ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 2 Jarred Randolph (Spellbooks) vs. Joe Giorlando

Here we are in Round 2 with two duelists who are no strangers to the Feature Match table, Jarred Randolph and ARG's own Joe Giorlando!  Jarred is continuing to pilot his beloved Spellbooks in the face of any adversity, while Joe is on the consistent Satellarknights.  Will old have what it takes to triumph over new?  We're about to find out!

Game 1


Joe wins the die roll and elects to go first.  A Pot of Duality for Reinforcement of the Army grabs Satellarknight Deneb which then gets Satellarknight Altair.  He sets four backrow and passes.

Jarred sets two backrow and passes back to Joe

Joe Normal Summons another Deneb which searches out another Altair.  The first Deneb is met with a Dimensional Prison upon attack.  The second Deneb swings but Jarred once again has Dimensional Prison although Joe responds with Wiretap to push the damage through.

6500 (Jarred) - 8000 (Joe)

Jarred draws for turn then activates Spellbook Library of the Crescent to search out Spellbook of the Master, Spellbook of Secrets, and Spellbook of Wisdom, adding Spellbook of Secrets.  Secrets searches out Master.  Jarred follows up with a Normal Summon of Justice of Prophecy.  In response to the summon, Joe chains Book of Moon to stop any further Spellbook effects.  He sets two and passes back to Joe.

Joe's Deneb runs over Justice, he sets one more backrow and passes back.

Jarred flips up Secrets to search out Spellbook Magician of Prophecy which is immediately summoned which then searches out Spellbook of Fate.  Master reveals Fate to copy Secrets and add Spellbook of Eternity to his hand.  He sets two and passes.

Joe Normal Summons Altair and Xyz Summons Constellar Omega.  In response to the attack, Jarred chains Spellbook of Fate.  In response, he chains Omega, then responds with Call of the Haunted on Deneb.  Fate turns Magician face down, and Deneb searches out an Altair.  Jarred searches Secrets with Magician.  He sets one then passes.

5000 (Jarred) - 8000 (Joe)

Jarred starts his turn with Secrets to search out Magician which is then summoned.  He grabs a copy of Spellbook of Power which is used on the Magician.  He attempts to swing at Deneb but is met with Joe's Dimensional Prison.  Jarred's seen enough and we move on to Game 2!

Jarred's crucial turn for Spellbook of Fate is shut down by Constellar Omega, carrying Joe to victory in Game 1.

Game 2


Jarred elects to be on the draw for Game 2.

Joe starts off with a Pot of Duality, revealing Deneb, Altair, and Stellarnova Alpha, grabbing Deneb to add Altair to his hand.  He sets two and passes.

Jarred draws for turn and uses Library of Crescent to search out Wisdom, Fate, and Secrets, adding Secrets.  Secrets is use to get Magician but is stopped by Joe's Stellarnova Alpha.  He activates The Grand Spellbook Tower, sets one, and passes.

Joe Normal Summons Altair to bring back Deneb and search Satellarknight Vega.  Altair connects, and in Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer to return Tower to Jarred's deck.

6300 (Jarred) - 8000 (Joe)

Jarred Normal Summons another Magician but is met with Joe's Solemn Warning!  He passes without another play.

6300 (Jarred) - 6000 (Joe)

Joe Normal Summons Vega to summon Altair which brings back Deneb to search another Altair.  The knights swing, then in Main Phase 2 he Xyz summons for Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk which banishes Library and Secrets from Jarred's grave.  It's equipped to Castel before he passes the turn.

3400 (Jarred) - 6000 (Joe)

Jarred flips up a set Library to search out Wisdom, Spellbook of Life, and Fate, adding Life.  A copy of Secrets grabs the last Magician which is stopped by another Stellarnova Alpha!  Life banishes Magician to bring back another Magician.  Master reveals Eternity and copies Secrets to add Fate to his hand.  He sets two and passes.

Joe Normal Summons Thunder King Rai-Oh, seemingly the last nail in the coffin.  Fate banishes Castel before it can attack, and Rai-Oh runs over Magician.

2000 (Jarred) - 6000 (Joe)

Jarred sets a monster and passes.

Joe Normal Summons Neo-Spacian Grand Mole to bounce Jarred's set monster and drop Jarred to a measly 100 LP!  Jarred concedes after seeing his last card.


Continually shut down by Stellarnova Alpha, Jarred is unable to get anything going as Joe takes Satellarknights to a 2-0 start!  Satellarknights are already starting off strong with a 4-0 record here at the Feature Match table.

Joe Soto