ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Alex Harris Interview

Before the first round started, I decided to sit down with Alex Harris, a player from Little Rock Arkansas, and asked him a few questions about today's Circuit Event and his deck choice. Now with the money prize being on the mind, the first question I asked Alex was what he would spend his winnings on if he did in fact win, his response? Probably save it and use it to travel to different events throughout the year. For today's ARG Circuit Series, Alex is busting out the ever popular Dragon Rulers with an awesome twist, he says he'll get back to us on the profile, but for now Harris tells me he's mostly excited to play against many decks from the action packed mirror match,  to Prophecy and Mermails. When asked about what deck he thinks will win? Answered with a sigh of sadness, Alex says he thinks Prophecy will pull out the victory against all the other contenders. Alex continued to tell me about his twist on the Dragon Ruler deck,

photo"I main deck two D.D. Crows for the epic chaining and match up against Prophecy, along with [ccProd]Swift Scarecrow[/ccProd] and Maxx "C " for epic hand traps." I asked him what decks he's hoping to avoid Harris commented, "I really hope I don't run into any random Anti-Meta decks, but I'm mostly prepared to go against a lot of mirror matches and prophecy decks."

So with a firm handshake I wished his good luck in all of his matches, he thanked me for the interview and told me he'd give a deck profile later on today.