Alter Reality Games Cardfight Vanguard & Kaijudo Writing Contest Winter 2013

Alter Reality Games Cardfight Vanguard & Kaijudo Writing Contest Winter 2013

Starts: Monday, February 11th, 2013  Ends:  Friday March 1, 2013.

Alter Reality Games is all about giving people an opportunity to shine, whether you’re a pro or casual player/writer or just someone with something to say.  We’re one of the only gaming sites who have an open door policy on articles, allowing anyone to submit their work without the obligation of becoming a regular writer and so it makes sense to do something else a little bit different.

What do I have to do?

Write about what you know – Cardfight Vanguard & Kaijudo.  The winning article selected will be the one which our staff and team of writers feels has the most genuine enthusiasm for gaming, also comments by readers will be taken into consideration and a poll on our facebook page will factor into our choices.  We are accepting articles as well as deck reviews and would much prefer if the article was based on your creativity and experience, or even observations or ideas about the local or national Cardfight Vanguard & Kaijudo community.  All articles submitted must be up to our standards and will be published on our article site  This contest will run until March 1, 2013 with no more entries accepted after midnight no exceptions.  So, make sure you send in your entry in plenty of time.  If interested in participating please email Jim at he will reply back to you with your account and you can begin your article directly on our article site.

What do I win?
You will win store credit which we’ve listed below. Along with the prize, the winner will have their article published on our main site so, that the article has full front page coverage.

Prizes are for both Cardfight Vanguard & Kaijudo.  So there are Two 1st Place Prizes, Two 2nd Place Prizes etc...

1st Place  $100 Store Credit

2nd Place $50 Store Credit

3rd & 4th Place $25 Store Credit Each

Will winning make me a writer for Alter Reality Games?

You’re under absolutely no obligation to continue writing for our site as this is the third article contest and what will become of many more writing contest. The winner will obviously have the opportunity to continue contributing to our site and, in doing so, become either a writer or contributor but that is entirely their own choice and they would also be free to just take their prize.  If you are the winner and do decide to continue writing, you might just become part of our team, who knows maybe with your own weekly article.

What are the rules?

1)  All entries must be 100% your own work.

2)  Articles should be at least 1000 words in length, with no upper limit.

3)  You may enter as many times as you like as long as each entry is unique.

4)  The entry must not be previously published.

5)  Entrant agrees that the article can remain on our Alter Reality Games site after publication or contest ends.

6)  All articles should be spell checked and where relevant, Fact Checked.  We offer very little proof reading due to time on our end and the writer should know his/her article reflects on them and not Alter Reality Games.

7)  We will provide you with account for where you can edit and draft your article for proof reading.

8)  Entry is open to anyone.

Good Luck to everyone and if you have any questions be sure to email