ARG Circuit Series Atantic City: Top 8 Aaron Furman (Satellarknights) vs. Calvin Tahan (Burning Abyss)

Game 1

Calvin wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He sets two backrow, plays Supply Squad, then passes the turn. Aaron draws for turn, sets four backrow and passes the turn. Calvin sets one more backrow and passes. Aaron sets another backrow and passes. Calvin Normal Summons Tour Guide from the Underworld but Aaron responds with Breakthrough Skill.  Calvin chains Compulsory Evacuation Device but Aaron has Wiretap.

7000 (Aaron) - 8000 (Calvin)

Aaron Normal Summons Satellarknight Vega without effect.  He runs over Tour Guide from the Underworld.  During the End Phase Calvin discards Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to Karma Cut to banish Vega.  Aaron chains Vanity's Emptiness to stop Graff's effect.

7000 (Aaron) - 7800 (Calvin)

Calvin draws and passes without a play. Aaron sets a backrow and passes Calvin plays a Foolish Burial, sending Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to the grave.  During the End Phase he adds Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to his hand. Aaron Normal Summons Satellarknight Altair, swings and passes.

7000 (Aaron) - 6300 (Calvin)

Calvin activates a second Supply Squad, sets a monster, and passes the turn. Aaron passes without a play. Calvin sets a backrow and passes. Aaron Normal Summons Satellarknight Unukalhai but Calvin has Solemn Warning to stop the summon.

7000 (Aaron) - 4300 (Calvin)

Calvin sets a backrow and passes. Aaron draws and passes. Calvin discards Effect Veiler to Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to send Vanity's Emptiness to the top of Aaron's deck.  He then banishes Effect Veiler and Tour Guide for Black Luster Soldeir but Aaron negates the summon with SolemnWarning.  He then banishes Graff and BLS for Chaos Sorcerer.  Sorcerer attempts to banish Altair but Aaron flips up Battleguard Howling to bounce Chaos Sorcerer and burn Calvin.

5000 (Aaron) - 2000 (Calvin)

Aaron uses Reinforcement of the Army for Deneb to Normal Summon then add Altair to his hand.  He sets three and passes Calvin draws and passes. Aaron flips up Compulsory Evacuation Device on Calvin's set monster.  He then Normal Summons Altair and Calvin scoops up to lethal damage on the field.

Game 2


Calvin elects to go first and starts with a Special Summon of Graff.  He then Special Summons Cir from his hand and Xyz Summons for Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss.  He Normal Summons Tour Guide to get Scarm.  He then Xyz Summons for another Dante.  Dante discards Scarm and mills a BLS.  End Phase Scarm searches out another Tour Guide. Aaron draws for turn then Normal Summons Vega but Calvin has Veiler.  He sets one and passes. Calvin starts off by detaching Graff to activate Dante, miling Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force, Breakthrough Skill, and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.  Graff Special Summons Scarm from the deck.  He follows it up with a Foolish Burial on Cir to Special Summon Scarm from the grave.  He Xyz Summons for Ghostrick Alucard and Aaron concedes with a handful of monsters.

Game 3


Aaron elects to go first for Game 3.  He Normal Summons Deneb to add a copy of Altair to his hand.  A Pot of Duality reveals Chain Disappearance, Satellarknight Unukalhai, and Satellarknight Deneb, adding Chain Disappearance.  He sets three backrow and passes. Calvin activates Foolish Burial but Aaron chains Soul Drain in response, so Calvin just sends an Effect Veiler to the grave.  He sets two and passes.

7000 (Aaron) - 8000 (Calvin)

Aaron Normal Summons Vega without effect then swings out.  Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons Cairngorgon,Antiluminescent Knight.  He sets one more backrow and passes.

7000 (Aaron) - 5300 (Calvin)

Calvin sets one and passes. During Aaron's Standby Phase Calvin uses Compulsory Evacuation Device on Cairngorgon.  Aaron Normal Summons Altair but Calvin chains Vanity's Emptiness.

7000 (Aaron) - 3600 (Calvin) 

Calvin draws for turn, sets a monster and passes. Aaron Normal Summons Deneb to add another Altair to his hand.  Deneb runs into a set Scarm.

6500 (Aaron) - 3600 (Calvin)

Calvin draws an Allure of Darkness, kisses it, then prays to the luck gods for an out.  He banishes Caius the Shadow Monarch from his hand after drawing two cards.  He tributes Scarm for another Caius which is successfully summoned to banish Aaron's Soul Drain.  During Battle Phase, Caius runs over Deneb.  He sets one, and during the End Phase searches Tour Guide with Scarm.

5600 (Aaron) - 3600 (Calvin)

Aaron Normal Summons another Altair to bring back Deneb and search out the last copy of Altair.  He then Xyz Summons Cairngorgon, sets two backrow, and passes the turn. Calvin starts his turn by bemoaning his impending doom.  "You really are that good," he muses.  he banishes veiler and scarm for BLS but Aaron has Solemn Warning.  Caius attacks Cairngorgon but Aaron banishes it with Dimensional Prison.  MP2 CAlvin Normal Summons Tour Guide and Aaron chains Chain Disappearance.  Tour Guide brings out Scarm while Calvin banishes all of his Tour Guides.  He sets one backrow and passes.

3600 (Aaron) - 3600 (Calvin) 

Aaron goes to Battle Phase and has Cairngorgon run over Scarm then Altair connects directly.  He sets one backrow, and during the end phase Calvin adds Graff with Scarm's effect.

3600 (Aaron) - 1900 (Calvin)

Calvin uses Phoenix Wing Wind Blast dsicarding Graff to target Aaron's set Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.  Aaron declines to use Cairngorgon, letting SIM go to the top of his deck.  Graff resolves and brings out a Cir in attack mode from the deck.  Calvin then Normal Summons Scarm.  In open gamestate after the successful summon, Aaron activates Stygian Dirge.  Cir attacks Altair and calvin uses Forbidden Lance to run over it.  He passes without another play.

2900 (Aaron) - 1900 (Calvin) 

Aaron runs over Scarm.  Altair for Vega to Xyz Summon Gagaga Cowboy.  Calvin chains MST to try and see the last card.  Aaron flips up a second Stygian Dirge as Calvin offers the handshake.

Aaron advances to the Top 4!

Joe Soto