ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Top 4 Garyd Boyd (Shaddoll) vs. Aaron Furman (Satellarknights)

Game 1

Aaron wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He Normal Summon Satellarknight Deneb to add Satellarknight Altair to his hand.  He sets three and passes.

Garyd draws for turn, sets four to his backrow and passes back to Aaron.

Deneb attacks but Garyd chains Artifact Sanctum but Aaron has Vanity's Emptiness to shut it down. He sets one more backrow and passes.

6500 (Garyd) - 8000 (Aaron)

Garyd sets one monster and passes.

Aaron uses Pot of Duality to reveal Satellarknight Unukalhai, Satelarknight vega, and Stellarnova Alpha, adding Alpha.  Deneb runs over Shaddoll Hedgehog which gets Garyd a Shaddoll Fusion.  Aaron sets one and passes.

Garyd Normal Summon Shaddoll Squamata then chains Torrential Tribute but Aaron chains Alpha.  Garyd then activates Shaddoll Fusion, sending Felis, Lightsworn Archer and Shaddoll Beast from the hand to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct.  In response, Aaron chains Call of the Haunted on Deneb.  Construct sends Falco to the grave while Beast draws Garyd a card.  In response to Deneb, Garyd chains Breakthrough Skill while Falco summons itself facedown.  Aaron Compulses construct in battle.  Garyd sets one and ends.

6500 (Garyd) - 7700 (Aaron)

Aaron flips up Reinforcement of the Army to add Vega to his hand.  He Normal Summons Vega to Special Summon Altair to bring back Deneb and add another Vega to his hand.  He then Xyz Summons Stellarknight Delteros and uses its effect to destroy Garyd's set Moralltach which activates and destroys Delteros.  Delteros brings out Unukalhai from the deck to send Deneb to the grave.  He then crashes into Squamata with Unukalhai.  He sets one and passes

Flips up Falco to summon Beast facedown.  During Battle Phase, Aaron uses Call on Delteros.  MP2 Moralltach to defense and he passes

Normal Summon Vega to bring out Altair to bring back Deneb which adds Altair to the hand.  Vega runs over Falco while Altair runs over Moralltach.  Delteros destroys Beast which draws Garyd two cards.  He discards Beast to destroy Aaron's set Wiretap.  Main Phase 2 Aaron Xyz Summons Daigusto Emeral to send back two copies of Altair and Vega to draw a card.  He sets one and passes.

5900 (Garyd) - 7700 (Aaron)

Allure of Darkness draws two cards and banishes Squamata.  He sets two backrow and a monster and passes.

Aaron draws for turn then Normal Summons Unukalhai to send Deneb to the grave.  Emeral then sends back Unukalhai, Vega, and Deneb back to the deck to draw himself another card.  During Battle Phase, Deneb attacks Garyd's set monster but Garyd chains Sinister Shadow Games in response.  Aaron uses Stellarnova Alpha to negate.  Unukalhai goes to attack but Garyd chains Sanctum to bring out Moralltach to destroy Delteros.  Delteros brings out Altair from the deck which summons Delteros from the grave in defense.  Unukalhai runs over Falco which brings back Beast facedown.  Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons Diamond Dire Wolf which pops Beast to draw Garyd a card.  He sets two backrow and passes.

Garyd uses Shaddoll Fusion to send Hedgehog and Dragon to the grave to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Winda.  Dragon destroys Aaron's MST which hits Garyd's set Beagalltach while Hedgehog grabs Garyd another copy of Dragon.  He Normal Summons Dragon which then runs over Emeral.  Winda attacks over Delteros which grabs Unukalhai from the deck to send Deneb to the grave.  Moralltach destroys Unukalhai.  End Phase MST hits Sinister Shadow Games.

5900 (Garyd) - 7600 (Aaron)

Aaron kicks things off with a Soul Charge for Delteros and Deneb, adding Vega to his hand.  He sets one amd passes the turn.

5900 (Garyd)  - 5600 (Aaron)

Garyd Normal Summons Mathematician to send another copy of Mathematician to the grave.  During Battle Phase, Mathematician runs over Deneb.  Main Phase 2 he sets Dragon to defense then passes.

Aaron draws for turn then runs over Winda with Delteros which nets Garyd a Shaddoll Fusion.  MP2 Normal Summon Vega to get Altair to bring back Deneb to search another Altair.  He then Xyz Summons another Stellarknight Delteros which destroys Mathematician.

5600 (Garyd) - 5600 (Aaron) 

Garyd tries to use Shaddoll Fusion but Aaron flips Solemn Warning.  Garyd tributes Moralltach for a set monster then passes.

5600 (Garyd) - 3600 (Aaron) 

Deteros destroys BEast to draw Garyd a card.  Aaron Normal Summons Altair to bring back Deneb to search an Unukalhai.  All attack then Aaron makes Gagaga Cowboy Main Phase 2 for game.

Game 2


Garyd elects to go first game 2 and Normal Summons Mathematician to send Squamata to grave which sends Beast to draw him a card.  He then uses Shaddoll Fusion, sending Hedgehog and Squamata to bring out Winda, with Hedgehog adding Falco to his hand.  He sets one backrow and passes.

Aaron draws for turn, sets five backrow and passes the turn.

Garyd swings with Mathematician, sets one monster and passes.

8000 (Garyd) - 6500 (Aaron)

Aaron Normal Summons Deneb but Garyd responds with Solemn Warning.  Aaron however has the Wiretap to save his Deneb.  Deneb then adds Altair to his hand. Deneb then runs over Falco but not before Aaron chains Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

6000 (Garyd) - 6500 (Aaron)

Garyd Normal Summons Falco then Synchro Summons Armades, Keeper of Boundaries.  Aramdes swings over Deneb then he passes without another play.  During he End Phase, Aaron uses Call of the Haunted on Deneb which adds a copy of Vega to his hand.

6000 (Garyd) - 5700 (Aaron)

Aaron uses Compulsory Evacuation Device on Winda.  He then Normal Summons Vega and Garyd chains Maxx "C".  Vega brings out altair.  He then Xyz summons Delteros which destroys Armades.  He sets one backrow and passes.

3500 (Garyd)  - 5700 (Aaron)

Garyd Special Summons Black Luster Soldier, banishing Armades and Squamata.  When Garyd tries to use the effect, Aaron chains Stellarnova Alpha, tributing Delteros.  Delteros brings out Altair to grab back Deneb which lets him search another Altair.  Garyd sets three and passes.

Aaron Normal Summons Deneb and Garyd chains And the Band Played On.  EP hiuts warning

300 (Garyd) - 5700 (Aaron)

Normal Summon Dragon to run over Deneb.

300 (Garyd) - 5300 (Aaron)

Aaron turns Altair to defense, sets a card and passes.

Dragon swings on Altair but Aaron has Dimensional Prison.  Out of options, Garyd offers the handshakes.

Aaron succeeds in a 2-0 victory as he takes Satellarknights to the finals!


Joe Soto