ARG Circuit Series Dallas/Fort Worth Deck Breakdown

320 Duelists at the very first ARG Circuit Series, and here is the Deck Breakdown. Enjoy  😀

59 Dragon Ruler
40 Prophecy Deck
32 Dragunity Dragon
18 Blackwings
16 Fire Fist
15 Constellar
13 Tidal Mermails
12 Evilswarm
11 Randoms ETC
08 Madolche
08 Bujinn
07 Hieratic
06 Infernity
06 Agents
05 Blue-Eyes Dragon Ruler
05 Chaos Dragons
04 Inzektor
04 Lightsworn
04 Machina Gadget
04 Samurai
04 TG Stun
04 Zombies
03 Dark World
03 Fire King
03 Geargia
02 Chain Beat
02 Dragon Plant
02 Gravekeeper
02 Karakuri
02 Laval Synchro
02 Machina
02 Mecha Phantom Beast
02 Ninjas
02 Quickdraw
02 Harpie Ladies
01 Chain Burn
01 Exodia
01 Frog Monarch
01 Genex Mermail
01 Gishki
01 Piper Turbo Burn
01 Tempest Dragunity
01 Watts
01 Wind-Ups
01 X-Sabers



Cordero "Vexacus4666" Spencer
Cordero "Vexacus4666" Spencer

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  • Joe

    THey only had 300 people? That isnt a lot..

  • Aaron Hendrick

    There are some errors in this list, one of which being Evilswarms listed twice. I am also unsure of what the “Randoms ETC” deck is.

    • Cordero Vexacus Spencer

      When I typed Random ETC that means random decks like dark magician and red eyes black dragon etc

  • Jason

    Thank you for doing this, it must of been a nightmare going through every deck list but it is amazing to know the exact meta.

    • Cordero Vexacus Spencer

      NP I will always do that at each event. Take awhile to do this believe me. But as long as everyone likes it I will continue to do it

  • 92blueblood_la

    Great coverage

    • Cordero Vexacus Spencer

      Thx u glad u enjoyed it