ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 10 Kevin Silva (HAT) vs. Jose Jones (Infernity)

Welcome to Day 2 of the ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k!  We're here in Round 10 featuring two X-3 duelists fighting for a chance at Top 32.  Kevin Silva, the ARG St. Louis Champion is running the tried and true HAT deck, while Jose Jones, no stranger to the ARG top tables is piloting the fearsome Infernities.  Will slow and steady win the race?  Or will Jose's explosive turns be too much to handle?

Jose wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He starts off with an Upstart Goblin to dig one card deeper.  He then activates Foolish Burial to send an Infernity Archfiend to his grave.  He sets his hand then flips up Infernity Launcher to bring back Archfiend and search up an Infernity Necromancer which is then Normal Summoned.  He then flips up a copy of Instant Fusion to Special Summon Kamionwizard which is then used to Xyz Summon a Lavalval Chain with Archfiend.  Lavalval Chain uses its effect to send Stygian Street Patrol to his grave.  Necromancer then brings back Archfiend which seearches out another Archfiend which is then Special Summoned by Stygian.  The second Archfiend search nets Jose another copy of Necromancer.   Next, he Xyz Summons another Lavalval Chain to detach an Archfiend and send another Stygian to the grave which is then used to Special Summon Necromancer.  Necromancer brings back Archfiend again to search the last Archfiend.  He uses both Neromancer to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea ragon to Special Summon Stygian which is then used with ARchfiend to make a Number 66: Master Key Beetle to target his facedown.  Stygian is used again to Special the third Archfiend from his hand to search Infernity Barrier which is immediately set to his backrow.  An explosive first turn for Jose!

9000 (Kevin) - 7000 (Jose)

Kevin draws for turn and uses Mystical Space Typhoon on Jose's set Barrier.  He then Normal Summons Fire Hand and attempts to attack Infernity Archfiend but Jose has Book of Moon to stop the attack.  Main Phase 2 Kevin uses Pot of Duality and reveals Fire Hand, Breakthrough Skill, and Artifact Ignition, adding Breakthrough Skill to his hand.  He sets two backrow then ends his turn.

Jose draws for turn and immediately sets the card.  Key Beetle is then used on Leviair but Kevin chains Breakthrough Skill to stop the protection effect.  During Battle Phase, Infernity Archfiend attacks over the set Fire Hand which destroys Leviair and brings out an Ice Hand in defense.  Main Phase 2 he uses the effect of Lavalval Chain to put Archfiend Heiress into the grave and add Archfiend Palabyrinth to his hand which is then activated.  Next he flips up another copy of Instant Fusion to Special Summon a Barox in defense.  Palabyrinth is then used to banish Barox and Special Summon a copy of Archfiend from the grave which adds a copy of Infernity Break to Jose's hand.  He passes over to Kevin.

9000 (Kevin) - 6000 (Jose)

Kevin turns his Ice Hand to attack and moves to Battle Phase.  Jose responds with Infernity Break to banish a Necromancer and destroy Kevin's set Solemn Warning, and then he chains another Break to destroy the Ice Hand.  Kevin sets a monster and a backrow and sends it over to Jose.

Jose starts his turn by Xyz Summoning Abyss Dweller, hoping to nullify any additional Hand monsters.  He activates the effect then runs over Kevin's set Myrmeleo.  Both Lavalval Chains and Key Beetle get in directly.  He sets one and ends his turn.

2900 (Kevin) - 6000 (Jose)

Main Phase 1 Kevin activates Breakthrough Skill to negate Abyss Dweller then follows it up with a Normal Summon of Cardcar D.  He sets one to his backrow and uses the effect to draw two cards.  Still in his End Phase he uses Artifact Ignition to destroy Jose's set Dimensional Prison and sets an Artifact Beagalltach to his backrow.

Jose activates the effect of Abyss Dweller then attacks with Dweller.  In response, Kevin chains Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Moralltach from his deck and destroys Key Beetle.  Moralltach is able to successfully defend Kevin this turn!  Main Phase 2 Jose uses the effect of Lavalval Chain to send Armageddon Knight to his grave, thinning his deck for more live draws.  He turns the Chains to defense then passes with one card in hand.

Kevin Normal Summons Ice Hand then crashes it into Abyss Dweller to destroy Palabyrinth and bring out Fire Hand.  Fire Hand runs over a Lavalval Chain and Moralltach runs over Dweller.  He sets one and passes to Jose

2600 (Kevin) - 5600 (Jose)

Jose draws for turn and scoops it up to head to Game 2.  Kevin is able to fight through a powerful Turn 1 from Jose!


Game 2

Jose elects to go first for Game 2, hoping to establish a board Kevin can't fight through.  He starts off once again with Upstart Goblin to draw one.  He then Normal Summons Armageddon Knight to send Stygian to the grave.  Stygian is then used to Special Summon Archfiend from his hand which searches out Necromancer.  He then Xyz Summons Lavalval Chain to send another Stygian to his grave which then Special Summons Necromancer from his hand.  Necromancer brings out Archfiend which searches Infernity Launcher which he then plays.  He flips up a set Instant Fusion to Special Summon FLame GHost to Xyz Summon Leviair which brings back Stygian from exile.  He then Xyz Summons a Diamond Dire Wolf to destroy his set Upstart Goblin but it gets his Archfiend back in the grave.  Launcher is then sent to the grave to bring back Archfiend and Necromancer.  Archfiend searches out another Archfiend which is Special SUmmoned by Stygian.  Archfiend then searches out Infernity Barrier.  Jose follows that up with an Xyz Summon of Master Key Beetle to protect his set Infernity Barrier, then he uses Necromancer to bring back Archfiend and add an Infernity Break to his hand which he then sets.

9000 (Kevin) - 7000

Kevin draws for turn and starts with a Pot of Duality revealing two Ice Hand and Artifact Sanctum, adding Sanctum to his hand.  He sets four backrow and a monster and sends it back to Jose.  During the End Phase, Jose banishes Launcher with Break to destroy Kevin's set Solemn Warning.

Jose uses Key Beetle on the defense Necromancer.  Lavalval Chain is then used to send Stygian to his grave.  He passes with one card in his hand.  During the End Phase, Kevin chains Compulsory Evacuation Device on Key Beetle.  He then uses Sanctum to bring out Moralltach to destroy Leviair.

Kevin flips up his set Fire Hand and rams his Fire Hand into Infernity Archfiend but Jose chains Malevolent Catastrophe to destroy his set Barrier and Kevin's set Soul Charge.  Fire Hand destroys Necromancer as it brings out Ice Hand in defense.  Moralltach then runs over Archfiend.  Main Phase 2 Kevin Normal Summons Traptrix Dionaea then Xyz Summons Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk which then banishes Jose's Stygian and Archfiend from his grave.  He sets one and passes

8800 (Kevin) - 6700 (Jose)

Jose sets a monster and turns his Chain to defense before passing.

Kevin Normal Summons another Dionaea to Special Summon Dionaea from his grave.  He Xyz Summons Abyss Dweller, then equips Rhapsody onto Dweller.  He uses the effect then runs Moralltach over Chain and Dweller over Grepher.

8800 (Kevin) - 4600 (Jose)

Jose draws, sets two and passes.

Kevin immediately moves to Battle Phase and swings with Moralltach.  In response to the Dweller swing, Jose uses Infernity Break to destroy it.  Kevin sets one and passes.

Jose draws, sets, and passes.

Kevin draws but is met with another Break.

Jose rips Archfiend on his last turn, a miracle draw!  He searches out Necromancer which is then Normal Summoned but Kevin has the Sanctum!  Jose offers the handshake in concession after his topdeck is trumped by Kevin's.


Kevin moves on to the final round where a win will most likely put him into the Top 32!

Joe Soto