ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 3 James Lee (Shaddoll) vs. Jeffon Greene (Shaddoll)

Here we are in Round 3 and we finally get to bring you all a Shaddoll mirror match!  James Lee is running Shaddolls splashing Artifacts while Jeffon is using the White and Black dragons.  Shaddolls are highlighted by their ability to grind out a long game, so we'll get to see which variant can come out on top!

Game 1


Jeffon wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He sets one monster, two backrow and passes.

James draws for turn.  He sets three cards to his backrow along then passes back.

Main Phase 1 Jeffon flips up Shaddoll Hedgehog which is stopped by James' Breakthrough Skill.  He sets one backrow and swings with Hedgehog.  James responds with Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Moralltach.  Moralltach attempts to destroy Hedgehog but is stopped by Jeffon's own Breakthrough Skill.  He sets a monster and passes.

James draws for turn and starts off with a Shaddoll Fusion, sending Moralltach and Shaddoll Squamata to the grave to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct.  Construct sends Shaddoll Dragon while Squamata sends Shaddoll Beast.  Dragon destroys Jeffon's set Phoenix Wing Wind Blast while Beast draws James a card.  During Battle Phase, Jeffon chains Super Polymerization, discarding Creeping Darkness, to Construct's attack, letting him bring out his own Construct.  James' Breakthrough Skill stops Construct's send effect while Hedgehog adds Beast to Jeffon's hand.  James' Construct adds back Shaddoll Fusion.  He then sets one backrow and passes.

Jeffon's Construct connects directly.  Main Phase 2 he tribute summons Construct for a face down monster.

5200 (James) - 8000 (Jeffon)

James starts off his turn with a Soul Charge but is stopped by Jeffon's Solemn Warning.  He flips up an Allure of Darkess to draw two cards, banishing Caius the Shadow Monarch from his hand.  He then Normal Summons Mathematician, sending Shaddoll Falco to the graveyard, Special Summoning itself to the field.  James continues on and Special Summons Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning by banishing Moralltach and Squamata.  BLS banishes Jeffon's set Shaddoll Beast.  James sets one backrow and passes.

5200 (James) - 6000 (Jeffon)

Jeffon starts his turn off by flipping up his set Dragon, bouncing James' set Falco.  Dragon runs over Mathematician, letting James draw a card.  He sets one backrow and passes.

4800 (James) - 6000 (Jeffon)

BLS attacks over Dragon then attacks directly.  He sets a monster and passes back.  During the End Phase, Jeffon flips up Sinister Shadow Games to send Squamata which sends Falco.  On activation of Falco's effect, James flips up a set Vanity's Emptiness to stop the Special Summon.

4800 (James) - 1900 (Jeffon)

Jeffon draws, sets, and passes.

James swings with BLS but is stopped by Compulsory Evacuation Device!  He sets a monster and a backrow and passes back.
Jeffon sets a backrow and passes.

James flips up a set Artifact Ignition to destroy Jeffon's set Book of Moon.  That's all Jeffon has to see for him to scoop it up and move on to Game 2

Game 2

Jeffon elects to go first for Game 2.  He sets one backrow and a monster before sending it over to James.

James Normal Summons Mathematician to send Squamata which sends Beast.  He sets three backrow then passes.

Jeffon draws for turn, sets one backrow and ends.

James sets a monster and a backrow before passing back to Jeffon.

Jeffon Normal Summons his own Mathematician but is stopped by James' Solemn Warning.  During the End Phase, James flips up Sinister Shadow Games, sending Shaddoll Falco while flipping up his set Hedgehog.  Hedgehog adds Shaddoll Fusion while Falco Special Summons itself facedown.

6000 (James) - 8000 (Jeffon) 

James flips up Falco to bring back Beast facedown.  Falco and Hedgehog Synchro Summon for Armades, Keeper of Boundaries.  Upon entering Battle Phase, Jeffon activates Super Polymerization, discarding Black Dragon Collapserpent to get rid of Armades and his own Falco.  Falco brings itself back while Construct sends Beast to draw Jeffon a card.  Main Phase 2 James uses Shaddoll Fusion to send Dragon and Beast to the grave to Fusion Summon Winda.  Dragon destroys Jeffon's set Breakthrough Skill while Beast draws him a card.  He sets two to his backrow then passes.

Jeffon uses Mind Control to target James' set Beast.  In response, James uses Super Polymerization on Jeffon's Construct and his own set Beast, discarding Shaddoll Dragon to bring out a copy of Construct which Jeffon stops with Breakthrough Skillto the effect.  Jeffon continues on and Special Summons Dark Armed Dragon which tries to destroy Construct but James has another Breakthrough Skill!  DAD runs over Mathematician.  Main Phase 2 he tributes DAD for a set card.  He sets one and passes.  End Phase James' Mystical Space Typhoon destroys Jeffon's Malevolent Catastrophe.

4700 (James) - 8000 (Jeffon)

James start with a tribute summon of his Construct for Caius, banishing Jeffon's Beast.  He sets one and passes.

4700 (James) - 2400 (Jeffon)

Jeffon sees his last card and scoops it up, unable to deal with James' board.

James is able to gain consistent advantage which is just too much for Jeffon to deal with.  James is undefeated with Shaddolls!


Joe Soto