ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 6: Anthony Eckroth (Burning Abyss) vs. Tyler Yu (Chaos Shaddoll)

Round 6 is upon us here in the Emerald City, and this round we have a match between Tyler Yu and Anthony Eckroth. We featured Anthony Eckroth earlier today where he won against this same match-up, Burning Abyss against Chaos Shaddoll. Tyler is starting off going first this game.

Game 1


Tyler starts off by summoning Mathematician, sending Squamata, which sends Falco. He special summons Falco from the grave with its effect, sets two backrows, and passes.

Anthony reveals Alich, and Tyler lets the special summon go through. Anthony normal summons Calcab, and overlays into Dante. He detaches Calcab, seding Tour Guide, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Mystical Space Typhoon to the grave. Calcab returns one of Tyler's sets to his hand. Dante attacks over Mathematician, and Tyler draws a card. Anthony sets two cards and passes.

8000 (Anthony) - 7000 (Tyler)

Tyler draws for turn, sets another monster, accompanied by two more backrows, and passes back to Anthony.

Anthony draws for turn then activates Dante, milling Vanity's Emptiness, Tour Guide and Fire Lake. He then normal summons Graff, switches Dante to attack mode, and activates Fire Lake targeting Tyler's three backrow cards. Tyler respponds with Mystical Space Typhoon, targeting Anthony's last set card, and then chains Sinister Shadow Games. Tyler sends Beast, destroys Solemn Warning with Mystical Space Typhoon, and loses his Bottomless Trap Hole. Lastly, Tyler draws for Beast. Anthony then special summons Rubic from deck via Graff, and adds Calcab from Dante. He plays Allure of Darkness to draw two and banish Calcab. Anthony hesitantly goes into a Soul Charge play, bringing back Alich and Graf. He overlays Rubic and Alich for Dante, then detaches Rubic milling Scarm, Rubic and Graff. He finishes off his turn by banishing Dante and Tour Guide from graveyard to special summon Black Luster Solider - Envoy of the Beginning to banish Tyler's facedown Falco.

6000 (Anthony) - 7000 (Tyler)

Tyler draws and flips up Hedgehog, adding Shaddoll Fusion to his hand, which he plays right away. Tyler sends Squamata and White Dragon to bring out Construct. Construct sends Falco while Squamata sends Beast. Tyler specials Falco and draws one for Beast. He attacks BLS with Construct to destroy the BLS. Tyler then sets another monster along with two backrows, and passes back to Anthony.

Anthony normal summons Tour Guide, bringong out Graff. He overlays into a second Dante, detaching Graff to send Rubic, Cir and Raigeki to the grave. He activates Cir to bring out Rubic and Graff to summon Scarm from deck. He then plays Beginning of the End! He banishes 5 darks to draw two Vanity's Emptiness and Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force to accompany his in-hand Mystical Space Typhoon. He then snychro summons Virgil, and Tyler responds with Sinister Shadow Games, sending Core and flipping up Dragon. Core would add Shaddoll Fusion to Tyler's hand, and the Dragon returns Virgil to the extra deck. Anthony plays Mystical Space Typhoon on Tyler's last facedown, but it is the third Sinister Shadow Games! Tyler chains it sending Beast. Anthony then plays Rank-Up to bring out Pleiades, and attacks over the defense position Dragon. He uses the effect of Pleaides to bounce Construct back to the extra deck. He sets two cards in his backrow, and ends his turn. In the end phase, Anthony adds Cir from Scarm.

During Tyler's draw phase, Anthony plays Vanity's Emptiness, but Tyler responds with Super Polymerization, discarding Glow-up Bulb and  using a facedown Falco along with Anthony's Pleiades to bring out Construct. He sends Dragon to destroy Anthony's other Vanity's Emptiness. Tyler then plays Shaddoll Fusion, sending Felis and Hedgehog for another Construct. He adds Dragon to hand, then normal summons it. He attacks over Dante, and Anthony adds Fire Lake to Hand. Tyler then swings directly with the other Construct and Dragon.

1300 (Anthony) - 5300 (Tyler)

Anthony draws into Phoenix Wing Wind Blast for turn, takes a look at his extra deck and realizes he is out of Dantes! He special summons Calcab and from hand, sets a backrow and passes.

Tyler draws, then enters battle phase. Anthony responds with Fire Lake targeting Tyler's three monsters, but Tyler has El Shaddoll Fusion, using a Construct and Dragon to bring out a third Construct. He adds Shaddoll Fusion to his hand via the Construct sent to grave. Anthony special summons Dante and it gets run over by Construct. He adds to Scarm hand.

Anthony draws, then sets a monster along with a backrow.

Tyler special summons Glow-Up Bulb by sending Black Dragon. He normal summons Honest and snychro summons into Armaedes. When he enters battle phase, Anthony plays Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on Construct, discarding Cir to special Dante. Armaedes ran over the facedown Scarm. Tyler sets a backrow and passes.

Anthony draws Karma Cut for turn, sets it and passes. Tyler plays Compulsory Evacuation Device in the end phase and Anthony scoops it up!

"That's the first game I've lost all day." Anthony commented. He would be going first in game 2.

Game 2


Anthony begins with Tour Guide, bringing out Graff. He overlays the two for Dante, detaches Graff to mill double Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Vanity's Fiend. Graff special summons Scarm from deck. He reveals and specials Calcab, overlays for another Dante, and uses its effect. Dante mills Raigeki, Karma Cut and the third Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. He sets one backrow and passes.

Tyler slams Shaddoll Fusion on the table, but Anthony has Vanity's Emptiness. Tyler sets a monster and two backrow, then passes.

Anthony draws then mills Vanity's , Karma Cut and Tour Guide off of Dante. He uses Calcab to target a set, which Tyler chains. He bounces a Dante with Compulsory. Anthony chains Mystical Space Typhoon hitting Vanity's Emptiness. Anthony goes into another Dante after playing Tour Guide, then sends Alich, Cir and Graf to the grave. That lets Anthony special Rubic and Graff. He overlays for Ghostrick Alucard, detaching one to destroy Tyler's facedown Glow-Up Bulb. Anthony swings directly with 2 Dante and  Alucard. In Main Phase 2, Anthony overlays both Dantes for Downerd Magicians, and passes.

8000 (Anthony) - 1200 (Tyler)

Tyler draws and plays Shaddoll Fusion, sending Squamata and Denko Sekka to bring out Construct. Construct sends Falco and Squamata sends Beast. Tyler draws one and special summons Falco from grave. He banishes Denko Sekka and Squamata for BLS. Tyler attacks with BLS over Alucard and a 2300 Atk Downerd Magician, then swings with Construct over the second Dante. Anthony adds Rubic and Cir from grave from two Dantes. Tyler then sets two cards and passes

6100 (Anthony) - 1200 (Tyler)

Anthony reveals Rubic to special summon, and Tyler responds with El Shaddoll Fusion, sending Construct and a facedown Falco for Wind. Anthony normal summons Cir and passes. In the end phase, Tyler plays Sinister Shadow Games, sending Beast to draw a card.

Tyler draws and plays El Shaddoll Fusion, using an in-hand Felis and Wind for Construct. Construct sends Core and Winda adds El Shaddoll to hand. He normal summons Hedgehog and special summons Glow-Up Bulb from graveyard. He goes into Armory Arm and equips it to Black Luster Soldier. He attacks over Cir, which specials Dante. BLS attacks over Dante adding Cir. Construct then attacks over Rubic. Tyler sets two more cards and passes.

1100 (Anthony) - 1200 (Tyler)

On Anthony's turn, he specials Graff and Cir, then overlays for Nightmare Shark. Anthony uses the effect and attacks for game! The game seemed totally in Tyler's favor but somehow Anthony pulls out a victory!

Game 3


Tyler opts to go first in the critical game 3. he starts off by normal summoning Mathematician as he did in game 1. He sends Squamata which sends Hedgehog to add Beast to hand. Tyler plays Shaddoll Fusion using Felis and Beast for Construct, sending Falco and drawing one for Beast. Falco then specials itself from grave. Tyler ends with no further plays.

Anthony reveals then specials Rubic, then normals Graff and overlays into Dante. Dante mills Rubic, Foolish Burial and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Graff specials Scarm from deck. Dante attacks over Mathematician for 1000, and Tyler draws a card. Anthony sets two backrows and passes.

8000 (Anthony) - 7000 (Tyler)

Tyler draws and flips Falco face-up, targeting Beast. Anthony responds with Vanity's Emptiness. Tyler then tributes Falco for Beast. He attacks over Dante with Construct. Vanity's Emptiness is destroyed, and Anthony adds Graff to hand. Beast attacks over Scarm. In Main Phase 2, Tyler banishes Falco for White Dragon in defense position. Anthony adds Tour Guide in the end phase. Time is called in the round!

Anthony looks at his hand then summons Tour Guide, bringing out Cir. He overlays into Dante, detaches Cir to mill double Scarm and Cir. Cir then special summons a Dante in defense mode. Anthony throws down Beginning of the End! He draws three more cards after banishing 5 darks from grave. Dante attacks over Beast for 300 damage. Anthony then sets a backrow and passes.

8000 (Anthony) - 6700 (Tyler)

Tyler special summons Black Dragon by banishing Felis from grave. Anthony allows it and Tyler overlays into Exciton Knight! He uses the effect and Anthony responds with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Cir to bounce Construct. Anthony brings back Dante with Cir, then adds Scarm and Cir from two Dantes going to grave. Tyler then normal summons Night Dragolich. Tyler then passes with two cards left in his hand.

Anthony draws to seven cards in hand, trying to figure out how to get rid Tyler's two remaining monsters. Anthony normal summons Graff and attacks over Exciton Knight. He then specials Alich in Main Phase 2, specials another Graff, then Scarm, and goes into Wind-Up Zenmaines. He sets a backrow card and passes.

This is Tyler's last turn in time. He draws and immediately looks at his extra deck. Anthony reveals a facedown Karma Cut and in-hand Vanity's Fiend. Tyler reveals his hand of all shaddoll monsters and extends the handshake.

Anthony makes a massive comeback to win the match 2-1 and move on as the only 6-0 duelist here today!