Announcing the ARG Format

Hello Duelists.  I am here to bring you the very first ARG Banlist for the new ARG Format.  Before we get into the list I would like to explain the process in how we made the list and we will give some explanations of why we banned or restricted some cards.  We will also be using this list for the next four ARG Circuit Series events.  They are ARG Circuit Series Charlotte, ARG Circuit Series Providence, The Player’s Championship, and the ARG Circuit Championship.   So for this format we will be giving away over $40,000 during the next month.  We do not plan using this list for every future ARG Circuit Event.  We may have a Circuit here or there that will use this list but that is not the intention of the list.  Most of the events we will use the list at are the 1K events that are ran on Sundays of a Circuit Series, ARG Metro Series events, or at an ARG Circuit Series at the end of a official banlist or when players are bored or priced out of getting the cards to play a certain deck.  But given the fact that the new list still has not been released by the manufacturer and the staleness of the current list we feel that this list is the right decision for the events running through the ARG Circuit Championship.  We also do not want the official list to come out a random time and get into a situation where duelists do not have enough time to prepare for one of our  events.


Let me go into the process of how we made the list.  We have a committee of respected players and judges that submitted their lists to ARG.  We then compiled the lists and saw what changes the majority of them wanted done.  We also put a card on a Facebook poll that was borderline if it could come back and the committee was slightly in favor of this the card coming back.  In order to bring that card back though we had to restrict / ban other cards.  Once we compiled the list we took it to other respected members of the community that were not on the committee to see their thoughts and we made the final two changes to the list.  We are not disclosing names of who is on the committee or the others who finalized the list in order to protect future lists.  The list was finalized by the ARG staff and the non-committee players.  We are not going to hold the list to a certain date in terms of needing to emergency ban something.  If a card is a problem we will not wait until the next list we will emergency ban it or restrict it.  We want to keep the flexibility of the list so it will keep changing if necessary.  Also, the goal of the list is trying to make the format have multiple decks, upwards of five or six as well as bring some decks back that were dead.  Single deck formats are very skill intensive but they are boring and players get sick of playing them rather quickly.  Without further ado here are the changes we made to the current list: thus I present you the ARG July 7th 2015 Format.


Djinn Releaser of Rituals
Fusion Gate
Lavalval Chain
Nekroz of Trishula
Royal Magical Library
Vanity's Emptiness
Restricted to 1:
Cir, Malbrance of the Burning Abyss
El Shaddoll Construct
El-Shaddoll Fusion
Elemental Hero Bubbleman
Elemental Hero Stratos
Instant Fusion
Nekroz of Unicore
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity
Restricted to 2:
Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss
Dragon Ravine
Inzektor Hornet
Rescue Rabbit
Summoner's Art
Torrential Tribute
Wind-Up Magician
No Longer Restricted:
Chaos Sorcerer
Dark Hole
Glow-up Bulb
Sacred Sword of Seven Stars


At the end of the article I will post the entire list with these cards in it as well as a link to a google spreadsheet with the list.  As the players and judges sent in their lists they explained some of their choices and I will go into those with you.  I will also explain what the ARG staff thought of the changes as well.


Djinn Releaser of RitualsDjinn Releaser of Rituals & Vanity’s Emptiness (Banned) - There were three cards that were on almost if not all of the committee member's lists and these were two of them.  These cards do not allow you to play the game and it makes the game less fun.


Fusion Gate (Banned) & Elemental Hero Bubbleman (Restricted to 1) - With bringing back Stratos we had to hit a couple of cards or we felt Heroes would be too powerful.  One committee member wanted Bubbleman banned as well and to put Stratos at 3.  Overall we feel that Stratos is not the problem card of the deck since Reinforcement of the Army and E - Emergency Call are unrestricted anyways.  If Bubbleman becomes a problem then we will look at it further.  We also banned Fusion Gate to avoid the OTK with Blaze Fenix and its combos with Heroes.


Lavalval ChainLavalval Chain (Banned) - Almost every member wanted this card banned and the ones that did not wanted it restricted to one.  In one member’s explanations he said it is consistently the centerpiece of degenerate FTKs (Blue-Blooded Oni), overpower combo decks (Infernity), and lock strategies (Djinn).


Nekroz of Trishula (Banned) -  One committee member wrote that Trishula is so much more powerful than every other card that is currently legal and it is the only part of Nekroz that makes it so dominate.  If we outright ban the card Nekroz is still a playable deck but it is not the dominate deck.


Royal Magical Library (Banned) - This is a pre-emptive ban.  It was also the third card that every committee member wanted banned. With the cards that are coming out for this deck we do not want to have OTKs.


Cir, Malbrance of the Burning Abyss (Restricted to One) & Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss (Restricted to Two) - With hitting Nekroz Burning Abyss becomes the main contender and leaving it untouched would leave it too strong.  Cir looping Dantes is what gives Burning Abyss all of their advantage.  Burning Abyss’ game usually ends when they run out of Cir’s to loop.  This is also the reason we restricted Dante to two.  When Burning Abyss runs out of Dantes it is difficult for them to make plays.


El Shaddoll FusionEl Shaddoll Fusion (Restricted to One) & El Shaddoll Construct (Restricted to One) -  With hitting Burning Abyss and Nekroz we also did not want Shaddolls to become too powerful this is why they were touched.


Instant Fusion (Restricted to One) - This is a preemptive hit.  With Noden coming out it would be too powerful.


Mistake (Restricted to One) - Mistake is a floodgate card and having three of a floodgate card has not been a good thing.  It completely shuts down decks from playing the game.


Nekroz of Unicore (Restricted to One) - Almost every single committee member wanted this card restricted to one because of its negation effect.


Wind-Up Carrier ZenmaityWind-Up Carrier Zenmaity (Restricted to One) & Wind-Up Magician (Restricted to Two) -  Almost every committee member wanted Wind-Ups to come back.  If the deck goes first it loses consistency because of only starting with five cards in hand and you cannot loop them for their entire hand like days past.  Some members wanted Magician to go to three as well but more of them wanted it to go to two.


Dragon Ravine (Restricted to Two) - With Dragon Rulers gone this card is not problematic.  This gives Dragunitys a chance to come back.  Some members even argued that is should go to three.  We felt safer putting it at two put it has the potential of taking it to three.


Inzektor Hornet (Restricted to Two) - Every committee member wanted Inzektors to make some sort of comeback but it was just a matter of how.  Some people wanted Hornet banned and take Dragonfly to three.  Some wanted to Dragonfly and Hornet to both go to two but most members thought the deck could become too powerful in that case.  The majority of the committee wanted the only change of the deck is to take Hornet to two and that was the path that was taken.


Rescue RabbitRescue Rabbit (Restricted to Two) - A majority of the committee wanted the card to come back it was just a matter of how many copies.  With Tour Guide being restricted to one we felt that the card can come back but we did not want to take it to three yet.


Summoner’s Art (Restricted to Two) - A majority of the committee wanted to hit this card it was just a matter is to put it at one or two.  More of them wanted it at two for now.  With the release of Wavering Eyes it may put Qliphort over the top so we may have to take a look at the deck.


Torrential Tribute (Restricted to Two) - Most committee members want this card to go to at least two if not three.  We felt that taking it to two was safe.  There is currently a lot of mass removal in the format as it is so it should be okay to come back to two.


300px-GlowUpBulb-STBL-EN-UR-1ENo Longer on list cards (Chaos Sorcerer / Dark Hole / Glow-Up Bulb / Sacred Sword of Seven Stars) - Dark Hole is not even getting play at its maximum capacity now so taking it to three should not matter.  Chaos Sorcerer gets to come back to try to bring back some light/darkness variants.  The Dragon rulers are banned so Sacred Sword of Seven Stars is no longer as impressive as it once was.  Glow-Up Bulb’s effect can only be used once in a game so we thought bringing it to three would not change things that much.

Here is the whole list in Google Spreadsheet form:

Here is the whole list compiled together



Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

Cyber Jar


Dark Magician of Chaos

Destiny Hero - Disk Commander

Djinn Releaser of Rituals

Fiber Jar

Fishborg Blaster

Magical Scientist

Makyura the Destructor

Mind Master

Morphing Jar

Morphing Jar#2

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders

Rescue Cat

Royal Magical Library



Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls

Tribe-Infecting Virus

Victory Dragon

Witch of the Black Forest


Nekroz of Trishula

Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Lavalval Chain

Number 16: Shock Master

Brain Control

Butterfly Dagger - Elma

Card Destruction

Card of Safe Return

Change of Heart

Cold Wave


Delinquent Duo

Dimension Fusion

Fusion Gate

Future Fusion

Gateway of the Six

Giant Trunade

Graceful Charity

Harpie's Feather Duster

Heavy Storm

Last Will

Mass Driver


Mirage of Nightmare

Monster Reborn

Painful Choice

Pot of Avarice

Pot of Greed

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

Spellbook of Judgment

Super Polymerization

Super Rejuvenation

The Forceful Sentry

Imperial Order

Last Turn

Return from the Different Dimension

Royal Oppression

Self-Destruct Button

Sixth Sense

Solemn Judgment

Time Seal

Trap Dustshoot

Ultimate Offering

Vanity's Emptiness


Restricted to 1:

Left Arm of the Forbidden One

Left Leg of the Forbidden One

Right Arm of the Forbidden One

Right Leg of the Forbidden One

Artifact Moralltach

Atlantean Dragoons

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

Cir, Malbrance of the Burning Abyss


Dark Armed Dragon

Debris Dragon

Deep Dea Diva

Elemental Hero Bubbleman

Elemental Hero Stratos

Exodia the Forbidden One

Genex Ally Birdman

Infernity Archfiend

Inzektor Dragonfly

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

Night Assailant

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Sinister Serpent

Thunder King Rai-Oh

Tour Guide from the Underworld

Evigishki Gustkraken

Evigishki Mind Augus

Nekroz of Unicore

El Shaddoll Construct

Dark Strike Fighter

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier

T.G. Hyper Librarian

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity

Allure of Darkness

Book of Moon

Burial from a Different Dimension

Dimensional Fissure

Divine Wind of Mist Valley

El Shaddoll Fusion

Final Countdown

Foolish Burial

Gold Sarcophagus

Infernity Launcher

Instant Fusion

Limiter Removal

Mind Control

Monster Gate

One Day of Peace

One For One

Preparation of Rites



Royal Tribute


Soul Charge

Spellbook of Fate

Symbol of Heritage

Temple of the Kings

Bottomless Trap Hole

Compulsory Evacuation Device

Crush Card Virus


Eradicator Epidemic Virus

Exchange of the Spirit

Infernity Barrier

Macro Cosmos

Magical Explosion


Ring of Destruction

Skill Drain

Solemn Warning

Soul Drain

Skill Drain

Wall of Revealing Light


Restricted to 2:

Qliphort Scout

Card Trooper


Inzektor Hornet


Rescue Rabbit

Summoner Monk


Wind-Up Magician

Nekroz of Brionac

Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En

Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss

Advanced Ritual Art

Chain Strike

Charge of the Light Brigade

Summoner’s Art


Ojama Trio

Torrential Tribute


No Longer Restricted:

Chaos Sorcerer

Dark Hole

Dragon Ravine

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars


Click to view entire ARG Format List


Click to view entire list.



  • SheikTheGeek

    I feel as if the higher ups in ARG had a golden opportunity to prove they care about the players and make a truly good list (or at least something better than Konami can random up) for their own tournaments, but to it seems ARG did EXACTLY what Konami has been doing for many years. By making a list that half-pleases the player base and the other half to help push product and make a profit. Isn’t the reason ARG even exists is because they were sick of what Konami was doing with the game and the F/L list? I will not state if I feel this list is good or bad or critique card choices, but this list is hypocrisy.

  • Gavin Pohl

    While I agree we need to make player made formats and other formats besides just the TCG format, this list is pretty bad to be honest. I’m very glad NONE of you work for Konami’s banlist creation.

    Vanity’s to 0? Vanity’s should go back to 3, it’s so easy to get rid of and it protects slower decks, you know, decks people play for fun, from crazy plays from decks like Satellars and Qlis….Oh, right, those two decks weren’t hit. I’m seeing a pattern here.
    And Trish banned? What are they gonna play for a boss monster? Decisive Armor? Everything else in the deck is pretty much dead and gone so Nekroz confirmed Vanilla Beatdown with occasional Decisive Armor play.

    Instant Fusion? Seriously? You leave Satellarknight Altair which is basically the same freaking card as Noden but lock down Noden.

    And Djinn. You hit Djinn but you leave Lose 1 Turn alone. “Your opponent can’t play Yugioh” gets hit but by all means let’s leave “Your opponent can’t play Yugioh” alone. And while we’re at it, let’s hit Mistake so Qlis can keep playing. No floodgates for other decks, but Qlis can keep them all. I mean seriously. “Mistake is a floodgate card and floodgate cards are bad.” That was literally your description of Mistake.

    So many bad choices in this list. I don’t care what the fanboys on the committee thought should move on the list, this is clearly favoring Tellarknights and Qlis and doesn’t help the game at all. All for money and money for ARG!

  • Forth-Kun

    i hope we had this one in the ocg. it sucks because we still have this sp format to follow 🙁

  • Travis Rust

    Qliphort,Yosenju, YangZing, U.A.s, Heroes, SpiritBeast.Tellas
    I dont even think dragunity, windup, or inzektor can keep up.

  • Umesf

    Garbage banlist.. lavalval chain banned¿ cir to 1? and bubbleman 1? i really hate nekroz but make them unplayable? i really hope that konami is not as stupid as this people

  • Dreadkaiser

    What the hell?

    No Stratos related comment?

    was expecting to find Strato-salt all over this….

  • Matt Anderson

    These bans and limits were HORRIBLE, so the ban laval chain to stop degenerate plays like Blue blooded oni and infernity, umm lat time i check those decks were already irrelevant anyway? They did it to hit nekroz more but wait they banned djin too why both, to hit nekroz more thus takeing away trish from them revoes huge power plays and unicore removing there consistency its just t much at 1 time is what im saying. with ba those hits are fine i do not mind those ba hits. Shaddoll yet again they hit there power plays with both el-shaddol fusion and construct like want construct enough, imo to mush to fast. but they not only left Teallrknight and Qliphort alone but increased their play ability with liming of mistake like you killed off these decks that kinda kept other deck in check. The things that came off the limited or banned list tho i dont have an issue with the hits i mostly see as rushed and misguided attempts to do what Konami has done but did it way to fast and didn’t see all the options out there.

    • that ONE guy

      Lol hitting it to stop Blue Blooded Oni, the INCREDIBLY simple 90 step combo!
      Because that’s going to impact the meta in a very negative way!

  • Dr.Vellian Crowler

    Who even came up with this salty list? Burning abyss are more than dead. It’s horrible that that Cir went to 1 as that severely limits recovery, but also limiting Dante to 2? That’s the final nail in Ba’s coffin.
    Vanity emptiness banned is stupid; the card was fine at 1. Mistake at 1 is dumb. Trish and Djinn banned for Nekroz was enough. Lavlval chain getting banned is just hilarious.
    Looks like a Qliphort, Nutella, and Shaddoll Tier 1 format unfortunetly.

  • Shapesnatch

    Hahaha. Gay.

  • blackdrrragon

    Skill Drain is limited twice. For this reason am I allowed to play two copies of it? 😀

  • SirReal

    I don’t think you guys realize why Zenmaity was banned and Magician put to 1 in the first place (cough Hunter cough)

    Seriously, do you want to lose your hand turn 1? because that’s how you lose your hand turn 1.

    • intelligent person

      You cannot loop hunter with 1 maity unless you open mat shark and end with no resources. And that sucks. And hunter sucks as well. No one would play that shit because of the “loop”

      • that ONE guy

        Well, everyone would play the hunter loop for the loop. Kappa. that’s why it’s called the hunter loop.

  • SirReal

    “Mistake (Restricted to One) – Mistake is a floodgate card and having three of a floodgate card has not been a good thing. It completely shuts down decks from playing the game.”

    L1T is a floodgate card. Where the fuck is that hit?

    • Adam Phillips

      It’s called the salt is real with whoever made this list. Trish banned, Chain banned, Vanity’s banned, Mistake limited, no hits to Tellarknights and a completely negligible hit to Qliphort (thanks for making Wavering Eyes legal btw).

  • KIPdeKIP

    There are errors in the spreadsheet and the whole list. Glow-Up Bulb isn’t mentioned and Dragon Ravine is listed as unbanned.

  • I think it’s a OK start and has some OK ideas.

    Will need more revisions before actually being really good (and before you realize to reverse some mistakes you did in this list), though.

  • Matt Anderson

    Tellar knights hello?

  • Peter Brown

    This is… interesting.

    I like how you guys actually EXPLAINED your choices. Hats off to you for taking the initiative to make your own format. Hope it works out.

    • Dreadkaiser

      It will work out, if you like Qli qli and more qli

      • Jean Anouilh

        Breadkaiser is back! It’s a miracle! 😛

        • Dreadkaiser

          I’m only banned on the YGOrg

          • Jean Anouilh

            Good to hear, or actually not really. I had no idea they could do that.

            Also, azneyes.dek confirmed? LOL

          • Dreadkaiser

            you didn’t hear of my banning? Too much flamewarring and off topic posting.

            Anyway I will be back when the forums go up, already know exactly what my first 3 posts will be

          • Jean Anouilh

            I just thought it was a disqus thing in general, not only the org.

          • Dreadkaiser

            Nah Disqus is hosted on sites. they can block me from individual sites but not the whole thing

  • tipadisd ick

    3 deneb/altair? that’s fun and fair.

    • SirReal

      nah, we gonna keep the 3 RotA and the Triv looping. That’s healthy. Also Seraph engine is unhit.

  • generalcartman

    i agree with most of the hits, but CHAIN BANNED?! sorry, but thats butthurt… that kills soooo many decks and combos! to avoid FTKs its enough to hit library and fusion gate already! the mass removal with 1 raigeki, 2 dark holes and 1 torrential is ALREADY too high! better put dark hole to 1 and leave raigeki at 1, that should be better, older decks cant handle that mass destruction cards… imagine glad beasts or other older decks get hit by 3 dark holes while the opponent plays BA or shaddoll.. that simply not fair. if you put zenmaity to 1 you should BAN wind-up hunter! that card is degenerate…
    i see this list as: “PLAY QLIS OR LOSE” they still have 3 lose 1 game, and now they have 3 wavering eyes (FREE TOWERS!!!) and you put sacred sword of the the sevens stars to 3?!!?!?!?! now they can abuse it consistently to get the combo pieces for towers! THIS ARG FORMAT WILL BE A COMPLETE QLI FORMAT! FIRST TURN TOWERS WILL DOMINATE THE META WITH THIS LIST!

    • SirReal

      Qli and -tellarknight. Qlis got a slap on the wrist (Summoner’s Art) which actually hits more decks harder than the intended hit. -tellars received no hits whatsoever and as a result, Triv looping is still a thing, Altair -> Deneb -> Altair is still a big thing…

      • Adam Phillips

        Except Wavering Eyes is now legal, so that slap on the wrist was immediately healed and no fucks were given in Qliphort. Basically, I see this list as: “I play Tellarknight and/or Qliphort, and I can’t win against every other top deck, so I’m gonna make so many hits to them that they become virtually unplayable, and not touch my deck(s) at all so that I will be the only one winning every ARG from now on.” Some hits are fine (Unicore and Construct for example), but others just feel like pure salt rage (Mistake to 1, Chain banned, Trish banned, Vanity’s banned)

        • Rom Sin

          To an extent Wavering Eyes also hurts qli. Why would they want to waste 2 cards to pop just to search for their scout? It isn’t worth doing. There was no real reason to hit summoner’s art. especially since there is only 5 targets.

          • that ONE guy

            Um… you realise
            the cards go back to the pendulum zone?
            where they can ss it and go for towers? yeah.

          • Rom Sin

            You realize that it’s more efficient just to use Summoner’s Art to search scout to add Towers Right? Or to run triple towers and have a heavy monster line up 😉

    • Jean Anouilh

      Somebody call the whambulance for whomever came up with that list. 😉

    • that ONE guy

      No Tellars will dominate, they can easily out a first turn Towers with Excalibur/Zubaba General or one of the many other guys from their R4 toolbox, and they weren’t hit at all.
      And seeing as Turbo runs 2 traps, tellars win defo win the ARG Circuit.

  • Freddy L. Paredes

    You should think better that banlist, the banned cards looks terrible.

    Dark Hole is enough at 2, the card if too powerful decks like Shaddoll, Nekroz, Qli, Tellar… don’t really care about that card but what about other decks that can’t recovery faster?

    I suppose that each format you go to ban a lot of cards.

    The game is more interesting when as a player you have a challenge, but well for some players the only solution is hits all the cards.

    • that ONE guy

      Dark Hole has been powercreeped to oblivion, everything floats so it doesn’t matter.

  • Will Caster

    This is definitely a fanboy list, still ignoring the banning of Lavalval chain the other cards banned were a good pick. They just need to work on everything esle. (Unicorn was a solid hit though)

    • Adam Phillips

      Djinn yes. Vanity’s no. You want Qliphort OTK flying out the assholes? Vanity’s was perfectly fine at 1. It’s your own fault for not running MST/Cyclone, not your opponent. Also, Chain and Trish banned, the salt is real.

      • Will Caster

        That’s a poor mentality, 1st of all I always 2-3 mst/(or mst substitute) in every deck MAINED doesn’t help if you don’t draw it. Plus, I don’t know what your beef over vanity’s is: I mean, if we’re all about floodgates for “stopping OTKS then lose a turn is a card. Right? But of course, as we both know vanity’s isn’t there to “prevent otks” it’s there to keep your opponent from special summoning until you allow them to. Better yet, let’s take your QLI example. They made this disgusting huge board but by a miracle you’re in the game both players know unless you respond with a board of your own it’s game over regardless of what you do. You have come back play, you attempt to special flip vanity’s your turn is done. Oh but it’s OK they can special either right? So active soul transition draw more cards, vanity’s is gone, pendulum everything back “gg” I’m sorry, but it’s shown how vanity’s helped not hurt qlis. More than not, most would seriously sit on it knowing that they’ve won either way. Don’t say to stop nekroz, we had multiple ppl run until the djinn was “a thing”. Instead of relying on vanity’s get cards that actually stops OTKS and not just lock out the game.

        Trish was reasonable ban, the real is banned this can be also. Nekroz are plenty fine. (Also, I said INGORING Lavalval chain)

        • Rom Sin

          Trish doesn’t need to get hit. It was a power play the deck had nothing more. What needed to get hit was Nekroz Kaleidoscope as that is the card that got the Djinn Lock going, Now you can say “It doesn’t need to get hit if the Djinn is banned” But there are other djinns the deck can run making a lock in a different kind. Preventing the monster from being targeted or unaffected by traps. Plus what is the point in hitting brionac if you have access to arc light? Lavalval Chain if it had to be hit (No reason for it to be hit) if anything to 1 I mean infernities wouldn’t be topping at their events anyways. The deck isn’t doing much as the deck does need that card.

          • Will Caster

            Well, something to remember to about trish in general is that he punishes u for playing the game. I mean look at it this way, knowing trish is a card means you can lose to your own pot of duality. Unless of course you do one of two things, either don’t put anything on board or set your entire hand. I don’t think I need to tell how bad that is, in either case, but way not. 1st case: suggests that unless your opponent is slacking you’re probably getting FTKd ferociously or you’d eat a crap ton of damage and be really behind. 2nd case: assuming that you survive and have a response to their summons well….., you yourself wanted to tell me that mst/cyclone is a card so A) I’m “lucky” and don’t hit my traps/protection but then that means I’ve lost my follow up play when there’s is basically waiting for you to kill their opening play, or B) they do hit your traps/protection go off then you may not have a follow-up play anyway. Now, technically there’s “third option and four option” but seriously let’s think about those. Don’t leave A CARD in the grave…… really how realistic is that, you’re just better off not playing a card then because that’s not plausible…. tell me how do not send your cards to grave after playing hope your opponent is nice enough to play macro?

            So what about the 4th? Pretending trishulua isn’t a card and get put into the same if not worse state then what the first two cases gave you?

            Yes, there are more djinns, but honestly the unaffected by traps can be easily dealt with same as the can’t be targeted. The others have nice effects, but not worth the space and time to balance out. Again, I said INGORING Lavalval chain.

          • Rom Sin

            Also keep in mind, hand traps are also a thing. Also battle traps are a thing (or least should be). Now assuming like everyone has 3 MST or 3 backrow destruction cards. That is 1/40, 1/39 1/38 so on and so forth. With those odds the chances in opening with them in the starting hand or draw is slim. So they may not have an answer to your backrow. The same is said about hand traps and really any answer. But lets assume you don’t have any answers to trish. Don’t put anything in grave force your opponent to. At anytime you force your opponent to make a play always I repeat always puts you in a good position. Now also every player usually runs 3 fiendish chain or 3 breakthrough and 2 veilers are usually in side. (I like to main deck veiler but haven’t got my 2nd copy yet or any breakthrough/fiendish chain yet ;-;) which in game 2 you have a better chance. Generally most decks these days they will either not have a hand or 1 or 2 cards left in your hand. That is how the game is atm with the decks we have. (Honestly forgot what I was going on about cause my gf started talking to me) so meh. I hope the idea is there.

          • Will Caster

            I was with a misses myself, so to speak. Anyway, if I was to attempt I’ll assume that it’s better to force them to make a play first, hand traps are a things and basically don’t leave cards in grave and it’s not like the chances of blowing through backrow is a thing. Well, not every deck can play hand traps and believe it or not I’ve seen people play double trish just cause of that, also cycle is a card so there’s little to nothing stopping this later. Now, forcing them to make the play 1st is fair-ish but not always possible game one and assuming it works game 2 there’s the “painful” game 3. Also, it’s not really plausible to say don’t leave a card in grave; multiple sources/articles state that cards are just destined to go there. There’s little to no avoiding that, so a card punishes me for game mechanics that really aren’t in my control is pretty dumb. Now trish banned or unicorn 1 needed both. I’d never say both, I’ll be honest I don’t like the deck but let’s not kick it in the nuts. However, if I had to choose, morally trish banned is the best call

          • that ONE guy

            dunno if you’re spelling “ignoring” as ingoring for a reason, but you seem to have done it twice, sooo…

          • Will Caster

            Not sure if that was worth the mention, but I’ll have to get spell check looked at. Thanks for the concern

          • that ONE guy

            just irked me a little, because I didn’t know whether it was one or the other.

          • Will Caster

            Don’t sweat it homie, I ain’t

  • Tokimahery Ramarozaka

    Lavalval chain banned and archfiend still at 1??? REALLY?! do you guys fear Infernities that much? I don’t think it is fair! Lavalval banned, Archfiend limited, Launcher limited, Barrier limited, Soul charge limited, what do we have left?

    • The trash can to throw them in?

      • Umesf


        • Tokimahery Ramarozaka

          I like Konami’s trash can better xD this ARG List is just stupid, they did a great job hitting BA and Unicore in my opinion, brought back wind ups, but for the rest it’s merely bullshit.

  • Chris Watton

    Someone has qliphort cards to sell

  • Coldsteel100

    They totally killed shaddolls…. How’re supposed to play with 1 construct

    • victor

      Ocg did it, why can’t we

      They are going to f**king die in our meta

      • Will Caster

        The OCG actually have cards where shaddolls can be abusive also, they don’t have Burning abyss. Plus, if you want to talk about train dolls that’s not even shaddolls, just a engine

        • SirReal

          Trains aren’t even here! That wouldn’t even be a reason! Not to mention Construct doesn’t play much role in that deck.

          • Will Caster

            So….., wouldn’t that be even more of a reason that construct shouldn’t have been limited?

          • SirReal


          • Will Caster

            Then we were in agreement from the start, simple miscommunication maybe

      • Coldsteel100

        did it because they have forbidden cards….. What do we have???

    • Shuji

      Because OCG also has other cards that are not on the banlist, that’s why we cant have construct at 1

    • Dr.Vellian Crowler

      Shaddolls aren’t even close to dead. OCG was doing fine with only 1 Winda and 1 Construct. The only deck that died under this list was BA.

      • Maulana Wahyudi

        Except OCG have those banned card to use and their exclusive

        • Dr.Vellian Crowler

          Except your ignoring Shaddolls are still very powerful. 3 constructs is too much, and with construct hit, you’ll have to put more thought into summoning it instead of just spewing out construct after construct. You’ll also give more respect to shekinaga. BA is in a worse off state in the list.

  • Reaper99

    You ban nekroz of trishula but leave towers at 3? It makes no sense to me.

    • Deecks

      Towers isn’t even the most dangerous card in its own archetype. If a Qlip player has three monsters on the field and still has a Tribute Summon ready, he was probably going to OTK you anyway.

      • SirReal

        There’s the Towers Turbo deck that topped at the EWCQ. It used mainly Wavering Eyes (not hit) to search Scout easier which lead to a first turn Towers most of the time.

        Honestly, even if we have answers to Towers, it’s still an overcentralizing card. You *have* to main/side outs to it or you will get decimated by that deck.

    • that ONE guy

      Towers Turbo only really uses 1 Towers anyway. But ARG want to sell their Qli cards so they’re making a banlist to encourage two decks that have alot of searching, and the only way to stop them is Mistak— oh wait that’s limited. Clearly their Qli and Tellar cards are going to sell well.

  • victor

    Realistically, you should of brought gateway of the six to one, super rejuvenation to three, and ravine to three so dragunity could have a better chance of competing

    • victor

      Gateway doesn’t help dragunites at all that’s just a personal want, sorry if I confused anyone

      • Rom Sin

        Really gateway shouldn’t come back til there is an errata making it use counters on it’s own card and from no where else.

        • victor

          Yea, but realistically, most players would probaly run just gateway as a source of counters then again it is not 2012, six samurai will probably at most would be tier two deck if gateway comes regardless it comes back with an errata or not, Gateway just gives six samurai the boost they need in order to have a shot of tier in our meta

    • Jaysus

      Super rejuvenation should never come out of the banned list. That card is broken and will lead to Exodia FTK coming back.

      • victor

        The card was broken in Dragon rulers
        no one is actually going to play exodia in this current meta anyway so who cares If it comes back

        • Jean Anouilh

          Why not? FTK means that it doesn’t matter what your opponent is playing.

          • victor

            Activates trade-in
            opponent drops droll and lock bird

          • Jean Anouilh

            Droll & Lock Bird doesn’t do anything, it isn’t “adding” but drawing.

          • victor

            Droll and lock bird literally says in its text “drawing a card is also considered as adding a card to the hand”

          • Jean Anouilh

            What, really? Ah well, that must’ve slipped from my memory. Indeed.

  • Marcel Martos


  • Mike Brown

    Satellar Qli Tier 1