ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 1 Alistar Albans (Shaddoll) vs. Aaron Furman (Satellarknights)

Here we are in the wonderful Atlantic City, New Jersey for the ARG Circuit Series! 292 players means we will have nine rounds of swiss before a cut to Top 16.  Kicking things off in Round 1 we have a match featuring two ARG mainstays in Alistar Albans and Aaron Furman.  Both of these duelists are bringing one of the expected format juggernauts, who will come out on top in the clash between Light and Dark?

Game 1


8000 (Alistar) - 8000 (Aaron)

Aaron wins the die roll and goes first, using Reinforcement of the Army to search Satellarknight Deneb which gets Satellarknight Altair.  He sets three then passes.

AListar draws for turn and uses Upstart Goblin to dig one deeper.  He starts off with a Normal Summon of Armageddon Knight but is met with Aaron's Breakthrough Skill.  He responds with Book of Moon to try and let the effect go off but Aaron has the Stellarnova Alpha.  He sets two then passes back to Aaron.

8000 (Alistar) - 7600 (Aaron)

Normal summons lLtair to bring back Deneb to search out another Altair. Alistar has the Torrential Tribute but Aaron responds with Wiretap!  He sets one and passes.

7700 (Alistar) - 7600 (Aaron)

Alistar sets one monster and a backrow and passes.

Aaron normal summons Satellarknight Unukalhai to send Deneb to the grave.  Unuk attacks into Alistars set Shaddoll Hedgehog to grab a Shaddoll Fusion.  He uses Pot of Duality to grab another Stellarnova Alpha.  He sets two and passes.

4500 (Alistar) - 7600 (Aaron)

Alistar uses Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Squamata but Aaron responds with Stellarnova Alpha.  AListar uses Soul Charge for 3, bringing back Armageddon Knight, Hedgehog, and Squamata, having successfully baited out the Stellarnova ALpha.  Armageddon Knight sends Shaddoll Dragon to destroy Aaron's Battleguard Howling.  Alistar then uses Shaddoll Fusion sending Shaddoll Hedgehog and Squamata to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Winda.  Squamata sends Shaddoll Beast while Hedgehog searches out Shaddoll Falco with Beast netting him a card.  He then Normal Summons Falco to Special Summon Arcanite Magician to wipe Aaron's board.  He sets one and passes.

1500 (Alistar) - 7600 (Aaron)

Aaron Normal Summons Altair but is hit with a Breakthrough Skill.  He runs over Armageddon Knight, sets two, and passes

1200 (Alistar) - 7600 (Aaron)

Alistar starts with an Upstart Goblin to draw a card.  He then Normal Summons Kuribandit but Aaron has another Breakthrough Skill of his own.  He tributes Kuribandit then passes the turn.

1200 (Alistar) - 8600 (Aaron)

Aaron flips Compulsory Evacuation Device to bounce Arcanite Magician but Alistar has the Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to stop the lethal swing!  He sets one and passes.

Alistar draws his last card then scoops it up!  Unable to mount any kind of pressure Alistar folds to Aaron's Light knights.

Game 2


Alistar elects to go first in Game 2.  He sets a monster, sets two, then passes to Aaron.

Aaron Normal Summons Deneb but Alistar has the Light-Imprisoning Mirror.  Deneb swings but hits a Fire Hand!  Aaron sets three and passes.

Alistar starts with a Normal Summon of Shaddoll Dragon then proceeds to Battle Phase.  Ice Hand connects but Dragon is stopped by a Dimensional Prison.

8000 (Alistar) - 6600 (Aaron)

Aaron uses Reinforcement of the Army for Unukalhai which is then summoned.  He sets one and passes, but during the  End Phase Alistar's Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Shaddoll Beasts pins Aaron's new set.

Ice Hand crashes into Unukalhai but Aaron chains Stellarnova Alpha to stop the Special Summon.

7600 (Alistar) - 6600 (Aaron)

Aaron Normal Summons Altair, swings, sets two, then  passes over to Alistar.

5900 (Alistar) - 6600 (Aaron)

Alistar Normal Summons Armageddon Knight but Aaron once again has Breakthrough Skill!  He passes without another play.

Aaron's Altair runs over Armageddon Knight.

5600 (Alistar) - 6600 (Aaron)

Alistar sets Squamata then uses Super Polymerization to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct!  Squamata sends Dragon which hits Aaron's set Compulsory Evacuation Device to get rid of Construct!

Aaron uses another Reinforcement of the Army for Unukalhai which connects.

3800 (Alistar) - 6600 (Aaron)

Alistar sets one and passes.

Aaron swings, sets one and passes.

2000 (Alistar) - 6600 (Aaron)

Alistar uses Soul Charge but Aaron has the Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to stop the effect.  Out of options, Alistar offers the handshake in concession.

Aaron Furman leads Satellarknights off to a 1-0 start!

Joe Soto