ARG Player’s Championship: Loser’s Bracket Top 4 Aaron Furman (HAT) vs. Alyx Lisgathe (Spellbooks)

We're all the way to the Top 4 of the Loser's Bracket.  These duelists have fought long and hard after suffering an earlier defeat, but they still have a chance at glory!  Aaron is running HAT, a deck we have seen countless times today already, while Alyx is championing the Spellbook archetype.  Will Alyx's Spellcasters be able to topple Aaron's HAT?

Alyx wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He simply sets two to his backrow and passes.

Araron sets two to his backrow, plays Cardcar D and passes, drawing him two cards.  

Alyx activates Spellbook Library of the Crescent for Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of Wisdom, and The Grand Spellbook Tower, adding Secrets which is immediately activated to search out Wisdom.  Next, he Normal Summons Justice of Prophecy and attacks directly.  During the End Phase he banishes Justice to add High Priestess of Prophecy and Secrets.

6400 (Aaron) - 8000 (Alyx)

Aaron sets three more to his back row then plays another Cardcar D to draw more cards!

Alyx leads off with a Spellbook of Secrets to search out Spellbook Magician of Prophecy which is then Normal Summoned but Aaron has the Fiendish Chain.  Alyx responds with Spellbook of Wisdom to push the effect through.  Spellbook Magician searches The Grand Spellbook Tower and then attacks directly.

5900 - 8000

Aaron summons a third Cardcar D to draw yet even more cards!

Tower sends back Secrets to draw Alyx a card.  Alyx then Normal Summons Maxx “C”.  Aaron responds with a Maxx “C” of his own.  He simply sets one and passes.  During the End Phase Aaron uses Artifact Sanctum to get Artifact Beagalltach, Alyx responds with another Maxx “C”.  Beagalltach targets Moralltach which Special Summons and destroys Spellbook Magician.

5400 (Aaron) - 8000 (Alyx)

Aaron overlays both Artifacts for Tiras, Keeper of Genesis.  He then Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo but is met with a Fiendish Chain.  A second Fiendish Chain stops Tiras cold.  He sets two then passes.

Tower sends back Wisdom to draw a card.  He sets one to his back row and passes the turn.

Aaron Tribute Summons Moralltach and swings right into a Mirror Force!  

Tower sends back the other secrets to draw a card.  Alyx then activates Pot of Duality and reveals Spelbook Magician, Solemn Warning, and Book of Moon, adding Solemn Warning.  Maxx “C” gets in for another 500 damage.

4900 (Aaron) - 8000 (Alyx)

Aaron normal Summons Traptrix Dionaea but it is stopped by Solemn Warning.

4900 (Aaron) - 6000 (Alyx)

Tower sends back Spellbook Library of the Crescent.  Aaron has finally seen too much and scoops it up after being just so far behind.  

Despite only being pressured with 500 ATK monsters, Aaron's poor draw of multiple Artifacts can't sustain him underneath Alyx's insane card advantage, even after three Cardcar D activations!

Game 2

Aaron decides to be on the play.  He sets two then plays Cardcar D to draw two cards.

Alyx starts off with a Spellbook of Secrets, searching out Spellbook of Wisdom.  He then Normal Summons Justice and activates Master, revealing Wisdom but Aaron has the D.D. Crow to banish the Secrets.  Next, he activates Pot of Duality and reveals Spellbook of Eternity, Spelbook Magician, and Secrets, adding Eternity.  Justice gets in for a direct attack, and during the End Phase Justice searches out a copy of High Priestess of Prophecy and Spellbook of Secrets.  

6400 (Aaron)  - 8000 (Alyx)

Aaron normal summons Traptrix Myrmeleo and searches out Bottomless Trap Hole.  Myrmeleo connects and Aaron fills his back row before passing the turn.

6400 (Aaron) - 6400 (Alyx)

Alyx kicks things off by revealing Wisdom and two Secrets to Special Summon High Priestess of Prophecy.  On the Summon, Aaron activates Artifact Ignition on his set Artifact Moralltach to set Beagalltach from his deck.  Moralltach Special Summons and desstroys Priestess, but Alyx immediately summons a second High Priestess of Prophecy!   A second Ignition on Beagalltach is used to pop another set Moralltach to destroy the second High Priestesss.  But Alyx has a THIRD High Priestess of Prophecy!  Aaron activates Bottomless Trap Hole,but Alyx chains Wisdom.  Aaron responds with  Breakthrough Skill to stop the destruction effect.  Alyx then activates Secrets and searches out Spellbook of Life.  Life banishes one Priestess and brings out anotherPriestess.  The Priestess with an effect banishes Master  from the grave to destroy Life.  He then uses Eternity grab back Master.  Master is then used to copy Secrets.  Secrets searches out a copy of Spellbook of Power.  Power is activated on one Priestessm as it runs over Aarons Myrmeleo.  Power's effect searches out Spellbook of Fate.  The other Priestess runs over one of the Moralltach.  During Main Phase 2 he overlays both Priestess for Number 11: Big Eye.  Big Eye takes Moralltach Aaron's Morraltach.  A doozy of a turn off the back of not one, not two but three High Priestess of Prophecy!  

4100 (Aaron) - 6400 (Alyx)

Aaron Normal Summons Myrmeleo and searches out Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare.  He sets two and passes.

During Draw Phase, Aaron activates Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Moralltach.  Alyx in response to the effect banishes Master and Secrets to Fate to set his Big Eye.  During Main Phase 1 he flips the Big Eye which then steals Moralltach.  A Pot of Duality reveals Secrets, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Torrential Tribute, adding Mystical Space Typhoon.  Secrets activates to search Spellbook Magician to search out The Grand Spellbook Tower.  He sets one and activates The Grand Spellbook Tower after swinging.

3600 (Aaron) - 6400 (Alyx)

Aaron checks the top card of his deck but without a Soul Charge he offers the handshake.

Buried under a draw marked by THREE copies of High Priestess of Prophecy, Alyx Lisgathe moves on to the Loser's Bracket Finals with Spellbooks!

Joe Soto