ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 5 Nizar Sarhan (Mythic Rulers) vs. Ned Salkovitch (KAT)

Ned won the die roll and goes first.  Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo to search out Bottomless Trap Hole.  He then uses Pot of Duality, revealing Artifact Ignition,Wiretap, and Breakthrough Skill, adding Ignition.  He sets two and passes.

Nizar starts off his turn with Trade-In to discard Blue-Eyes White Dragon to draw two.  He follows with a Cards of Consonance to ditch Flamvell Guard.  A Sacred Sword of Seven Stars banishes Redox to search Mythic Tree Dragon.  He uses another Trade-in for another Blue-Eyes.  An Upstart Goblin digs him one card deeper.  He then Normal Summons Mythic Tree Dragon, then Special Summons Mythic Water Dragon.  He then Xyz Summons Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand.  A Dragon Shrine sends Flamvell Guard and Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the grave.  Nizar Special Summons Blaster by banishing Flamvell Guard and Blue-Eyes White Dragon.  Felgrand and Blaster swing, and he sets three and passes to Ned.

8000 (Nizar) - 5000 (Ned)

Ned Normal Summons Traptrix Dionaea but Nizar chains Felgrand to negate.  Ned passes. End Phase Blaster returns to Nizar’s hand.

Nizar draws for turn then banishes Mythic Water Dragon and Flamvell Guard for Blaster.  Ned chains Bottomless Trap Hole but Nizar chains Felgrand on Blaster.  Nizar Burial from a Different Dimensions back Redox, Mythic Water, and Guard.  He Special Summons Redox by banishing Mythic Tree and Mythic Water.  That’s enough damage to finish off Ned and we move on to Game 2!

Nizars Felgrand sticks on the field and ensures his victory in the first game.

Game 2

Ned’s Pot of Duality reveals Soul Charge, Traptrix Myrmeleo, and Solemn Warning, adding Myrmeleo which is then Normal Summoned to add Bottomless Trap Hole.  he sets four and passes.

Nizar draws, sets a monster, then passes the turn.

Ned Normal Summons Dionaea then Xyz Summons for Abyss Dweller.  He activates Dweller then runs over White Stone of Legend.

Nizar uses Cards of Consonance to discard White Stone, Ned chains Dweller.  He sets one monster, one backrow, then passes the turn.  End Phase Ignition on the set to search out Moralltach.  Still in End Phase, Ned uses Sanctum to get Beagalltach to hit his newly set Moralltach.

Ned overlays at the start of his turn for Constellar Pleiades.  He bounces Nizar’s set monster then swings.

3800 (Nizar) - 8000 (Ned)

Nizar discards Guard and Blaster to activate Blaster’s effect on Pleiades.  Nizar sets a monster then passes the turn.

Ned Normal Summons Dionaea to bring back Dionaea then Xyz Summons Number 101: Silent Honor ARK.  Abyss Dweller hits direct but Nizar drops Gorz!  Main Phase 2 Ned drops a Necrovalley and Nizar lets out a snicker.

2100 (Nizar) - 8000 (Ned)

Nizar uses Gold Sarcophagus on Tidal to add Mythic Water Dragon.  He then usesTrade-In discarding Mythic Water.  Nizar Normal Summons Debris Dragon and Ned chains Torrential Tribute.  Unable to make a play thanks to the Necrovalley, Nizar concedes and we move on to a final Game 3!

A surprising Necrovalley drop locks up the game for Ned and we move to a decider in Game 3!

Game 3  

Nizar decides to go first for Game 3.  He starts off with a Cards of Consonance, discarding Debris Dragon.  A Gold Sarcophagus follows up to banish Tidal and search Mythic Water Dragon.  He then Normal Summons Mythic Tree Dragon, but Ned responds with Maxx “C.”  Nizar simply sets two and passes, fearing giving him the additional cards.

Ned Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo to search out Bottomless Trap Hole.  He runs over Mythic Tree Dragon, sets four to his backrow, then passes back to Nizar.

6500 (Nizar) - 8000 (Ned)

Nizar uses two Phoenix Wing Wind Blast after his draw, discarding Blaster and Mythic Water to spin two of Ned's backrow.  A Soul Charge for four on Debris Dragon, Mythic Water, Mythic Tree, and Redox.  Ned activates Artifact Sanctum then chains Artifact Ignition on Sanctum.  He sets Moralltach from Ignition then Special Summons Beagalltach to pop his Moralltach and summon it to destroy Nizar’s Mythic Tree Dragon.  Nizar then Synchro Summons for Star Eater and passes the turn, visibly dejected as he is unable to make a further play.

2500 (Nizar) - 8000 (Ned)

Ned shows the Volcasaurus and Nizar offers the handshake.

Ned continues his tear through the tournament with HAT as he hands Nizar's Mythic Rulers their first loss of the day.

Joe Soto