ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Top 16 Ali Yassine (Infernity) vs. Tyree Tinsley (Geargia Hand)

We're heading into the home stretch of the tournament as we feature Ali Yassine and Tyree Tinsley in the Top 16!  Infernity has been on an absolute tear this weekend, will Tyree's innovative Geargia Artifact deck be enough to weather the storm that is the explosive Infernities?

Game 1 Ali starts off with a Reinforcement of the Army to search Armageddon Knight.  He then Special Summons Photon Thrasher followed by a Dynatherium.  He Normal Summons Armageddon Knight to send Infernity Archfiend to the graveyard.  He Xyz SUmmons Lavalval CHain then uses its effect to send Necromancer to the grave.  He sets one then uses Soul Charge for three, bringing back Knight, Necromancer, and Infernity Archfiend.  Archfiend  adds another to his hand while Stygian Street Patrol is sent to the grve by Knight.  He then Xyz Summons another Lavalval Chain and sends Archfiend Hieress to grave then searchs and plays Archfiend Palabyrinth.  Stygian Special Summons Archfiend to grab Launcher.   He Xyz summons Diamond Dire Wolf then pops it and Necromancer.  He activates Launcher to bring back Necromancer and Archfiend to search another break.  He Xyz summons Abyss Dweller then passes the turn. 5000 (Ali) - 8000 (Tyree) Tyree starts with a Normal Summon of Geargiarsenal, but Ali chains Infernity Break to the summon to destroy it.  Tyree sets five and ends the turn.  End Phase Ali uses another Infernity Break to this Bottomless Trap Hole, chaining Dweller.  A third Break hits Call of the haunted. During Draw Phase, Tyree flips Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Moralltach to destroy Necromancer.  Ali starts off with Lavalval Chain's effect to put Dark Grepher on top of his deck, followed by an Allure of Darkness to banish the Grepher.  Compulsory Evacuation Device is used on the Lavalval Chain with Xyz material.  Ali passes. Tyree runs over Abyss Dweller then sets one 4600 (Ali) - 8000 (Tyree) Ali uses Upstart that draws him into a Soul Charge for three on Necromancer, Archfiend, and Knight.  Knight sends another copy of Stygian to the grave and Archfiend searches Necromancer which is then Normal Summoned.  Ali then Xyz Summons Number 101: Silent Honor ARK which steals Moralltach.  He then uses Necromancer to bring back an Archfiend.  He passes without a search. 1600 (Ali) - 9000 (Tyree) Tyree draws for turn, sets a monster and passes back to Ali.  DIromg the end phase Ali's Mystical Space Typoon hits tyree's Wiretap. Ali banishes Necromancer to bring back Archfiend from the grave with Palabyrinth.  He then Xyz Summons for Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk to banish Tyree's Geargiarsenal and Artifact Sanctum from his grave.  He then equips it to Lavalval Chain.  Next, he Normal Summons Armageddon Knight to send Summoner Monk to the grave.  He then activates Necromancer to bring back Archfiend but Tyree has the Fiendish Chain to stop it.  ARK attacks Tyree's set Geargiarmor and Ali chains Infernity Barrier to stop the effect. 1600 (Ali) - 4600 (Tyree) Tyree draws and scoops it up, unable to get over Ali's field.

Game 2 Tyree goes first for Game 2.  He Normal Summons Geargiarsenl to grab and set Geargiarmor.  He sets two and passes. Ali draws then uses Allure of Darkness, banishing Infernity Archfiend.  He then uses Upstart Goblin to dig one deeper.  He Normal Summons Tin Goldfish to Special Summon Summoner Monk.  He then discards Palabyrinth to Summoner Monk to activate the effect but Tyree chains Solemn Warning.  Ali continues on and uses Instant Fusion to bring out Kamionwizard to then Xyz Summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight, clearing the field.  He activates Launcher, discards archiend. He attempts to use it but Tyree has D.D. Crow to banish the Archfiend. 7000 (Ali) - 7000 (Tyree) Tyree Normal Summons Cardcar D, draws two and passes. Ali swings with Exciton and passes. 7000 (Ali) - 5100 (Tyree) Tyree Normal Summons Geargiarsenal to get Geargiaccelerator in defense.  He sets one backrow and passes. Ali Normal Summons Armageddon Knight to send Archfiend Heiress to the grave and add Infernity Archfiend to his hand.  Tyree adds back Geargiarsenal with Geargiaccelerator after it gets run over. 7000 (Ali)- 3200 (Tyree) Tyree Normal Summons Geargiarsenal to Special Summon Geargiano.  He uses the effect to bring back Geargiarsenal then Special Summons Geargiaccelerator.  Tyree then Xyz Summons for Gear Gigant X.  Gigant X runs over Exciton.  Main Phase 2 Tyree adds Geargiarsenal to his hand.  He sets one and passes. Ali Normal Summons Armageddon Knight to send Stygian to the grave.  He then Xyz Summons Number 101: Silent Honor ARK to steal Gigant X.  Stygian Special Summons Archfiend to search Infernity Break, but Tyree chains maxx "c" in response.  A dead backrow is unable to save Tyree as he offers the handshake when Ali enters the Battle Phase.

Ali continues the hot streak of Infernities all the way to the Top 8!

Joe Soto