ARG Circuit Series Round 2: Christoper Monterroso (Burning Abyss) vs. Jesus Suarez (Chaos Shaddoll)

In Round 2 we have Christopher Monterroso running Burning Abyss. He is up against Jesus Suarez who is playing Chaos Shaddolls. Jesus wins the dice roll and opts to go first. Both players are from California and know what each other are running, so this should be an exciting match!

Game 1


Jesus opens up with Foolish Burial, sending Hedgehog, which adds Squamata. He follows up with Allure of Darkness banishing the added Squamata. Mathematician then hits the board, sending Squamata which sends Falco. Falco is then special summoned and Jesus sets 3 facedown cards.

Christopher reveals Cir and special summons it in defense. He then normal summons Graf. Christopher overlays his two monsters for Dante, detaching Graf. to mill BotE, Tour Guide and PWWB. He forgets Graf's effect, but attacks over Mathematician. Jesus draws one. Christopher sets two cards and passes.

8000 (Christopher) - 7000 (Jesus)

Jesus draws and flip summons Falco, special summoning Squamata from grave. Shaddoll Fusion hits the field, and Christopher responds with Karma Cut discarding Cir. Jesus special summonsspecial summonsspecial summonsspecial summons with Mystical Space Typhoon on Christopher's other facedown and destroys Lake. Shaddoll Fusion resolves and sends Felis and Beast from deck to special summon Construct. Construct sends Hedgehog and Jesus draws one for Beast. Christopher special summon Graf off of Cir. Hedgehog adds Falco to hand. He then banishes Hedgehog to special summon White Dragon. He normal summons Eclipse, then overlays for Castel. Jesus activates Castel's effect, detaching 2 to send Graf back to deck. Eclipse banishes DAD from Jesus' deck. In BP Jesus attacks over Dante with Construct then directly with Castel for 2000. Christopher adds Cir to hand off of Dante. Jesus passes with nothing futher.

6000 (Christopher) - 7000 (Jesus)

Christopher draws, then reveals Scarm to special summon it defense mode. He normal summons Cir, and then overlays for another Dante. Dante's effect activates, detaching Cir, sending Solemn Warning, Vanity's Emptiness and Alcab. When Christopher tries to special summon with Cir, Jesus plays Solemn Warning. Alcab targets Construct, negating its effects. Dante then attacks over Castel. In main phase 2, Christopher plays Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force, special summon Pleiades. He detaches Dante targeting Construct, which sends it back to the extra deck.

6000 (Christopher) - 4000 (Jesus)

Jesus draws and plays Shaddoll Fusion. Christopher contemplates his response, activating Pleiades effect bouncing itself to the extra deck. Jesus uses his facedown Squamata and in-hand Falco to special summon Winda. Falco special summon itself and Squamata sends Beast. Jesus then draws a card. Winda attacks directly and Jesus passes.

3800 (Christopher) - 4000 (Jesus)

Christopher draws to add a hand of all monsters and goes directly for his side deck for game 2!

Game 2


Christopher goes first and simply sets one card.

Jesus activates Mystical Space Typhoon in Draw Phase to destroy Christopher's Mystical Space Typhoon. Jesus activates El Shaddoll Fusion, to which Christopher responds with Maxx "C." Jesus sends Falco and Beast to special summon Winda. Falco special summon itself, allowing Christopher to draw another card. Winda attacks directly and Jesus ends his turn.

5800 (Christopher) - 8000 (Jesus)

Christopher draws and plays The Monarch's Stormforth, tributing Jesus' Winda for Vanity's Fiend. Winda added El Shaddoll Fusion. Vanity's Fiend attacks Falco, and Christopher sets two backrow cards to end his turn.

Jesus draws and sets one monster along with a backrow, then passes.

Christopher draws, then attempts to attack Jesus' facedown monster. Jesus responds with Sinister Shadow Games, sending Beast and flipping Dragon to bounce back Vanity's Fiend to Christopher's hand. Jesus draws one, and Christopher passes.

Jesus activates El Shaddoll Fusion on his turn, but Christopher responds with Non-Fusion Area! Jesus goes on by normal summoning Squamata. He attacks directly with Squamata and Dragon. In main phase 2 he overlays for Daigusto Emeral. He detaches Squamata, sending back Dragon, Falco, and Beast to draw one. Jesus sets one and passes. In the end phase, Christopher plays Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Graf, targeting the newly set spell or trap. Graf special summon Scarm.

2100 (Christopher) - 8000 (Jesus)

Christopher draws for turn and summons Tour Guide. Scarm is immediately sent from the field to the graveyard, then Christopher special summon Graf off of Tour Guide. He overlays for Dante, detaching Graf to send Compulsory Evacuation Device, Black Luster Solider - Envoy of the Beginning, and Fire Lake. Graf special summon Cir. In BP Dante attacks over Daigusto Emeral and Cir swings directly.

2100 (Christopher) - 5700 (Jesus)

Jesus draws and simply sets a backrow.

Christopher activates Dante's effect, sending Karma Cut, Calcab, and Vanity's Fiend. Calcab bounces Jesus' facedown to his hand. Christopher then attacks with Dante and Cir directly. In main phase 2 he overlays Dante for Downerd Magician. Cir is destroyed, but Christopher special summon Scarm. He then follows up but tributing Downerd Magician for Vanity's Fiend. In the end phase, Christopher adds Cir with Scarm's effect.

2100 (Christopher) - 1600 (Jesus)

Raigeki then hits the field from Jesus's hand! He sets two backrow cards and passes.

Christopher normal summons and attacks directly for game!

Game 3


Jesus elects to go first in the deciding game. He starts off by playing El Shaddoll Fusion, sending Falco and Squamata to special summon Winda. Squamata sends Beast and Falco special summon itself. Jesus then draws one for Beast. Jesus sets a monster and passes.

Christopher draws for turn and then reveals Calcab to special summonecial it in defense mode. He tributes it for Vanity's Fiend. His monster attacks over Winda. Christopher follows it up by setting two backrows and end his turn.

8000 (Christopher) - 7800 (Jesus)

Jesus flips up Hedgehog to add Shaddoll Fusion to his hand. He then passes his turn with no further plays.

Christopher looks at his facedown traps, mulls over his all-monster hand, but decides on attack Jesus' set Falco. He then passes.

Jesus draws and sets a monster facedown and passes yet again.

Chrstopher uses his turn to attack over Hedgehog with Vanity's Fiend and passes again.

Jesus draws and sets a monster.

Christopher attacks the newly set monster, which is a Squamata! Vanity's Fiend is then destroyed.

Jesus banishes Hedghog for White Dragon, then activates Shaddoll Fusion. Jesus sends Hedgehog and White Dragon to special summon Construct. Construt then sends dragon, White Dragon adds Black Dragon and Hedgehog adds Dragon. Dragon destroys a dead Lake. Jesus banishes White Dragon in grave for Black Dragon, then attacks directly with Black Dragon. On the direct attack with Construct, Christopher specialspecial summononds with PWWB, targeting Construct and discarding Graf. When Christopher attempts to activate Graf's effect, Jesus plays Solemn Warning. In main phase 2, Jesus normal summons Shaddoll Dragon, and Christopher specialspecial summononds with Raigeki Break, discarding Cir to target Dragon. Jesus specialspecial summononds with El Shaddoll Fusion, sending Dragon and Falco to special summon Winda. Falco then special summon itself and Cir special summon Graf. Jesus passes.

6200 (Christopher) - 5800 (Jesus)

Christopher normal summons Calcab and overlays for Dante. Dante activates its effect sending Maxx "C", Graf and Rubik. Dante attacks over Black Dragon for 700 damage. Jesus then adds White Dragon from his deck. Dante turns to defense mode, then Christopher sets a backrow and passes.

6200 (Christopher) - 5100 (Jesus)

Jesus activates Mystical Space Typhoon in his draw phase, destroying The Monarchs Stormforth, and time is called in the round! Jesus looks at his opponent's graveyard, deciding on his next move. Jesus flips Falco, but does not take the effect. He synchro summons for Arcanite Magician, getting two tokens. Jesus adds Shaddoll Fusion to hand from Winda's effect, and activates it sending Felis and Beast to special summon Construct. Construct sends Core and Jesus draws one for Beast. Core then adds El Shaddoll Fusion to hand. Arcanite uses a counter to destroy Dante, and Christopher adds Graf to hand with Dante, then special summon Cir to off of Graf, Jesus banishes Flaco from grave to special summon White Dragon. Arcanite uses its last counter to destroy Cir, which special summon Dante. Construct attacks over Dante, which adds Graff. White Dragon attacks directly, then Jesus plays El Shaddoll Fusion. He sends Construct and Arcanite for another Construct. Jesus adds Core to hand off of Construct. He swings directly with the other Construct, sets two backrow and passes.

1700 (Christopher) - 5100 (Jesus)

In turn 1 of time, Christopher activates The Monarchs Stormforth, tributing Construct to summon Mobius the Frost Monarch. Mobius targets both of Jesus' backrows! That sends Core and Sinister Shadow Games to the grave. Core and Construct add El Shaddoll Fusion and Shaddoll Fusion to Jesus' hand. Mobius attacks over White Dragon and Jesus adds Black Dragon from his deck. Christopher passes.

1700 (Christopher) - 5100 (Jesus)

Jesus banishes White Dragon for Black Dragon, and passes.

Christopher draws Foolish Burial for turn and activates it, sending Cir. Cir then special summon Dante from grave. He normal summons Graff, but it dies immediately, special summon Scarm from deck. Scarm is then sent to the grave. Mobius attacks Black Dragon, and Jesus attemps to activate Black Dragon's effect, but has no targets. Dante swings directly. In main phase 2, Christopher overlays Dante for Downerd Magician and passes.

1700 (Christopher) - 3600 (Jesus)

Jesus draws for his last turn in time and extends his hand, having no cards to comeback with.


Christopher moves on in the tournament undefeated with his Burning Abyss deck!