ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 5 Tej Trivedi (Shaddoll) vs. James Lee (Shaddoll)

Back from Italy and fresh off a showing at the 2014 World Championships is Tej Trivedi piloting Shaddolls.  His opponent is James Lee, a duelist we featured earlier in the tournament also running Shaddolls.  Once again, both duelists are running different Shaddoll variants.  Artifacts are believed to be weaker in the mirror match because of Moralltach's limited uses, but can James overcome this weakness to take down one our latest North American representatives?

Game 1


Tej wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He starts by setting three then passing.

James begins his turn by setting a monster and three backrow.  During the End Phase, Tej activates Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Squamata which sends Shaddoll Falco which summons itself facedown.

Tej flips up his set Falco to bring back Squamata facedown.  He then activates Foolish Burial, sending Shaddoll Hedgehog to add Shaddoll Dragon to his hand.  He then Normal Summons Dragon.  Falco attacks James' set Hedgehog, netting him a Shaddoll Fusion.  He passes without any further play.

8000 (Tej) - 6100 (James)

James draws for turn and immediately goes into the tank.  He starts with a Soul Charge to bring back Shaddoll Hedgehog.  He then attempts to activate Shaddoll Fusion but Tej has the Vanity's Emptiness.  James keeps the chain going and uses Artifact Ignition to destroy the Emptiness and set an Artifact Moralltach from his deck.  Shaddoll Fusion resolves and sends Falco and Hedgehog to the grave to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Winda.  Falco summons itself facedown and Hedgehog adds a Beast to his hand.  James tributes Winda for a set monster, adding Shaddoll Fusion back to his hand before passing the turn.

8000 (Tej) - 5100 (James)

Tej starts his turn by flipping up Squamata, targeting James' set Falco.  James responds with a Sinister Shadow Games, sending Dragon to the grave while flipping up Falco.  Squamata resolves to destroy Falco.  James' Dragon destroys his set Moralltach while Falco summons itself because it was destroyed.  Tej however has a Solemn Warning to stop the Moralltach summon.  Tej runs over James' Beast which discards Shaddoll Fusion after drawing two cards.  Tej sets one before passing the turn.

6000 (Tej) - 4500 (James)

James sets two cards and passes the turn.

Tej Normal Summons Armageddon Knight, sending Beast to the grave to draw him a card.  During Battle Phase, James uses Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon a Moralltach which destroys Tej's Armageddon Knight.  After it resolves, Tej uses Compulosry Evacuation Device to bounce Moralltach back to James' hand.  Tej passes without any further play.

6000 (Tej) - 200 (James)

James begins with a Shaddoll Fusion, sending Moralltach and Beast from his hand to Special Summon El Shaddoll Construct.  Construct sends Squamata while Beast draws James a card.  Squamata then sends Hedgehog to the grave, adding Dragon to his hand.  He Normal Summons Dragon, then runs over Dragon with Construct and Falco with Dragon.  James sets one and passes.

3800 (Tej) - 200 (James)

Tej draws for turn then summons Effect Veiler and James responds with Vanity's Emptiness.  He turns Squamata to defense, sets one and passes the turn.

James Main Phase 1 he uses Artifact Sanctum to blow up Tej's set SHaddoll Fusion to set a Moralltach.  He then Normal Summons Mathematician, sending Hedgehog to add Falco to his hand.  Mathematician runs over Squamata and the rest of the monsters attack for game!

James is able to claw back from 200 LP on the back of a timely Shaddoll Fusion and Vanity's Emptiness to lock Tej out of the game!

Game 2


Tej starts off by setting a monster and three backrow before passing.

James starts off with Mathematician, sending Squamata which sends Beast to draw him a card.  Mathematician runs over Tej's set Hedgehog, adding Shaddoll Fusion to his hand.  James sets four before passing the turn.  End Phase Tej uses Sinister Shadow Games, sending Squamata to send Falco which summons itself facedown.

Tej draws for turn then flips up Falco to summon Hedgehog facedown.  He then uses Shaddoll Fusion, sending Hedgehog and Falco to grave to Fusion Summon Winda, with Hedgehog adding Dragon to his hand.  During Battle, James responds with Compulsory Evacuation Device on Winda.  He sets one more to his backrow then Normal Summons Shaddoll Dragon before passing to James.  During the End Phase, James uses Sinister Shadow Games to send Hedgehog and add Dragon to his hand.

James begins his turn by setting a monster then flipping up Super Polymerization!  He discards Squamata then fuses his set Dragon and Tej's Dragon for Winda.  James's Dragon targets James's set Mystical Space Typhoon while James' Dragon targets Tej's set Compulsory Evacuation Device.  James' Mystical Space Typhoon destroys Tej's own Super Polymerization while Compulse bounces James' Winda.

6500 (Tej) - 8000 (James)

Tej sets one and passes.

James swings then sets a backrow.  During the End Phase his newly set MST is hit by Tej's MST.

5000 (Tej) - 8000 (James)

Tej sets a monster and passes.

James swings with Mathematician over Tej's set Hedgehog.  He sets one and passes.

Tej sets another backrow and passes back to James.

3500 (Tej) - 8000 ( James)

Tej sets a backrow then passes to James.

James swings again, sets a backrow and passes.

2000 (Tej)  - 8000 (James)

Tej sets one more card to his backrow and ends his turn.

James swings again, sets one and passes.

500 (Tej) - 8000 (James)

Tej sets yet another card then ships it over to James.  During the End Phase, James uses Sinister Shadow Games to send Dragon and destroy Tej's newly set Sinister Shadow Games.

James draws and Mathematician finally connects  for lethal!

Tej is unable to draw any kind of defense as he sits on dead copies of Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell and Caius the Shadow Monarch.  James Lee continues on undefeated!


Joe Soto