ARG Circuit Kits

Store Owners, Tournament Organizers & Club Organizations

If you are a store, a tournament organizer or have a TCG Club, Library or School any where in the world you are eligible to run one of our qualifer events. Players also interested in running their own organize play may also be eligible to host an ARG Circuit Qualifier which enters players into our 2014 $20,000 Circuit Championship. circuit championship logo simple

CQ's are designed to make you money, bringing excitement into your store or community.  CQ's also allow the players to qualify in the $20,oo0 Circuit Championship.  Bring more customers into your store and get a step up on your competitors by offering a new unique opportunity to win cash, product, exclusive materials for the Circuit Series only.

All qualifier events will be advertised on and and through our events calendar page, article site, Facebook Fan page and targeted social media posts and much more!


The ARG Circuit Series & Qualifiers lead up to the biggest event of the year, The ARG Circuit Championship!!!  Players will need to redeem 20 ARGCS Points to be able to enter the Circuit Championship.  Part of the prize pool of the event kits are actual collectible point token cards!  The more they collect the more they will earn!  100 ARGCS Points will get them one extra hour of sleep and a Round 1 bye, 200 ARGCS Points will get them 2 extra hours sleep and a 2-0 record in a $20,000 tournament heading into Round 3!

ARG Circuit Championship Points Tournament Kits contain playmats, deck boxes, pro-binders and token cards for your players.  Choose the event and kit that works best for you and all you have to do is meet the minimum prize requirement for that event kit.  You can even add some cash or product prizes to your prize pool or other creative ideas to make the perfect event.