Alternative Options for Those Cards Hit

jay silverFor those players reading this for the first time, we are in September 2013, in the format we like to call a Trick or a Treat. So what does this mean? As many are VERY well aware, Konami has taken a big toll on those cards we refer to as staple cards (i.e Heavy Storm). Many players now are struggling to decide what to use to replace the cards we treasure so badly. So I composed a list of alternatives with similar effects and cards that may become the staples of tomorrow
Book of Moon
Pot of Duality
XYZ Encore
Mind Control
Monster Reincarnation/Magical Stone Excavation
Dark Bribe
Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, Deep Dark Trap Hole, Void Trap Hole
Mirror Force
Scrap Iron Scarecrow
Malevolence Catastrophe       
Windstorm of Etaqua
book of moonBook of Moon is an obvious choice of this format. It stops about every deck. Every card can be flipped over. I have a feeling that it’ll be abused even further this format. As we don’t have cards that can intercept effects and attacks, Book of Moon will be that card to be used.
Pot of Duality is in the same field. Now that we have it back to 3, it may be that filler to replace some of the cards taken out of many players decks. I don’t see many people running triple, but some decks may. It’s an unbelievable card. Sure it blocks you special summoning for the turn, but many decks don’t rely on an instant special summon if they have their big boss monster already on the field.
XYZ Encore is a TCG Exclusive recently announced in Judgment of the Light, but one that many players are pondering to run this card. As of now, many decks have their big XYZ monster. XYZ Encore will have a result of outside the box thinking. Not only will it have the monster off the field but those cards used as materials will come back at a reduced level. Although some players may not realize that decks like Constellars and Evilswarms who have Sombre and Kerkyion back on the field because of an XYZ summon can just continue spamming even though their levels are reduced by one. I don’t expect a lot of players running it, but if you are someone like me who loves tech choices, then this card can be one of your closest allies.
mind controlIf you are sick of your monsters being taken by Evilswarm Bahumat or Number 11: Big Eye, maybe you should tech in a Mind Control. Mind Control is one of the last control cards we have left. Change of Heart, Snatch Steal and Brain Control are all on the banned section of the Forbidden/Limited list. Maybe using Mind Control is good. The monster can’t attack or be tributed (if anyone still uses tributing) but what if you used this card to control a Big Eye and stole an opponent’s monster, or steal the card and make a quick XYZ play.
Another interesting card that has an equal chance of being used is Monster Reincarnation. Although you have to discard something in your hand, you can get a key monster to your strategy back. Another card similar to that is Magical Stone Excavation. Both of these cards require a discard cost, but returns spells and monsters back to your hand. You can restart chains and your combos to score that game win.
Mark my words: Mystical Space Typhoon will be used like crazy this format. Why not counter it? Dark Bribe is your answer to protecting precious back row. It sure may not be as effective as Solemn Judgment will be, but still: what if? Dark Bribe will keep your cards alive but will give your opponent a free draw. In addition, it is a counter trap, and now with Judgment banned, it’s an instant that you will keep that precious game-winning card set and happy.
Ok what do Void Trap Hole, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare and Deep Dark Trap Hole have in common? Simple, they all act as a Bottomless Trap Hole minus the banishment (except Deep Dark Trap Hole). Void Trap Hole negates summons of 2000+ attack point monsters, cancels its effects and destroys them. Traptrix Treacherous Trap Hole is very similar except it has a wider variety. Deep Dark Trap Hole works on level 5 or higher monsters and banishes them (just like bottomless). These “holes” are very appropriate for the game today, as Synchros are making a grand return in the competitive field.
mirror forceEverybody thought they forgot about Mirror Force. Well, it’s about time it returns. With Torrential Tribute at one, Mirror Force is the next alternative. It impacts just as badly and is activated in the battle phase. Unless you are an Evilswarm player or have Forbidden Lances and Dark Bribe set everywhere, there’ll be a very good chance that you will not have anything to counter the activation. Mirror Force will be a predominant force in the meta.
Alexander Thomas in his nationals Top 32 win used this next card to help stall: Scrap Iron Scarecrow. Anyone remember this little guy? This is a battle staller. Even yet, it has the effect to be flipped back right down. It is a troll deck’s best friend, and an OTK user’s worse nightmare. Using this scarecrow may be your best bet to protect yourself from the reign of synchros.
Ok, picture this, your opponent has a Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with five backrow and he makes an attack. How would you respond? Easy: Malevolence Catastrophe. When your opponent attacks, this card has heavy storm ability. Not only does it mess up your opponent’s strategy by clearing their field and left to deal with five precious cards in their graveyard. No it doesn’t negate the attack, but clearing the field is your main concern with this card.
The last card on this list is another OTK stopper: Windstorm of Etaqua. Say you have an empty field and your opponent has five monsters on their field. With Etaqua on the field, you can activate it and all of your opponents rampaging monsters all go to defense position. It is a powerful strategy preventing card to get your opponent riled up.
So reading this article, you see there are many options to the limitation/banishment of some of our beloved staples. Who knows, maybe the cards on this list may be the high tier staples of tomorrow. 
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