ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 5: Diego Haltom (Qliphorts) vs. Sam Johanson (Burning Abyss)

This is  Round 5 of ARG Circuit Series Seattle. Here we have Diego Haltom running Qliphorts against Same Johanson playing Buning Abyss. Sam wins the dice roll and elects to go first in game 1.

Game 1


Sam starts off with Tour Guide, which he normal summons. He specials Graff from deck and overlays for Dante. He detaches Graff to mill Mystical Space Typhoon. Sam specials Scarm from deck, sets two cards and passes.

Diego activates Scout in his pendulum zone, pays 800, but Sam activates Fire Lake. Same sends Scarm and Dante to destroy Scout. Sam adds Graff back from Dante's effect. Diego follows up with another Scout, using its effect to search for Helix. He throws down Performapal Trampolynx in his other pendulum zone, and pendulum summons 3 monsters: Scout, Helix, and Carrier. Diego uses Performapal Trampolynx's effect to add Scout back to hand. He plays Scout again and searches Disk. Diego tributes Helix and Scout for Disk, but Sam has Breakthrough Skill. Diego attacks with both of his monsters directly, sets two cards, and ends his turn. During the end phase, Sam adds Tour Guide with Scarm.

5600 (Diego) - 3400 (Sam)

Sam reveals Graff and Rubic to special summon them, then goes into Virgil. He discards Scarm off of Virgil to target a backrow, but Diego chains Skill Drain. Same thinks about entering battle phase, but plays  Foolish Burial, sending Cir to speical summon Scarm. He normal summons Tour Guide, overlays into Acid Golem, and attacks with it over Disk. In the end phase Sam searches for Cir.

3500 (Diego) - 3400 (Sam)

Diego pays 800 for Scout and searches Disk. He then pendulum summons 5 Qliphort monsters from the top of the extra deck, including two Carriers. He tributes both of them for Disk, activating both Carrier's to bounce both of Sam's monsters and swing for game with 4 Qliphort monsters!

Game 2


Sam opts to go first and starts off again with Tour Guide, specialing Graff. He overlays for Dante, detaching Graff to mill Soul Charge. He brings out Scarm from deck. Sam reveals and specials Rubic from hand, then synchros into Virgil. he sets two cards facedown and in the end phase searches for Graff off of Scarm's effect.

Diego starts off the same way this game with Scout, pays 800, but falls victim to Mystical Space Typhoon. Diego has an Mystical Space Typhoon of his own to blow up Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. He follows up with Summoner's Art for another Scout, which he immediately plays in his pendulum zone. He pays another 800 to search for Carrier. Diego plays Carrier in his other pendulum zone, then pendulum summons the Scout that was on top of his extra deck. He equips the newly summoned monster with Saqlifice, and tribute summons Disk. Diego brings out two Helix from deck, and searches Scout off of Saqlifice. Disk attacks over Virgil for 300, and Sam draws a card. During Diego's end phase, both Helixes are destroyed by Disk's effect.

6400 (Diego) - 7700 (Sam)

Sam tries to get things rolling on his turn with Dante's effect, detaching Tour Guide to mill Rubic, Vanity's Emptiness and Scarm. He reveals and special summons Graff, then normal summons Cir. Sam passes after setting two backrow.

Diego plays cautiously, reading the inevitable Fire Lake in Sam's backrow, and tries to use Scout's effect. Sam responds with Fire Lake, sending Dante and Cir to destroy the Scout and Carrier in Diego's pendulum zones, as well as his facedown Pot of Duality. Sam specials Dante and adds Scarm to hand. Diego plays yet another Scout, and it falls victim yet again to Mystical Space Typhoon. Diego uses Disk to attack Dante, and Sam adds Cir. Diego sets a backrow and passes.

4800 (Diego) - 7400 (Sam)

Sam reveals and specials Rubic from his hand and normal summons Alich. He then brings out Virgil, then discards Scarm to send back Diego's backrow to the deck. He passes after setting another backrow.

Diego draws another Disk and attacks with his on-field Disk over Virgil. Sam thinks about responding, and he eventually lets it happen. Sam draws a card. Diego, in Main Phase 2, activates Disk in his pendulum zone. During the endphase, Sam activates Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on Diego's on-field Disk, and Diego scoops up his cards immediately to go to game 3.

Game 3


Diego elects to go first in the deciding game of this match. He starts off by normal summoning Carrier, setting three backrows and passing.

Sam eyes widen as he draws his sixth card in hand, mulling over his potential options for the turn. He sets four backrow, and in the end phase, Diego plays Mystical Space Typhoon hitting Fairy Wind.

Diego normal summons Disk, but it falls victim to Bottomless Trap Hole. He attacks directly with with Carrier. During the end phase, Sam activates double Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Graff and Scarm to bounce two backrows to the top of Diego's deck. Sam adds Calcab and specials Cir from deck.

8000 (Diego) - 6200 (Sam)

Sam normal summons Calcab and overlays it with Cir into Dante. He detaches Calcab, milling Rubic, Cir, and Fire Lake. He specials Scarm off of Cir, attacks over Disk. In Main Phase 2, he overlays for Downerd Magician, immediately destroying Scarm. He sets a backrow and passes.

7300 (Diego) - 6200 (Sam)

Diego draws a backrow that was sent to the top of his deck via Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and sets it. Sam flips over Dust Tornado in the end phase and Diego scoops it up!

Sam claims the victory 2-1 and is still undefeated in the tournament!