ARG Players Championship Quarter-Finals: Patrick Hoban (Sylvan) Vs. Ned Salkovitch (Traptrix Artifacts)

Alright Alter Reality Gamers we are back with our Winner’s Bracket Quarter Finals Feature Match. We have Patrick Hoban from Atlanta, GA playing Sylvans. Ned Salkovitch from Springfield, New Jersey playing his Traptrix Artifact deck that won his Round 1 feature match earlier today.

Game 1

Ned will be going first and he opens with 4 set cards and ends.

Patrick opens with Terraforming, Miracle Fertilizer, Sylvan Sagequoia, Vanity’s Emptiness, Sylvan Charity and Kuribandit. He leads off playing Sylvan Charity to get him Rose Archer, Soul Charge and Sylvan Cherubsprout and he opts to stack Sylvan Sagequoia and Sylvan Cherubsprout on top of his deck. Kuribandit gets Normal Summoned for the turn and the summon is successful. Mount Sylvania is activated next and he sets Vanity’s. He attempts to proceed to End Phase to resolve Kuribandit but Ned activates Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Beagalltach, Beagalltach activates to destroy not one but two facedown Artifact Moralltachs! The Moralltachs destroy the Sylvania and the Kuribandit. Patrick ends with that.

Ned draws for turn and Patrick concedes not able to deal with Ned’s field.

Ned Salkovitch takes Game 1. Some light conversation goes on during siding and Patrick opts to go first.

Game 2

Patrick opens with Upstart Goblin,Sylvan Charity, Mount Sylvania, Sylvan Princessprout, and Sylvan Hermitree. Upstart is activated and gives Ned 1000 life points taking him to 9000 and gives Patrick Miracle Fertilizer. Mount Sylvania is played and activated sending Hermitree to the grave to stack another Princessprout on top. Miracle Fertilizer is activated to Special Summon Hermitree in Defense mode. Hermitree’s effect is activated to excavate the Princessprout, which allows him to activate the effect Special Summoning it in Defense and he draws Rose Archer with the effect of Hermitree. Charity gives him Soul Charge, Lonefire, and another Miracle Fertilizer and he opts to put the Princessprout and Lonefire to the top of the deck. He passes with his monsters in Defense.

Ned draws for turn and then Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo to search Bottomless Trap Hole to hand. He attacks over the Princessprout then sets 5 back row and ends with that. At the End Phase Mount Excavates the Princessprout that was on top of the deck and it Special Summons itself back to the field as an 8 star monster.

Patrick draws for turn and then Ned activates Artifact Sanctum to summon Artifact Moralltach in Attack, destroying the Hermitree and Miracle Fertilizer. Patrick Normal Summons Lonefire Blossom and Ned activates Breakthrough Skill. Mount is activated to send the Lonefire to the grave to stack Sylvan Komushroomo to the top of the deck. Princessprout tributes herself to excavate the Komushroomo and stacks herself to the top of the deck, Komushroomo destroys the set Bottomless Trap Hole. Next Patrick activates Soul Charge for 4 monsters paying 4000 taking him to and bringing back Hermitree, Komushroomo, Lonefire, and Princessprout. Hermitree’s effect is activated and Ned uses Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare trying to negate the effect but that is shut down thanks to Rose Archer, Hermitree’s effect excavates Princessprout and giving him Terraforming. Princessprout Special Summons itself at level 8. Lonefire tributes one Princessprout bringing out the second Lonefire and that Lonefire tributes the Komushroomo to Special Summon Hermitree. Patrick uses Terraforming to search another Mount. The Lonefires are used to Xyz Summon Ghostrick Alucard, using the effect of Alucard he destroys a Set Moralltach which Special Summons itself and destroys the unused Hermitree. Hermitree and Princess Xyz Summon Alsei and Alsei’s effect misses calling the wrong card and excavating Marshalleaf, activating it’s effect to top deck a Moralltach and destroy the other one. He passes with that.

Ned draws for turn then sets 2 back row to end.

Patrick draws Hermitree for turn and Ned activates Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Beagalltach to destroy the set Moralltach, and Moralltach destroys the Alsei. Mount stacks a Sagequoia to hand excavating it to draw Mystical Space Typhoon and add back Sylvan Charity from the grave. Sylvan Charity is used to get him a Sagequoia, Forbidden Chalice, and Kuribandit and he puts Mount Sylvania and Kuribandit back on top of his deck. Patrick attacks over the Myrmeleo and Moralltach taking putting Ned to 8200. He passes with 3 set back row.

Ned draws Duality for turn and activates it revealing  Artifact Ignition, Artifact Sanctum and another Duality, he takes the Ignition activating it to destroy the Miracle Fertilizer not knowing that Hermitree will live, and sets Moralltach.

Patrick draws Sage for turn. He attacks over the Beagalltach and directly with Alucard to bring ned to 6400. He passes with that.

Ned draws and sets another back row. Mystical Space Typhoon is activated destroying Artifact Beagalltach and Mount is used to excavate Sylvan Komushroomo to destroy his set Artifact Moralltach.

Patrick draws for turn and Ned realizes that he loses, causing him to concede.

Ned shakes his head at his misplay and both players shuffle thoroughly. Game 3 starts with a handshake.

Game 3

Ned opens with Traptrix Myrmeleo to search Bottomless Trap Hole. He sets 5 and passes.

Patrick opens with Sylvan Charity, Kuribandit, Sylvan Princessprout, Miracle Fertilizer, Sylvan Sagequoia, and Soul Charge. Charity is activated giving him Kuribandit, Sylvan Hermitree, and another Miracle Fertilizer, He elects to put Hermitree and Kuribandit. He summons Kuribandit into Ned’s Artifact Sanctum, which Special Summons Artifact Moralltach to destroy the Kuribandit. He passes with that.

Ned draws for turn and attacks directly with Myrmeleo and Moralltach dropping Patrick to 4300. He sets another back row and passes.

Patrick draws the top decked Kuribandit for his turn. Princessprout is summoned and Ned chooses to Book of Moon it so that he can’t excavate the Hermitree. He passes with that.

Ned draws for turn and attacks with Myrmeleo over the Princessprout and directly dropping Patrick to 2200. He passes with that.

Patrick draws the top decked Hermitree for his turn. He summons the Kuribandit to the field sets a Miracle Fertilizer to his back row. Ned uses Breakthrough on the Kuribandit. Next Patrick uses Soul Charge dropping to 200 to bring back a Kuribandit and Princessprout and Ned chains Maxx “C” to draw a card. Princessprout excavates Upstart Goblin and Patrick concedes unable to deal with the back row that Ned has.

Ned is moving onto the Top 4 of the Winners Bracket and Patrick has to fight back to get into the Finals of the Players Championship. Ned has to win two more to become our first ARG Players Champion, can he do it? We’ll find out in our next Feature Match.