ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Grand Finals Sehabi Kheireddine (Mermails) vs. Larry Musgrove (Karakuri Geargia)

It all comes down to this everyone.! We have finally come to the conclusion of our Inaugural Alter Reality Games Circuit Series 20k Championship. This has been a year in the making and promises to be the first of many Championships.  A huge thank you to all of the players, supporters, venues, judges, event staff,  and especially Jim McMahan and Brad Hoisington. Without everyone working together this would have never come to fruition. I must say that we have a bright future within this game and it's all thanks to everyone who has supported us. Without further ado let me introduce our finalists. First we have Larry Musgrove from Cincinnati, OH playing Geargiakuri who we have featured multiple times over this weekend. Next we have his opponent Sehabi Kheireddine from Montreal, Quebec playing Mermail who will be a Worlds competitor in two weeks. Who will be able to take the Finals of our ARG Circuit Series Championship? Let's jump right into the match!


Game 1

Sehabi wins the roll and elects to go second.

Larry starts with a set monster and two back row

Sehabi Normal Summons Genex Undine to send Atlantean Marksman to the grave and add Genex Controller to his hand. Marksman destroys Larry's set Geargiarmor.  He then uses Upstart Goblin to draw one.  Genex Undine connects, then he sets two and passes

8000 (Sehabi) - 7800 (Larry)

Larry passes with no play.

Sehabi Normal Summons Controller then swings out.  Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons Ghostrick Alucard to set off Larry's Fiendish Chain.

8000 (Sehabi) - 5200 (Larry)

Larry sets a monster and passes.

Sehabi discards Atlantean Heavy Infantry along with Tidal for Tidal's effect to send Genex Undine to the graveyard.  Heavy Infantry destroys the Fiendish CHain.  He then uses Alucard to destroy a set Karakuri Strategist.  He then Normal Summons ABysslinde and swings out.  

8000 (Sehabi) - 1900 (Larry)

Larry sets a monster and a back row and passes

Sehabi Normal Summons Genex Undine then chains Torrential Tribute.  Larry chains Maxx “C” to Abysslinde’s effect.  Abysslinde summons Mermail Abyssleed in attack.  He Special Summons Tidal and attacks for game!

Game 2

Larry elects ot play Game 1.  Normal Summons Geargiarsenal to grab Geargiarmor , sets it, then sets three backrow.

Sehabi Normal Summons Genex Undine to send Atlantean Marksman to the grave and adds Genex Controller to his hand.  Marksman once again destroys Geargiarmor.  He sets one then ends his turn.  During the End Phase Larry's Mystical Space Typhoon hits Sehabi's Mystical Space Typhoon.

8000 (Sehabi) - 6800 (Larry)

Larry runs over Genex Undine with Geargiarsenal then uses it to get another Geargiarmor which he flips face down.

7500 (Sehabi) - 6800 (Larry)

Sehabi Normal Summons ANOTHER Genex Undine to send Atlantean Dragoons while adding Abyssmegalo and Genex Controller to his hand.  He sends Marksman and Linde for Megalo, larry chains bottomless.  Marksman kills Geargiarmor while Sehabi adds an Abyss-sphere to his hand.  He sets one then passes.  Larry's Mystical Space Typhoon hits sphere again

7500 (Sehabi) - 5600 (Larry)

Larry sets two and passes.

Sehabi Normal Summons Genex Controller  and swings.  Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons Ghostrick Alucard.  Alucard destroys Larry's 3rd Mystical Space Typhoon.

7500 (Sehabi) - 3000 (Larry)

Larry draws sets passes.

Sehabi uses Alucard but Larry has Fiendish Chain.  Sehabi Normal Summons Genex Controller and pushes for game!

After a quick 2-0 we're going to a potential final Game 3!

Game 3

Larry sets a monster and a backrow.

Sehabi Mystical Space Typhoon's Rivalry of Warlords.  Abysspike ditches Dragoons to add Abyssmegalo and Marksman to his hand.  Mind Control is used and when Sehabi flips Geargiarmor Larry chains Maxx "C".  He then Xyz Summons for Lavalval Chain, using its effect to send Tidal to the grave.  He sets one and ends.

8000 (Sahabi) - 6200 (Larry)

Larry sets two and passes.  Heading to End Phase, Sehabi uses Abysss-sphere and Larry chains Maxx "C".  Sphere gets Abysslinde and Abysslinde gets Abysspike.  Abysspike discards Marksman to add Mermail Abyssgunde.  Marksman hits Larry's set Dark Hole.

Main Phase 1 Sehabi uses Lavalval Chain to stack Abyssteus.  He then ditches Abyssgunde and Marksman for Abyssmegalo.  adds sphere.  Abyssgunde brings back Abysslinde.  He Special Summons Tidal then attacks for game!

On the back foot for three back-to-back games, Larry is unable to mount any kind of offense as Sahabi's Atlanteans steamroll through all of his set cards.

Sehabi Kheireddine is the ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k Champion!

Joe Soto