ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 1: Chancy Wigglestove (Chaos Shaddoll ) vs. Zeyang Zhang (Artifact Shaddoll)

Welcome to ARG Circuit Series Seattle! In Round 1 we have Chancy Wigglestove running Chaos Shaddoll against Zeyang Zhang running Artifact Shaddoll. Zeyang won the dice roll and elected to go first.

Game 1


Chancy normal summoned Mathematician sending Squamata, which sends Falco. Falco was special summoned face down. He sets 3 cards and passes.

Zeyang draws for turn and sets three cards facedown and passes. In the end phase, Chancy activates Sinister Shadow Games sending Beast and flipping Falco. He draws one for Beast and then specials Squamata. After the special resolves, Chancy activates El Shaddoll Fusion sending the facedown Squamata and Hedgehog special summoning Winda. Squamata then sends Dragon to destroyZeyang's set El Shaddoll Fusion.

Chancy draws and switches Falco to attack mode. In battle phase he attacks with Falco and is successful. When he tries to attack with Mathematician, Zeyang contemplates responding, but takes the damage. Then Winda attacks directly. In Main Phase 2 Chancy synchros for Arcanite. On the summon, Zeyang activates Sanctum, Special Summons Moralltech. Chancy adds El Shaddol off of Winda. Moralltech activates destroying Arcanite. Chancy sets the freshly added El Shaddoll Fusion and sets Hedgehog. In the end phase, Zeyang activates Sinister Shadow Games sending Squa which sends Hedgehog to add Shaddoll Dragon.

8000 (Chancy) - 3700 (Zeyang)

Zeyang starts off his turn by normal summoning Shaddoll Dragon. In battle phase he attacks with Moralltech over Mathematician. Chancy draws a card. Dragon attacks Chancy's facedown Hedgehog, which adds Core. Zeyang ends his turn, making no futher plays.

7400 (Chancy) - 3700 (Zeyang)

Chancy draws for turn and sets 2 backrow and passes.

Zeyang draws, the enters Battle Phase and attacks with Dragon and Moralltech. In main phase 2 he sets a monster. In the end phase Chancy activates Core and chains El Shaddoll Fusion special summoning Construct by sending Core and Beast. Construct sends Dragon, Chancy draws one and  then adds El Shaddoll Fusion back from Core. Dragon destroys Zeyang's El Shaddoll Fusion.

3400 (Chancy) - 3700 (Zeyang)

In draw phase Chancy activates Mystical Space Typhoon on Zeyang's facedown, and Zeyang responds activates Sinister Shadow Games in response to send Beast. Zeyang draws a card. Chancy activates Raigeki destroying all 3 monsters (Moralltech, Squamata, and Dragon). Squamata sent Hedgehog to add Falco, and Dragon destroyed Chancy's El Shaddoll Fusion. Chancy then Special Summons Black Luster Solider - Envoy of the Beginning and Zeyang scooped up his cards to quickly side deck for to Game 2! Zeyang chooses to go second.

Game 2


Chancy draws his five cards and passes without making a play.

Zeyang activates Foolish Burial, sending Squamata which sends Beast. Zeyang draws a card from Beast's effect. He sets a monster, followed by 3 backrow and passes.

Chancy draws and passes again.

Zeyang flips up Falco specialing Beast. After some thought, he attacks with Falco and sets another facedown to end his turn.

7400 (Chancy) - 8000 (Zeyang)

Chancy draws and normal summons Mathematician with no response from Zeyang. Chancy spends a fair amount of time looking at his hand before sending Hegdehog to add Squamata. Chancy enters Battle Phase and attacks over Falco with Mathematician. Chancy then sets 3 facedown cards and passes. During the end phase, Zeyang activates Sinister Shadow Games sending Dragon to destroy El Shaddoll Fusion.

7400 (Chancy) - 7100 (Zeyang)

Zeyang slams Dark Armed Dragon on the table! He uses the effect banishing Squamata to destroy Mathematician. Zeyang then flip summons Beast to draw 2 and discards Shaddoll Core. Zeyang enters Battle Phase and swings for 5000 damage.

2400 (Chancy) - 7100 (Zeyang)

Chancy draws and flips up a set Shaddoll Fusion, but Zeyang chains Vanity's Emptiness. Chancy responds with Mystical Space Typhoon targeting the Vanity's and Zeyang responds with a second Vanity's! Chancy then normal summons Mathematician, sending Dragon to destroy Call of the Haunted. Vanity's Emptiness is also destroyed. Chancy enters Battle Phase and attacks with Math against Beast. The Math is destroyed but Chancy draws a card, then activates El Shaddoll to Special Summons El Shaddoll Construct, sending Felis, Lightsworn Archer and Squamata. Construct sends Beast and Squamata sends Falco. Chancy draws a card then Special Summons Falco. He attacks Dark Armed Dragon with Construct. In Main Phase 2 he specials Black Luster Solider for the second game in a row! He uses the effect to banish Beast.

1700 (Chancy) - 7100 (Zeyang)

Zeyang plays Shaddoll Fusion, sending Mortalltech and Beast to Special Summons Construct. Construct sends Hegehog, then Zeyang draws for first. Finally he adds a Dragon to his hand off of Hedgehog. In Battle Phase he destroys BLS with Construct's effect, then sets a monster a passes.

Chancy Plays another Shadoll Fusion, sending Eclipse Vyvern and Beast to Special Summons his second Construct. Construct sends Hedgehog from deck, then Chancy draws a card and banishes Dark Armed Dragon from deck. Hedgehog then adds a Squamata. He then flips Falco to Special Summons Beast. In Battle Phase he crashes Constructs. Zeyang adds Shaddoll Fusion while Chancy adds El Shaddoll Fusion. Chancy's second Construct attacks Zeyang's f/d Dragon, which returns Construct to the extra deck. Falco attacks directly for 600. In Main Phase 2 Chancy tributes his face-up Falco for Vanity's Fiend. he then sets two cards and passes.

1700 (Chancy) - 6500 (Zeyang)

Zeyang draws then sets a monster and backrow.

Chancy flip summons Beast to draw two and discard Dragon, destroying Shaddoll Fusion. He then attacks with Vanity's Fiend over Math. Zeyang draws one and Beast attacks directly for 2200. Chancy sets two more cards and passes.

1700 (Chancy) - 4300 (Zeyang)

Zeyang sets another monster and a backrow to end his turn.

Chancy draws and enters Battle Phase, attacking with Vanity's Fiend to destroy Squamata. Squamata destroys Vanity's, then Beast swings directly.

1700 (Chancy) - 2100 (Zeyang)

Zeyang draws and sets another monster.

Chancy special summons Core and attacks over Hedgehog, which adds El Shaddoll to hand. Chancy then plays El Shaddoll Fusion sending Core and Mathematician to Special Summons Shenk. Shenk tries to swing for game but Zeyang has Compulsory Evacuation Device. Chancy then tributes Beast for a second Vanity's Fiend. Time is then called in the round with Chancy as the active player.

Zeyang draws for turn, shaking his head in frustration with his newly drawn card. He simply sets another monster and a f/d spell or trap and passes.

Chancy attacks with Vanity's Fiend over Falco. In Main Phase 2 he sets another backrow card and passes.

Zeyang draws for turn three in time and reveals Artificat Sanctum along with Soul Charge and extends his hand for the handshake!

Chancy moves on to Round 2 with a pristine  1-0 record!