ARG Circuit Series Finals: Joey Chou vs Admassu Williams

Admassu elects to go first, setting a monster and 4 backrow before giving Joey his first turn.

Joey plays Fire Formation - Tenki, knowing Admassu doesn’t main MST before searching for Bujin Mikazuchi. He then activates an Upstart Goblin into yet another Upstart Goblin before finally getting to a new card. He summons Bujin Yamato before setting 1 backrow and moving to the end phase. Admassu activates Skill Drain by paying 1000 lifepoints before Yamato can resolve his effect.

Joey 8000, Admassu 9000

Admassu draws for his turn and passes it back to Joey.

Joey attacks Admassu’s set White Stone of Legend with Yamato, allowing Admassu to add Blue-Eyes White Dragon from his deck to his hand.

Admassu activates Trade-In, discarding Blue-Eyes to draw 2 new cards. He then continues his digging engine with Upstart Goblin followed by a Dragon Shrine which sent another Blue-Eyes and Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos from his deck to the graveyard. He banishes Blue-Eyes and White Stone to summon Blaster from the grave. For his normal summon he brings out Flamvell Guard and uses it to tune for Colossal Fighter. Admassu’s warrior sets his sights on Joey’s Yamato, but his assault is cut short by Fiendish Chain!

Joey 9000, Admassu 9000

Joey set 1 backrow and passed the turn to Admassu.

Admassu banished a Blue-Eyes and his Flamvell Guard from the graveyard to summon Blaster back to the field. Admassu’s dragon tried to succeed where Colossal Fighter failed but was stopped yet again by another Fiendish Chain. Admassu summoned Influence Dragon to his side of the field and tuned with Blaster for Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree

Joey draws for his turn, but elects to simply pass back to his opponent.

Admassu summons Card Trooper and pays the cost to activate its effect by milling Mythic Water Dragon, Trade-In and Burial from a Different Dimension to his graveyard. Of course, the effect is actually negated by Skill Drain but he just wanted the cards in his graveyard so he could banish Influence Dragon and Water Dragon for Blaster yet again! Blaster finally attacks over the Yamato for 900 and then Leo and Trooper attack for a combined 3500 damage.
Joey 4600, Admassu 9000

Joey activates Dark Hole during his Main Phase 1, clearing the entire board of monsters! He follows up by summoning Bujin Mikazuchi into Admassu’s Solemn Warning. Joey finished his turn with a set backrow.

Joey 4600, Admassu 7000

Admassu activated Cards of Consonance by discarding Debris Dragon so he could draw 2 new cards. He followed this with yet another Upstart Goblin before summoning Cardcar D and setting 2 S/T cards. He finished his turn by tributing the Cardcar for 2 new cards.

Joey 5600, Admassu 7000

Joey tries to normal summon Hare but loses it to Admassu’s Bottomless.

Admassu summons another Card Trooper and pays the cost for its effect by milling Skill Drain, Dragon Shrine and Gold Sarcophagus. He then banishes Debris Dragon and Blaster for the summon of Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms. Blaster’s effect is activated but Joey responds to the summon of Tempest with Torrential Tribute! Blaster’s effect searches for Flamvell Guard and all of the monsters on the field are destroyed again. Admassu is compensated for his loss as Card Trooper allows him to draw an additional card. Apparently the Trooper draw was enough because Admassu continues his play with another Cards of Consonance, discarding Flamvell Guard to draw more cards! Next he banished Flamvell Guard and Mythic Tree Dragon for Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls. Finally he sends Tidal in for 2600 direct damage before setting 1 more card and passing.

Joey 3000, Admassu 7000

Joey set a monster and played Kaiser Coliseum and set a card to his backrow.

Admassu attacks with Tidal but is stopped by yet another Fiendish Chain! With no main decked MST and Blaster being banished Joey says confidently that Admassu has no more outs to the soft lock that Skill Drain, Fiendish Chain and Kaiser created!

They each pass back and forth until Admassu decks out after 6 turns.

Game 2

Admassu starts off this game strong with Cards of Consonance, sending White Stone to his graveyard to draw 2 new cards and add a Blue-Eyes to his hand. Trade-In came down next, discarding Blue-Eyes to draw 2. Gold Sarcophagus came next, banishing Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders from his deck add Tree Dragon to his hand off of Redox’s effect. Finally he summoned the Tree Dragon and special summoned the Water Dragon and overlaid them to make Divine Drgaon Knight Felgrand before setting 3 and passing his turn.

Joey begins by playing Tenki and searching for Yamato. Pot of Duality coming next reveals Honest, Kaiser Coliseum and another Pot of Duality. Joey elects to take Honest, causing Admassu to exclaim “Kaiser would have won you the game!”. Joey played Dark Hole next, forcing Felgrand to protect himself. He continued by summoning Yamato into Admassu’s Torrential Tribute, destroying his Yamato and passing Felgrand by completely. Joey finished his turn by setting 2 to his backrow.

Admassu uses his turn to declare a direct attack on Joey’s lifepoints for 2800 damage.

Joey 5200, Admassu 8000

Joey activated Fire Formation - Tenki so he could search for and summon another Yamato. He played Kasiser and set 1 more backrow and attempted to enter his end phase but Felgrand negated Yamato’s effect.

Admassu adds Blaster to his hand thanks to the resolution of Gold Sarc. Felgrand was sent to attack Joey’s Yamato, but Honest takes the reigns helps Yamato see the Light! Yamato’s boosted attack takes down Felgrand and inflicts a whopping 2000 damage thanks to the on field Tenkis. Admassu passes his turn after losing his powerful monster.

Joey 5200, Admassu 6000

Joey attacks with his Yamato only to be cut short by Mirror Force! Admassu sighs heavily when Joey summons his final Yamato. “I never would have attacked if I didn’t have a return play!” Joey laughed. Upon entering his end phase Skill Drain was thrown up on the field and Yamato was once again shut down from his graveyard control.

Admassu summoned Cardcar D and tributed it for 2 new cards.

Joey sends Yamato in for an attack for 2000 damage.

Joey 5200, Admassu 3000

Admassu ditched his Blaster and Guard to destroy Joey’s Kaiser Coliseum. He then discarded Redox and another Cardcar to special summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Blue-Eyes declared an attack but Joey boosted his Yamato with an in hand Crane to inflict 600 additional damage to Admassu.

Joey 5200, Admassu 2400

Joey attack with Yamato for 2000 and set 1 for his turn.

Joey 5200, Admassu 400

Admassu banishes Guard and Blue-Eyes for Blaster yet again. He banished double Cardcar from his grave for Redox before overlaying for Dracossack. He finished his turn by tributing his Draco to destroy Yamato and setting 1 more backrow card.

Joey set 1 and passed his turn.

Admassu banishes Blaster and White Stone for Redox again, adding Guard to his hand with Blaster’s effect. He special summons the Water Dragon and normal summons Flamvell Guard. Dust Tornado comes up from Joey, taking out Skill Drain followed quickly by MST destroying a set Burial from the Different Dimension. Admassu chains the Burial, returning a White Stone, Blaster and Blue Eyes to his graveyard. He tuned the Redox and Guard for Scrap Dragon and used its effect to target Water Dragon and Joey’s set Fiendish Chain. The chain stops Scrap Dragons effect from resolving so Admassu sets 1 more card before ending his turn.

Joey set 1 card before passing.

Admassu MST’d Joey’s new set card and Joey scooped it up.

Game 3

Joey begins by activating Tenki to add a Mikazuchi to his hand before activating Pot fo Duality to add a Dust Tornado. He summoned Yamato, set 3 and sent Bujingi Hare to the grave in the end phase for the first time this match!

Admassu activates Dragon Shrine sending Guard and White Stone to his graveyard while adding a Blue-Eyes to his hand to use to pay the cost for Trade-In and net 2 new cards. He banished Blue-Eyes and White Stone to summon Redox into Bottomless Trap Hole. He then used a blind MST into Warning and yelled out in frustration, knowing he missed the Dust Tornado. He then set a monster and one backrow before losing his set Skill Drain to the Dust Tornado in the end phase.

Joey summoned Mikazuch and attacked into the set Flamvell Guard, taking no damage since their Atk and Def were equal thanks to Tenki. In the end phase Yamato was able to send Bujingi Turtle to the graveyard with his effect.

Admassu activates another Dragon Shrine, sending White Stone to his grave for another Blue-Eyes. Trade-In came down next, discarding the Blue-Eyes for 2 new cards. Gold Sarcophagus came into play next, banishing Tempest and adding Influence Dragon to his hand so he could discard it for the cost of Cards of Consonance! He finished his turn by setting 3 and passing his turn.

Joey began his turn by overlaying Yamato and Mikazuchi for Bujintei Susanowo. He activated Susano’s effect, but Admassu chained Skill Drain! Joey attacked the Flamvell Guard before ending his turn.

Joey 8000, Admassu 7000

Admassu passed without play.

Joey activated Susano and chained MST to the activation, targeting Skill Drain! Unfortunately Admassu had his final Skill Drain set so he chained it, shutting down the effect of Susano. However, Susano’s attack was unable to be stopped and he punished Admassu with 2500 damage.

Joey 8000, Admassu 3500

Admassu adds Tempest to his hand from the resolution of Gold Sarcophagus and activated Burial from the Different Dimension sending back Redox, Blue-Eyes and White Stone to his graveyard. He banished White Stone and Blue-Eyes for Redox but when he did, Joey activated Maxx “C”, allowing him to draw a new card!

Joey activates Kaiser and passes.

Admassu passes.

Joey passes

Admassu passes

Joey passes

Admassu passes

Joey passes

Admassu passes

Joey passes

Admassu activates Cards of Consonance, discarding Debris to draw 2 cards before ending his turn.

Joey activated Tenki to add a Mikazuchi and follows the play with Dark Hole! He special summons Mikazuchi with his effect and normal summons Yamato to attack an empty field for game.

Game 4

Admassu begins the 4th game of this epic match by setting 2 back row and summoning Cardcar D to tribute for 2 new cards.

Joey summons Bujingi Turtle and attacks for 1700 damage before setting 3 to end his turn.

Joey 8000, Admassu 6300

Admassu summons Card Trooper, activating his effect and milling Cardcar D, Dragon Shrine and Influence Dragon to his graveyard. He then activates a different Dragon Shrine sending Blue-Eyes and Blaster from his deck to his grave. He banished a Blue-Eyes and Influence Dragon to summon the Blaster, but Debunk came out from Joey’s field and removed the Blaster from the game! Undeterred, he sent Card Trooper to attack for 1900 over the Bujingi Turtle but was cut short by Fiendish Chain before passing.

Joey 8000, Admassu 6300

Joey draws and immediately MST’d the set Skill Drain. Joey summoned Bujingi Crane and sent both of his Bujingi to attack over the Card Trooper and then directly for 2900 total damage. He finished his turn by turning his Bujngi into Bujintei Susanowo and using his effect to send Bujingi Hare to the graveyard.

Joey 8000, Admassu 3400

Admassu activates a blind MST into Joey’s set Bujincarnation. He then discards Water Dragon and Tidal to send Tempest to his graveyard from his deck. Next he banished 2 Cardcar D from his grave to summon Redox. He summoned White Stone and tuned his Stone with Redox to make Colossal Fighter. The die-hard warrior attacked, eating 2400 damage after a dropped Honest boosted up Susanowo yet again. Colossal returns to the field in Defense mode, not ready to die just yet.

Joey 8000, Admassu 1000

Joey detach for Susano, Light Mirror in response. Set 1.

Admassu banish Tempest and Water for Tidal. Add Debris Dragon. Debris, bring back White Stone, chain torrential. Banish Card Trooper and Stone for Redox in defense, set 1 pass.

Joey set 1 card before passing his turn.

Admassu banished Debris and Redox to summon Tidal, searching for Tree Dragon off of Redox’s effect. He summoned the Tree Dragon and copied Tidal’s level to overlay for Dracossack and make some tokens. Draco then tributed a token to pop one of Joey’s backrow, a set MST. Joey used his MST to blow away Admassu’s set Light-Imprisoning Mirror. Admassu set 1 card before ending his turn.

Joey activated Tenki to search for Yamato. He summoned the Yamato to the field before trying to attack a Mecha Phantom Beast Token but was cut short by a Mirror Force! Joey tried to respond with Bujngi Hare’s effect but was totally shut out by Light-Imprisoning Mirror.

Admassu makes some more Tokens with Dracossack before summoning Flamvell Guard and syncro summoning Black Rose Dragon with Guard and 2 tokens. He continued by banishing Flamvell Guard and Tree Dragon to summon Tidal and attack for a total of 7600 damage. He finished his domination by overlaying for Dracossack and making 2 more tokens.

Joey 400, Admassu 1000

Joey scoops it up without having the ability to make any comeback plays.

Game 5

Joey starts with using Tenki to search for a Yamato. He summons the Bujin Yamato and sets 2 backrow cards, adding Crane to his hand and sending Hare from his hand to the grave in the end phase.

Admassu used Dragon Shrine to send Blue-Eyes and Blaster to the grave before setting 3 backrow and passing his turn.

Joey attacks for 1900 damage with Yamato before setting a card to his backrow and entering his end phase. Joey uses Yamato to add Mikazuchi to his hand and sends Turtle to the grave in the end phase.

Joey 8000, Admassu 6100

Admassu activates Dragon Shrine again, sending Guard and Tidal to the grave. He banishes Tidal and Guard to summon Blaster and add Water Dragon. Blaster is sent in to attack Yamato but Crane comes down and 800 damage is dealt to Admassu. Summon Tree and Water into Felgrand into Black Horn of Heaven, set 1. Endphase Dust on set Skill Drain.

Joey 8000, Admassu 5300

Joey sent Yamato to attack for 1900 damage and then set 1 card before normal summoning Mikazuchi. In the end phase he used Yamato to add Crane to his hand and send another Yamato to his grave. Mikazuchi’s effect added Bujincarnation to his hand as well.
Admassu banished Water Dragon and Blue-Eyes to summon Blaster before normal summoning White Stone and syncro summoning make Colossal Fighter. After adding Blue-Eyes to his hand he set 1 and ended.

Joey consolidated Mikazuchi and Yamato into Number 101: Silent Honor ARK into Admassu’s Solemn Warning. Joey set a monster and played Kaiser.

Admassu set 1 and passed.

Joey passed.

Admassu activated Full House, targeting Kaiser, Tenki, Joey’s 2 sets and one of his own. Lance was chained to Colossal Fighter, but all of the other cards were destroyed and sent to the graveyard!

Joey set a monster and passed.

Admassu attacked a set Maxx “C” and set 1 before passing

Joey summoned Mikazuchi and passed his turn.

Admassu activated Trade-In, discarding Blue-Eyes for 2 cards. He set 1 and passed

Joey set 1 and passed. Admassu used MST to destroy Joey’s set MST

Admassu summoned Cardcar D and tributed to draw 2

Joey set 1 and passed

Admassu activated Dragon Shrine, sending Guard and Tempest to the grave. He banished Guard and BEWD to summon Tempest. Joey activated Maxx “C” in response to the effect. Admassu normal summoned White Stone and Syncro summoned Scrap Dragon. No targets for White Stone left in his deck. Scrap Dragon targeted set and Mikazuchi. Turtle was chained in response to the Scrap Dragon but Admassu activated Light Mirror to try and shut the Turtle down, but Joey had MST to stop the Light Mirror in its tracks. Colossal was moved to attack position and both Colossal Fighter and Scrap Dragon attack over Mikazuchi for a total of 1800 damge after Hare is banished to protect Mikazuchi. Gold Sarcophagus came down next to banish MST for use in a few turns. He finished his turn by summoning Water Dragon in defense, forgetting about the Maxx “C”.

Joey activated Duality into Dark Hole and activated the Dark Hole, opening up the field to allow Bujingi Hare to attack for game!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!