ARG Format Banned/Restricted List Update

Hello Duelists. As explained in the Circuit Series Facebook group we will be updating the ARG Banned/Restricted list on the first Monday of each month. Some months there may not be any changes and we will post no changes. Remember if a card is a major problem we may emergency edit the ARG Banned/Restricted List. The goal of the list is trying to make the format have multiple decks, upwards of five or six as well as bring some decks back that were not viable. For this list there are changes so I will post what they are and the thought process behind them. I will post the link at the end of the article with the link to the entire list. Here are the changes to the list:

Apoqliphort Towers

Restricted to 1
Nekroz of Unicore
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Restricted to 2
Compulsory Evacuation Device
One for One
Elemental Hero Bubbleman
El Shaddoll Fusion
Monster Gate

No Longer Restricted
Debris Dragon
Rescue Rabbit
Artifact Moraltach

Raigeki-LCJW-EN-ScR-1EHere is the thought process behind the changes:

Raigeki (Banned) - Mass monster removal is available easily enough through triple dark hole and various other cards. Unlike most of those, Raigeki is a very swingy card, and can steal games that otherwise would not be winnable.

Apoqliphort Towers (Banned) - This card does not allow your opponent to play the game.  We thought this was the easiest way to fix Qliphort turbo and still make Qliphort a playable deck.  Other changes would have made the deck unplayable.

Nekroz of Unicore (Restricted to 1) -  This is the strongest and most flexible card in the Nekroz Arsenal, and it's a floodgate card that is easily summoned time and time again.  Nekroz is also still too strong and needs to come down a little to even the playing field.

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Restricted to 1) - This card has had relatively little impact on the TCG meta as a whole, mostly due to its inaccessibility in most decks at the moment. It is incredibly powerful, but we believe that it is fine at 1.

compulseCompulsory Evacuation Device (Restricted to 2) - This is an incredibly powerful trap card, but it happens to be bad against the best deck in the format (Nekroz), as well as a few of the other larger decks (Qliphort & Kozmo), so it sees minimal play. Despite this, we don't see it ruining the game at 2, as it is not nearly as extra deck based as it used to be.

One for One (Restricted to 2) - Another powerful combo piece for synchros, but also a powerful resource for Infernoids.  It increases the explosiveness of synchro strategies by making it easier to access the powerful recursive tuners and Level Eater.  This card makes two decks better Synchros and Infernoids.

Elemental Hero Bubbleman (Restricted to 2) - There are enough defensive cards in the top strategies to stop this card.  Also all of the quick OTK enablers alongside Stratos are slower cards like Call of the Haunted.  Heroes still need a boost to get them even with the other decks because they were still under performing.

el shaddoll fusionEl Shaddoll Fusion (Restricted to 2) - Competitive Shaddoll lists live and die off of this one card. This back to 2 is a strong competitive boost to shaddolls, and shouldn't have too much of a negative impact on the format.

Monster Gate (Restricted to 2) - This card gives Infernoids a boost as well as can have an impact on other decks.  With Royal Magicial Library banned in ARG Format this card can come up to two.

Debris Dragon (No Longer on List) - Debris Dragon is not any more overpowered than any other similar card like Coach Soldier Wolfbark or Satellarknight Altair. If you want a competitive, interactive synchro strategy, this going to 3 is a must.

Rescue Rabbit (No Longer on List) - This card is doing nothing in the current format.  Normal monsters need an incredibly powerful synergy within the rest of their deck to be worth playing, and nothing competitive except maybe Igknights (if you can call them "competitive") can abuse that at the moment.  This card will help that deck get better.

Tragoedia (No Longer on List) - Gorz is at 3 and is arguably a stronger card that fills the same roles. This can go to 3.

Artifact Moraltach (No Longer on List) -  The Artifact Engine as a whole encourages interacting with the opponent and promotes strong decision making.  We don't see the Artifact engine as a whole hurting the game too much.

Here is the whole list in Google Spreadsheet form: