ARG Circuit Series Championship Round 3: Jordan Winters (HAT) Vs. Marcello Barberi (Mermail)


Welcome back everyone! We have a great match chosen for this Round 3 feature. First we have Marcello Barberi from Rome, Italy playing Mermail. Side note he won our 1k in 1 day yesterday with the same deck, so we’ll be able to see if he can repeat that success. Next his opponent is Jordan Winters from Cincinnati, OH playing HAT. Jordan has had some success in the tournament scene getting 3rd place at two ARG Circuit Series events, so this should be an awesome match. Jordan wins the dice roll and will be going first. Lets jump right into it!

Game 1

Jordan opens with Traptrix Myrmeleo, searching Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare with the effect. He sets 5 back row and ends his turn.

Marcello starts with two Genex Undine, Mermail Abyssteus, Mermail Abyssgunde, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He draws Atlantean Heavy Infantry for turn. Genex Undine is Normal Summoned sending Atlantean Dragoons to the grave for the effect and letting him add Genex Controller and Mermail Abyssmegalo to his hand. Heavy Infantry is discarded to activate Mermail Abyssteus’ effect and it gets Special Summoned, activating its effect but gets destroyed by Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare but Myrmeleo is destroyed by the Infantry. He attacks directly with Undine for 1200 taking Jordan to 6800. He sets Mystical Space Typhoon to end.

Jordan draws and ends.

Marcello draws Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord for his turn. He summons the other copy of Genex Undine for turn sending Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to the grave, letting him add Genex Controller to his hand. He attacks with both monsters for 2400 dropping Jordan to 4400. He goes into Ghostrick Alucard in Defense to try and destroy a set backfield but it is blasted away with another copy of Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. He ends with that.

Jordan summons Cardcar D and tributes it to draw 2 and ends.

Marcello draws Upstart Goblin for his turn. He summons Tidal banishing Dragoons and Undine. Genex Controller is Summoned to the field. Upstart Goblin is activated giving him Mermail Abyssteus and Jordan 1000 life to bring him to 5400. Abyssteus is summoned by discarding Mermail Abyssgunde and letting him add Mermail Abysslinde. Abyssgunde’s effect lets him Special Summon the other copy of Abyssteus from the grave and Jordan activates Needle Ceiling to clear the field. Marcello ends with that.

Jordan draws and summons Fire Hand to attack for 1600 bringing Marcello to 6400. He sets 2 back row and ends.

Marcello draws Atlantean Marksman for his turn. Tidal is Special Summoned from the grave banishing Undine and Abyssteus. Genex Controller is Normal Summoned and both monsters are used to Synchro Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree. He attacks over the Fire Hand for 1500 dropping jordan to 3900. He passes with that.

Jordan activates Dark Hole to clear Leo from the board. Soul Charge is activated to get 2 monsters, Fire Hand and Traptrix Myrmeleo and bringing him to 1900. Myrmeleo’s effect is activated targeting Marcello’s facedown Mystical Space Typhoon which is chained to destroy Jordan’s set Wiretap. He Xyz Summons Lavalval Chain and activates the effect to top deck a Traptrix Dionaea.

Marcello draws Vanity’s Emptiness for his turn. He discards Atlantean Marksman and Moulinglacia for Mermail Abyssmegalos effect to Special Summon it, letting him search Abyss-Sphere. He banishes 2 waters for Tidal and enters his Battle Phase. Tidal attacks into a Dimensional Prison which banishes it from the game. Mermail Abyssmegalo attacks into a Fiendish Chain saving the Lavalval Chain. He sets Abyss-Sphere and Vanity’s Emptiness to end.

Jordan draws the Traptrix Dionaea for his turn and summons it to activate it’s effect but Marcello chains Vanity’s Emptiness and Abyss-Sphere to summon Abysslinde from his deck. Jordan attacks over the Abysslinde with Dionaea

Marcello upstarts into Abysspike, bringing Jordan to 2900 and normal summons Linde. Linde attacks into Dionaea taking 200 to bring him to 6200 but letting him summon Mermail Abyssleed. Abyssleed attacks over the Dionaea for 1000 bringing Jordan to 1900. Main Phase 2 he Xyz summons Mermail Abyssgaios and ends.

Jordan draws and sets a monster.

Marcello draws for turn and Jordan Concedes!

Marcello takes Game 1 in a commanding fashion. Jordan opts to let Marcello go first so he has that extra card advantage.

Game 2

Marcello opens with Upstart, Abyssteus, Torrential, MST and Genex Controller. He activates upstart giving Jordan 1000 life points bringing him to 9000 and giving him Genex Undine. Next he special summons Abyssteus by discarding Genex Undine, let him search Abysslinde for the effect. He ends with that.

Jordan draws and plays Pot of Duality revealing Traptrix Myrmeleo, Maxx “C” and Dimensional Prison, he takes the Myrmeleo. Summoning it to get Bottomless Trap Hole from the deck. He sets 3 to end his turn.

Marcello draws Dust Tornado for turn. He sets it and Abysslinde to end.

Pod 2 Fire Hand and Soul Charge, taking a copy of Fire Hand. Cardcar D is Normal Summoned to the field and Marcello activates Torrential tribute to clear the field, Marcello also chains Dust Tornado to destroy the Bottomless and Jordan chains Maxx “C” to draw one and let Marcello Special Summon Abyssteus in Defense.

Marcello draws Abyssgunde for turn and ends.

Jordan draws and sets.

Marcello draws Malevolent Catastrophe and sets it to end which gets MST’d.

Jordan draws and sets a back row.

Marcello draws Mystical Space Typhoon for turn and sets it but again it gets blasted away by Mystical Space Typhoon.

Jordan summons another Fire Hand and uses it with Fire Hand to Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia. He attacks over the Abyssteus and ends.

Marcello draws Atlantean Heavy Infantry for his turn and he just ends his turn.

Jordan attacks with Utopia for 2500 dropping Marcello to set back row end.

Marcello draw Allure of Darkness and ends.

Jordan draws and ends

Marcelo Atlantean Marksman set and ends.

Jordan attacks with Utopia again for 2500 dropping Marcello to 3000 and ends.

Marcello draws Upstart Goblin to draw Malevolent Catastrophe. He sets Mermail Abyssgunde and Malevolent Catastrophe to end.

Jordan attacks over the set Abyssgunde with Utopia and sets a back row to end.

Marcello draws Mermail Abyssleed for turn and ends.

Jordan attacks with Utopia for 2500 but Marcello activates Malevolent Catastrophe to destroy Jordan’s Solemn Warning, Torrential Tribute and Breakthrough Skill and his own Mystical Space Typhoon but dropping him to 500.

Marcello draws Abysspike for turn. He summons it discarding Heavy Infantry to add Genex Undine to hand and destroys the Utopia. He ends with that.

Jordan draws and activates Soul Charge for 3 monsters to drop him to 5400. He Xyz Summons into Gagaga Cowboy and uses its effect for game!

A series of unfortunate draws for Marcello lets Jordan take advantage and takes it to the 3rd game. Marcello opts to let Jordan go first.

Game 3

Jordan opens up with Pot of Duality revealing Breakthrough Skill, Traptrix Myrmeleo, and Mirror Force, he takes the Myrmeleo. Myrmeleo is summoned to search Bottomless Trap Hole. He sets 2 back row to end.

Marcello opens with Mermail Abysspike, Mermail Abyssturge, Upstart Goblin, Mermail Abysslinde and Mind Control. He draws Abyss-Sphere for turn. Mermail Abysspike discarding Mermail Abyssturge and searching for Mermail Abyssgunde. Upstart gives him Soul Charge and Jordan to 9000. He Mind Controls the Myrmeleo and Xyz Summons Number 101: Silent Honor ARK. The Silent Honor ARK attacks for 2100 bringing Jordan to 6900. He ends with that.

Jordan activates Pot of Duality revealing Pot of Duality, Breakthrough Skill, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, taking the Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. He sets a monster and 2 back row to end but Marcello activates Abyss-Sphere in Main Phase 2 to summon Mermail Abysslinde but it’s banished by Bottomless Trap Hole.

He draws Mermail Abysspike for turn and attacks into Dimensional Prison, banishing the Number 101. He sets Mermail Abysslinde to end.

Jordan sets another back row to end.

Marcello draws Mermail Abyssteus for his turn. Mermail Abysspike is Normal Summoned discarding Mermail Abyssgunde to Special Summon Abyssturge from grave and adding Genex Undine. He Xyz Summons with the two into Abyss Dweller and ends with that.

Jordan activates Dark Hole for his turn and Marcello activates Abyss Dweller’s effect just in case it is a Fire Hand, Abyss Dweller and Abysslinde and Ice Hand. Abysslinde Special Summons Mermail Abyssmegalo from the deck. He passes with that.

Marcello draws Atlantean Dragoons for his turn. He Normal Summons Genex Undine to add Genex Controller and sending Atlantean Marksman to the graveyard, letting Marksman destroy Jordan’s set Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Mermail Abyssteus is revealed by discarding Atlantean Dragoons to the Graveyard, letting him search for Mermail Abysslinde for Abyssteus’ effect and Atlantean Marksman from Atlantean Draoons effect. He attacks with Undine and Abyssteus for 2900 dropping Jordan to 4000. Main Phase 2 he Xyz summons into Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and activates the effect, right into Needle Ceiling clearing the board of everything but Dracossack. He passes with that.

Jordan to Myrmeleo searching Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Soul Charge for Ice Hand and Myrmeleo, taking 2000 and bringing him to 2000. The two monsters are used to Xyz Summons Diamond Dire Wolf. Diamond Dire Wolf destroys itself and Dracossack and he ends with that.

Marcello draws Mermail Abyssleed for turn. He activates Soul Charge for 5 monsters, Mermail Abyssteus, Mermail Abyssmegalo, Atlantean Dragoons, Mermail Abysspike, and Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack but the Mermail Abyssteus and Mermail Abyssmegalo get banished by Jordan’s Deep Dark Trap Hole. Dracossack tributes itself to destroy the TTHN. Bahamut Shark is Xyz summoned and Dragoons is detached to Special Summon Mermail Abysstrite and letting him search for Atlantean Heavy Infantry. Abyssleed discards Marksman, Infantry and Abysslinde letting him add back Abyss-Sphere and destroying the Myrmeleo to Special Summon itself in Defense Position. He sets it and ends.

Jordan summons Fire Hand and attacks over the Abyssleed. Marcello activates Abyss-Sphere at the End Phase to Special Summon Abysspike from the deck.

Marcello draws Mermail Abyssteus for turn. He Normal Summons Genex Controller and tunes it to Synchro Black Rose Dragon. Black Rose Dragon’s effect destroys the field. Mermail Abysstrite’s effect lets him Special Summon Mermail Abyssleed from the Graveyard and Marcello attacks with Abyssleed for game!

A back and forth Duel goes to a game 3 but Marcello Barberi pulls it out with Mermail and moves on to the next round with a 3-0 record!