ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 8 Frazier Smith (HAT) vs. Steve Klaus (Sylvans)

Frazier goes first and sets two backrow and passes.

Steve draws for turn and plays Mount Sylvania, ditching Sylvan Hermitree to put Sylvan Princessprout on top of his deck.  He then activates Miracle Fertilizer to Special Summon Hermitree, and Frazier chains Maxx "C".  Hermitree excavates Sylvan Princessprout, netting him a card.  He then uses Sylvan Charity, sending back Hermitree and Sylvan Komushroomo to the top of his deck. Hermitree attacks direct then he sets one and passes.

5300 (Frazier) - 8000 (Steve)

Frazier sets one more to his backrow then Normal Summons Kuribandit.  During the End Phase he excavates Kuribandit, Dimensional Prison, Artifact Ignition, Breakthrough Skill, and Fiendish Chain, adding Ignition.  During the End Phase still he activates Ignition on Steve's Sylvania, searching and setting an Artifact Moralltach to his backrow.

Steve starts his turn off by activating Miracle Fertilizer on Princessprout but Frazier has another Maxx "C."  He uses the effect of Princessprout to put herself back on top.  He tries to use Hermitree but Frazier flips up a Fiendish Chain.  He passes without any other action.

Frazier Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo and adds Bottomless Trap Hole to his hand.  He sets one more to his backrow and passes back to Steve.

Steve Normal Summons Lonefire Blossom, tributing it off to Special Summon another Lonefire Blossom in defense.  The second one tributes itself off to Special Summon another copy of Sylvan Hermitree.  Frazier responds with Torrential Tribute, but when they go to grave Steve Special Summons Sylvan Sagequoia from his hand.  He whiffs off of Sagequoia and ends the turn.

2700 (Frazier) - 8000 (Steve)

Frazier Normal Summons Traptrix Dionaea, Steve responds with Vanity's Emptiness but Frazier has the Wiretap to push his play through.  He then Xyz Summons for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, taking Sagequoia and attacking directly. He then sets two backrow and passes.

2700 (Frazier) - 5900 (Steve)

Steve sets a monster and passes back to Frazier.

Frazier swings over Komushroomo, excavating double Upstart Goblin, double Soul Charge, and another Kuribandit.  A rough excavate gains no advantage for Steve and puts two valuable Soul Charge on the bottom of his deck.

Steve Normal Summons Kuribandit but Frazier responds with a Solemn Warning.

700 (Frazier) - 5900 (Steve)

Frazier swings with ARK again then sets one backrow.

700 (Frazier) - 3800 (Steve)

Steve sets one monster and passes.  During the End Phase, Frazier activates Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Beagalltach hit his Beagalltach and Moralltach and Special Summon them to the field..

He then Xyz Summons Constellar Pleiades and bounces Steve's set monster then attacks for game.

An unlucky Komushroomo excavate may have cost Steve the game as Frazier punishes his slow hand.


Game 2

Steve elects to go second Game 2.

Frazier uses Pot of Duality, revealing Bottomless Trap Hole, Traptrix Dionaea, and Ignition, adding Bottomless Trap Hole.  He Normal Summons Kuribandit then sets three and activates Dimensional Fissure.  During the End Phase he excavates Dark Hole, Ignition, Maxx "C", Soul Charge, and Artifact Sanctum, adding Sanctum.

Steve begins with a Sylvan Charity to draw three cards and put back Rose Archer and Princessprout on top of his deck.  He Normal Summons Kuribandit and attacks into a Dimensional Prison.  He sets three and passes.

Frzier sets one and passes.  End Phase Steve chains Decree.

Steve uses another Sylvan Charity and sends back Sagequoia and Miracle Fertilzer.  He uses Mystical Space Typhoon on Frazier's Dimensional Fissure.  He Normal Summons Princessprout, excavates Sageqoia and adds Charity to his hand

7900 (Frazier) - 8000 (Steve)

Frazier sets one and passes.

Steve uses Sylvan Charity a third time but unable to hit a Sylvan he stacks two Rose, Forbidden Chalice, and Mystical Space Typhoon.  He uses Fertilizer on Sagequoia and attacks directly.

5300 (Frazier) - 8000 (Steve) 

Frazier sets a monster and passes.

Steve swings at Frazier's set monster which is a Traptrix Dionaea.

Frazier passes without a play.

Steve swings, sets and passes

2700 (Frazier) - 8000 (Steve)

Frazier sets one and passes back

Steve draws, and Frazier activates and resolves a Sanctum without effect to make space for his backrow.  He then activates another Sanctum and chains Ignition, to destroy Decree.  Steve flips up another Decree.  Frazier passes.

Steve uses Miracle Fertilizer to bring back Princessprout and attack for lethal!

A string of Sylvan Charitys pull Steve back into a game he looked like he was clearly going to lose.


Game 3

Frazier decides to go first for the final Game 3.

He Normal Summons Myrmeleo and adds Bottomless Trap Hole to his hand.  He then Dualities for D.D. Crow, Kuribandit, and Mystical Space Typhoon, adding Mystical Space Typhoon.  Frazier sets three then passes over to Steve.

Steve starts off with a Normal Summon of Lonefire Blossom.  Frazier responds with an Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Beagalltach to pop his Moralltach and destroy Lonefire Blossom.  Steve then uses Sylvan Charity, sending back two copiesof Princessprout to the top of his deck.  Next, he activates Mount Sylvania and discards Spore to put Sylvan Sagequoia on top of his deck.  He sets two then passes back to Frazier.

Frazier draws for turn and turns his team to attack, all of his monsters connecting for direct damage.  Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons for Constellar Pleiades, using its effect to return Mount Sylvania to Steve's hand.  He sets three then passes the turn.

8000 (Frazier) - 2900 (Steve)

Steve blind Mystical Space Typhoons Frazier's Bottomless Trap Hole.  He then flips up his set Foolish Burial, sending Sylvan Hermitree to the grave.  He then reveals Sagequoia to Special Summon it to the field.  Sagequoia attcks Pleiades but Frazier has Dimensional Prison to save his monster!  Main Phase 2 Steve banishes Lonefire BLossom to special summon Spore as a Level 4 Tuner.  He then Normal Summons Kuribandit in an attempt to Synchro Summon.  Frazier uses Pleiades and returns Kuribandit to his hand.  Frazier flips the Artifact Sanctum and Steve extends the hand.


Frazier is able to capture victory after a decisive Pleiades drop, keeping his tournament hopes of victory alive!

Joe Soto