use to just give each other's card to one another because we both understood how much a sentimental card means to have unlimited copies off. With this article, I hope you all learned a little something about me you did not know before. If you have a personal/collection card you stock up on, let me know below! Until next time, Play Hard or Go Home!

Joe Bogli
An all around average guy who happens to play Yugioh. Went to Worlds in 2011 and topped the biggest trading card game event ever held. I know im not the greatest player in the game, but I do know what im doing. If you need any help, i'll be more then willing to 🙂
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