ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 7 Jarrid Centamore (Infernity) vs. Michael Stibbins (Shaddoll)

We're in the homestretch here in Round 7.  This match we get to feature two X-2 duelists fighting for their tournament lives.  Jarrid Centamore is running the boogeyman of last month's format, Unfairnities, while Michael Stibbins has chosen to command the Dark Shaddolls to do his bidding!  A clash of old and new Dark decks is about to commence!

Game 1


Jarrid wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He sets four and passes the turn.

Michael sets three backrow and passes.  End Phase Jarrid's Mystical Space Typhoon hits Michael's set Vanity's Emptiness.  Still in End Phase, Jarrid uses Infernity Inferno to discard Infernity Necromancer to send Infernity Archfiend to the grave.

Jarrid draws, sets, then flips up Soul Charge to bring back Necromancer.  Necromancer gets Archfiend to search out Infernity Avenger which is then Normal Summoned.  He Synchro Summons for Void Ogre Dragon.

Michael draws for turn, sets a monster and passes.

Jarrid Normal Summons Necromancer then brings back Archfiend to search out Infernity Launcher.  Launcher is then activated to bring back Necromancer and Avenger.  He then Synchro Summons another Void Ogre Dragon.  Necromancer brings back Archfiend to search Infernity Barrier.  Once Barrier goes to his hand Michael uses Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Squamata which sends Shaddoll Dragon to grave to destroy a set Foolish Burial of Jarrid's.  He sets Barrier then moves to Batltle Phase.  Archfiend runs over Shaddoll Hedgehog to add Shaddoll Fusion to his hand.

7000 (Jarrid)- 2000 (Michael)

Michael starts with a Dark Armed Dragon but Jarrid has the Solemn Warning!  Michael has seen enough and decides to move on to Game 2.

Jarrid's Void Ogre Dragons are able to put a stranglehold on Michael's options, and a Solemn Warning seals the deal.

Game 2

Michael elects to go first for Game 2. He sets four to his backrow and passes the turn.

Jarrid starts off with a Reinforcement of the Army to get Armageddon Knight which is summoned to send Stygian Street Patrol to the grave.  He then sets three backrow and passes his turn.  End Phase Michael uses Sinister Shadow Games to send Squamata and Dragon, destroying Jarrid's set Foolish Burial.

8000 (Jarrid) - 6600 (Michael)

Michael Normal Summons Squamata and swings over Armageddon Knight.  End Phase Jarrid uses Infernity Inferno to discard Necromancer and Archfiend, sending Avenger and another Necromancer to the grave.  Still in End Phase his MST hits Jarrid's set Infernity Barrier.

7600 (Jarrid) - 6600 (Michael)

Jarrid draws sets passes.  During the End Phase Sinister Shadow Games for Dragon to hit Jarrid's set MST.

Michael swings then passes.

5800 - 6600

Jarrid draws, sets, and passes.

Michael swings and sets before passing his turn.

4000 (Jarrid) - 6600 (Michael)

Michael swings then passes.

2200 (Jarrid) - 6600 (Michael)

Jarrid draws then uses Night Beam on Michaels set Chain Disappearance.  He sets one and passes.

Michael swings and passes.

400 (Jarrid) - 6600 (Michael)

Jarrid draws, sets, and passes.

Michael attempts to attack for game but Jarrid uses Call of the Haunted on Archfiend.  Michael chains Vanity's Emptiness but Jarrid has Infernity Break to destroy it.  Archfiend adds Infernity Mirage to Jarrid's hand.  Main Phase 2 Michael summons Dark Armed Dragon!  DAD destroys Jarrid's set Inferno and his Archfiend.

Jarrid draws and sets.  He then Normal Summons Infernity Mirage but Michael has another Chain Disappearance to end the game!  We're going to a deciding Game 3!

Game 3

Jarrid decides to go first for Game 3, a great advantage for any Infernity duelist.  He starts with a set monster and three backrow.

Michael uses Reinforcement of the Army to get Armageddon Knight which is then Normal Summoned to send Squamata then Dragon to the grave, hitting Jarrid's set Infernity Barrier.  He sets three and passes.

Jarrid draws for turn then Normal Summons Infernity Archfiend.  Archfiend runs over Armageddon Knight.  DUring the End Phase, Michael flips Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Beast to the grave to draw him a card.

8000 (Jarrid) - 7600 (Michael)

Michael Normal Summons Squamata.  He then uses Super Polymerization, discarding Chain Disappearance to fuse for El Shaddoll Winda.  Squamata then sends Falco to the grave which summons itself facedown.  End Phase Jarrid uses Call of the Haunted but Michael has Mystical Space Typhoon to stop it.

Jarrid draws, sets, and passes.

Michael draws then connects with Winda.  He then flips up Falco to bring back Beast facedown.  He sets one and passes.

5800 (Jarrid) - 7600 (Michael)

During Standby Phase, Jarrid uses De-Fusion on Winda.  He then flips up Infernity Launcher to bring back Archfiend and Avenger.  Michael flips Vanitys in reponse but Jarrid has an Infernity Break.  On the summon, Michael uses Chain disappearance on Infernity Avenger.  Archfiend adds Necromancer to his hand.  He then uses Insant Fusion to Special Summon Darkfire Dragon then Xyz Summons Lavalval Chain which sends Stygian Street Patrol to the grave.  He  Normal Summons Necromancer to bring Archfiend to search Archfiend.  Stygian Special Summons Archfiend which searches another necromancer.  He then Xyz summons another lavalval chain to send stygian.  he uses stygian to special Necromancer to bring back archfiend which searches out Infernity Break.  He then Xyz Summons Leviair the Sea Dragon to Special Summon back Stygian Street Patrol.  Stygian runs over Falco and ARchfiend runs over Beast.  Beast discards Dragon to destroy Jarrid's set Infernity Break.  Main Phase 2 Jarrid Xyz Summons Key Beetle on Lavalval Chain.

4800 (Jarrid) - 1000 (Michael)

Michael uses Allure of Darkness for a miracle draw but is unable to find anything.

Jarrid's Infernities are able to power through Michael's defenses and keep his tournament hopes alive at X-2!

Joe Soto