ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 2 Alyx Lisgathe (HAT) vs. Roman Welden (HAT)

We're already in Round 2 and we have a HAT mirror match featuring your 2014 ARG Player's Champion, Alyx Lisgathe!  He's decided to forgo the Spellbooks that gave him victory yesterday in favor of the format saturating HAT.  Roman Welden is also bringing HAT to the table.  We're about to see which duelists's HAT variant is the finest!

Alyx wins the die roll and decides to go first.  He Normal Summons Kuribdandit and sets three, and during the End Phase excavates Compulsory Evacuation Device, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, Artifact Beagalltach, Artifact Sanctum, and Artifact Ignition, adding Artifact Sanctum.

Roman begins and Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo to search Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare.  He sets three then passes.  During the End Phase Alyx uses Double Cyclone on his set Moralltach, destroying Roman's set Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

6400 (Alyx) - 8000 (Roman)

Alyx immediately moves to battle phase and swings with Moralltach.  In response, Roman chains Sanctum to Special Summon Moralltach to destroy Alyx’s moralltach.  Main Phase 2 he Normal Summons Kuribandit then sets one, excavating Soul Charge, Dark Hole, Beagalltach, Book of Moon, Sanctum, adding Soul Charge in the End Phase.

Roman Normal Summons another Myrmeleo to search out Bottomless Trap Hole.  During Battle Phase Alyx activates Artifact Ignition to destroy Roman’s Fiendish Chain and setting Moralltach.  Alyx then activates Sanctum to Special Summon Moralltach to destroy Roman’s Moralltach.  

Alyx Normal Summons Myrmeleo and searches Bottomless Trap Hole.  Moralltach attacks Myrmeleo and attacks direct.  He then sets two and ends.

6400 (Alyx) - 5900 (Roman)

Roman Normal Summons Ice Hand and crashes into Myrmeleo, destroying Bottomless Trap Hole and Special Sumoning Fire Hand.  Fire Hand then crashes into Moralltach to destroy Moralltach and bring out Ice Hand.  Ice Hand smashes into Myrmeleo and brings out Fire hand.  He then sets one and passes.

6400 (Alyx) - 5200 (Roman)

Alyx crashes Myrmeleo into Fire Hand then passes.

Roman draws, sets, passes

Alyx draws, sets, passes.

Roman Soul Charges for two Myrmeleo.  Alyx responds with Call of the Haunted but Roman has Wiretap to stop it, and the second Myrmeleo destroys Alyx’s set Fiendish Chain.  Roman passes without an Xyz play.

6400 (Alyx) - 3200 (Roman)

Alyx draws for turn and Soul Charges for two Beagalltach and a Myrmeleo.  Myrmeleo destroys Roman’s set Moralltach which destroys one of the Beagalltach.  Alyx passes.

3400 (Alyx) - 3200 (Roman)

Roman overlays both Myrmeleo for Diamond Dire Wolf but Alyx has a Fiendish Chain.  Roman then Soul Charges for Artifact Moralltach.  He then Xyz Summons for Constellar Pleiades and passes.

3400 (Alyx) - 2200 (Roman)

Alyx draws, sets, passes

Roman's Pleiades runs over Myrmeleo then he passes.

Alyx Normal Summons Traptrix Dionaea to bring back Myrmeleo and destroys Roman’s Bottomless Trap Hole.  Xyz summon for Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight.  Runs over Diamond Dire Wolf.  

3400 (Alyx) - 1750 (Roman)

Plediades attacks over Cairngorgon, sets one and passes

3350 (Alyx) - 1750 (Roman)

Alyx Normal Summons another DIonaea to bring back another Dionaea.  He then Xyz summons Evilswarm Exciton Knight.  Alyx then activates Exciton, forcing Roman to respond with Plediades, bouncing his set Torrential Tribute.  The Exciton however hits a set Beagalltach, Moralltach, and Artifact Sanctum of Roman and that advantage is just too much for Alyx so he decides to scoop.  Roman apologizes for not ending the game sooner in spite of his great draws.  Alyx laughs it off as they dig into their Side Deck.

Game 2

Alyx uses Pot of Duality for another Pot of Duality, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, and Myrmeleo, adding Myrmeleo.  Myrmeleo searches Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare then he sets four and passes.

Roman Normal Summons Myrmeleo but is met with a Solemn Warning.  He then sets three and passes.

6000 (Alyx) - 8000 (Roman)

Alyx Duality's again for Myrmeleo, Beagalltach, and Torrential Tribute, adding Myrmeleo again.  Myrmeleo searches Deep Dark Trap Hole then he sets and passes the turn.

6000 (Alyx) - 4800 (Roman)

Roman Normal Summons Ice Hand and crashes it into a Myrmeleo, hitting Alyx’s set Moralltach and bringing out Fire Hand.  Moralltach destroys Fire Hand to let Roman bring out another Ice Hand and destroy a Myrmeleo.  He crashes Ice Hand into Myrmeleo to destroy Alyx’s set Artifact Ignition and brings out the last Fire hand to crash into Myrmeleo which destroys Alyx’s Moralltach, wiping the board clear of monsters.

6000 (Alyx) - 4400 (Roman)

Alyx draws, sets one, and passes.

Roman Normal Summons Kuribandit.  Alyx responds with Artifact Sanctum on Moralltach, but Roman has Fiendish Chain.  End Phase Kuribandit excavates Kuribandit, Moralltach, Sanctum, Torrential Tribute, and Xing Zhen Hu, adding Xing Zhen Hu

Alyx Normal Summon Myrmeleo.  During Battle, he’s met with a Sanctum by Roman to bring out Moralltach but Alyx uses Traptrix Trap Hole to stop it.

6000 (Alyx) - 2800 (Roman)

Roman uses Ignition of Alyx’s set deep dark trap hole and searches and sets Beagalltach.  He then Soul Charges for two copies of Moralltach but Alyx D.D. Crow’s one of them.  Roman sets two and passes the turn

6000 (Alyx) - 1800 (Roman)

Alyx sets one and turns his myrmeleo to defense and passes.  During End Phase, Roman uses Artifact Sanctum to bring out a Moralltach and destroy the Myrmeleo.  Still in end phase he actives Xing Zhen Hu on Alyx’s backrow and set Beagalltach.

Roman Xyz summons Number 61: Volcasaurus and destroys Alyx’s Moralltach while burning him for 2100.  He then overlays for Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger and passes the turn.

3900 (Alyx) - 1800 (Roman)

Alyx draws, sets a monster and a backrow, and passes.  

Roman draws for turn, summons dionaea.  Alyx has the Breakthrough Skill but it can’t stop the attacks so he offers the handshake.

Roman is able to take down the ARG Player's Champion and moves on undefeated after a grueling HAT mirror match!

Joe Soto