ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Top 16 Dalton Bousman vs Oscar Zelaya

8Oscar Zelaya will be starting the day off by playing Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and use its effect to search for Spellbook of Secrets. Oscar then activated Secrets to search for Spellbook of the Master. He then used Master, revealing Power, to copy Secrets in the grave and search for Spellbook of Fate. He followed up his large amount of searching by playing Pot of Duality to reveal Spellbook of Life, Spellbook of Secrets and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. After taking Secrets and shuffling the other 2 cards back into the deck, Oscar played The Grand Spellbook Tower and set 3 cards to his back row before ending his turn.

Dalton started his turn by drawing to 6 cards in his hand. He shuffled the cards in his hand around a bit before playing Spellbook of the Crescent, revealing Spellbook of Wisdom, Spellbook of Eternity and Grand Spellbook Tower from his deck. The card that Oscar selected happened to be Spellbook of Eternity. Dalton then activated Spellbook of Secrets to add Spellbook of Wisdom to his hand. He summoned Temperance of Prophecy and Oscar asked for a moment to debate on responding to the play. Eventually he decided to respond to the summon with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Spellbook of Wisdom, to target Temperance. Dalton debated on a response before allowing Temperance to be sent back to the deck. Though he could have used Wisdom to protect Temperance from this effect he chose not to since he is fairly assured that Oscar set Spellbook of Fate in the last turn. Dalton set one card and passed to Oscar, but not before Oscar used Spellbook of Fate, banishing his Wisdom, Master and Secrets from the grave to banish Dalton's set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Oscar drew for his turn, then returned Fate to the bottom of his deck to use Spellbook Tower's effect to draw another card. He then went on to use Secrets to search for a Master, and then duplicated Secrets with Master, revealing Fate, to search for Eternity. Finally he played Eternity to add back Spellbook of Wisdom from his banished cards and sent his Spellbook Magician to attack Dalton for 500 damage. Oscar set 2 more cards to his back row and passed his turn.

(Dalton 7500, Oscar 8000)

Dalton drew his Temperance that Oscar had so kindly sent back to the top of his deck and then moved to his Main Phase to summon it. Oscar activated Spellbook of Fate, banishing Eternity and Master, but Dalton responded with Spellbook of Wisdom, calling Spells on Temperance! Oscar wasn't done yet though, he continued the chain by using Torrential Tribute to destroy all monsters on the field!

"Wow, Torrential IS a card." Dalton remarked before ending his turn.

Oscar drew for the turn before using Tower's effect, sending back his remaining Spellbook to draw another card. Oscar then used Eternity to return Secrets to his hand before summoning Temperance of Prophecy to the field. When Oscar used Temperance's effect, Dalton chained Maxx "C" so he would get to draw a card when High Priestess of Prophecy hit the field. Oscar then searched for another Spellbook of Fate with Secrets. He attacked for 2500 damage, set 1 card and passed his turn.

(Dalton 5000, Oscar 8000)

Dalton drew for his turn and set 3 cards to his back row. Oscar used Fate in the end phase, banishing Secrets, another Fate and Eternity from his grave to banish Dalton's Fiendish Chain.

Oscar drew for his turn then used Tower, sending back Fate to draw yet again. With no Spellbooks in his grave he then used Spellbook of the Crescent revealing Fate, Spellbook of Life and Secrets. Dalton added Spellbook of Fate to Oscar's hand. Oscar then banished Crescent for Priestess's effect to destroy one of Dalton's back row cards and then attacked before Dalton scooped it up for game 2.

Game 2

9.6Between the two duels, Oscar and Dalton began to talk about their mirror matches yesterday against Carlos Medrano and Brady Brink, who are also in the top 16. Dalton elected to start the duel. As he was drawing his first hand, Oscar began to jokingly sing "You've got the whole World, in your hands", poking fun at the dreaded possibility of a Prophecy player drawing into their boss monster.

Dalton drew for his turn before playing Spellbook Magician to search for Secrets. He activated Secrets to search for Master, and finally Master copied Secrets by revealing another Spellbook Magician in hand to search for Fate. Dalton set 3 then passed to Oscar.

Oscar drew and then played his own Secrets, only to be stopped by Dalton’s Retort! Retort negated Oscar's Spellbook of Secrets and let Dalton add back his own Secrets from his graveyard. Oscar then revealed Grand Spellbook Tower, Spellbook of Eternity and Spellbook of Life from his hand to special summon High Priestess of Prophecy. After Priestess hit the field, Dalton used Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to send Priestess to the top of the deck by discarding his own Priestess. Oscar set 1 and passed.

Dalton drew for his turn and then debated for a moment before playing Secrets to search for Master. He then played Master, revealing Magician, to copy Secrets and search for Wisdom. He then summoned Temperance of Prophecy and Oscar responded with Solemn Warning. Dalton used Spellbook of Life, banishing Temperance and revealing Wisdom, to bring back Priestess and attack for 3000 direct damage. He set Wisdom and passed.

(Dalton 8000, Oscar 3000)

Oscar drew his Priestess and then revealed his books to special her again. Dalton responded with Spellbook of Fate to banish the Priestess and Oscar conceded the game.

Game 3

Oscar will start game 3 by playing Spellbook of the Crescent, revealing Secrets, Master and Wisdom from his deck. Dalton ended up giving Oscar Master. Oscar set one and then passed his turn.

Dalton drew and then played Crescent himself, revealing Fate, Secrets and Tower and got Fate for his troubles. Dalton played Secrets to search for Tower, summoned Magician to search for another Secrets. He then played Master copying Secrets and Revealing Fate to search for Eternity. Dalton enter battle with his mighty blue-boy and attack for 500 with Magician. To end his turn he set 1, played his Spellbook Tower and passed his turn. Oscar destroyed the set Fate with MST in the End Phase.

(Dalton 8000, Oscar 7500)

Oscar drew and thought about his plays for a moment before revealing Spellbook of the Master, Spellbook of Fate and Spellbook of Eternity for Priestess's effect and then special summoned her to the field. Priestess banished Crecent from Oscar's grave to destroy Dalton's Spellbook Tower. Dalton special summoned a Temperance in defense mode from his deck off of the Tower's effect. Oscar then used Eternity to get Crescent back to his hand and sent his Priestess to attack over the Temperance and then Oscar set 1 before passing.

Dalton drew for his turn, then played Secrets to search for Fate. He then activated Fate, banishing Secrets, Fate and Master to banish Priestess from the game. He then activated Eternity to add back Master and activated it, revealing Magician, to copy Eternity to add back Fate. He summoned a second Magician and searched for another Tower. Dalton changed one magician to defense and attacked for 500 damage. He set 2 cards and activated Spellbook Tower before ending his turn.

(Dalton 8000, Oscar 7000)

Oscar thought for a moment before activating his set Pot of Duality, revealing Secrets, Master and Tower. He chose to add Secrets to his hand, but when he attempted to activate it Dalton responded yet again with Retort to shut him down! Oscar was running out of options in his hand and had to think about his moves. They struck up a small conversation about Retort, remarking on how similar their decks were and how badly Oscar needed to draw his Retorts to be able to do anything. Alas, Oscar simply had to pass in the end.

Dalton drew and then sent back Fate so he could draw again with Tower. Dalton considered his plays, looking at his extra deck and doing some mental math to see if he will be able to game Oscar this turn. He started by overlaying into Daigusto Phoenix with his 2 Magicians. He used Phoenix’s effect to target himself. He activated Life, banishing Magician and revealing Secrets, to bring back Temperance. Oscar responded with Veiler to stop Temperance from bringing out Priestess or The World. Dalton attacked for 4000 total damage directly. He then set 2 more cards and passed.

(Dalton 8000, Oscar 3000)

Oscar drew for his turn and then summoned Temperance from his hand, Dalton responded with Fate, banishing Master, Tower and Crescent to remove Temperance from the game. Oscar then summoned Priestess by revealing Fate, Master and Crescent from his hand. He activated Master, revealing Fate, and copied Secrets to search for a Magician, forgetting that he already normal summoned Temperance this turn. He then banished Crescent to destroy Dalton’s set Wisdom and then attacked over Temperance for 1500 damage. Oscar set 1 and passed.

(6500, 5000)

Dalton then drew and used Tower, sending back Life to draw again. He then activate Secrets to search for Magician. He finally summoned Magician to search for Fate and Oscar conceded the match immediately.

Dalton Bousman pulls out a blow out win in Games 2 and 3 thanks to some clutch Retort plays. This goes to show that game 1 is important, but the side deck is king. Dalton will move onto Top 8 to continue competing for the $1,500 prize!

Kalen Nelson
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