ARG Judge Rewards

Q: What exactly is the ARG Judge Program?

The ARG Judge program is designed to reward the Judges whose hard work goes into making our Circuit Events possible.  Judges not only answer rule questions they are essential to the attending players by providing  a fair, fun & comfortable play environment while maintaining the competitive level of the event.

Q: How are the ARG Judge Points awarded?

Head Judge ARG Open 25 Points
Head Judge ARG Giant/Prize Card 15 Points
Floor Judge 5 Points

Q: What can I get with my ARG judges points?

50 Points $25 ARG Store Credit
100 Points $50 ARG Store Credit
200 Points $100 ARG Store Credit
300 Points Travel Voucher Food, Gas or Hotel
400 Points Flight Voucher

Q: So, how do I redeem my ARG Judge Points?

At the event talk to our Event Manager and it will be taken care of on site. Or email and we will add your store credit to your account on our website and or book your travel if redeeming points for a flight or travel voucher.