ARG Player’s Championship: Winner’s Bracket Top 16 Brandon Ball (Geargia) vs. Scott Page (Mermails)

This feature match comes to you from the second round of the Winner's Bracket!  Brandon Ball is bringing Geargia, a deck which had its biggest weapon in Geargiagear hit on the most recent Forbidden and Limited list but with the rest of the engine still alive.  Scott brings the tried and true Mermails to the table, having survived another list.  Which

Brandon elects to go first and starts with one set monster and three to his back row.

Scott draws to start off and Normal Summons Genex Undine to send Atlantean Dragoons to the graveyard.  He next adds Genex Controller to his hand and adds Atlantean Marksman with Atlantean Dragoons.  Atlantean Marksman is pitched to Special Summon Mermail Abyssteus, which is met with a Solemn Warning.  Atlantean Marksman goes off and targets Brandon’s set Fire Hand, letting him Special Summon an Ice Hand from his deck while destroying the Genex Undine.  Scott continues on and special summon Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, banishing Marksman and Undine.  Tidal runs over Ice Hand.  He sets two and passes.

6000 (Brandon) - 8000 (Scott)

Brandon draws for turn and Normal Summons Fire Hand.  He crashes Fire Hand into Tidal and its effect is met with a Solemn Warning.  Brandon then goes on to Call of the Haunted back Fire Hand and crashes it once again into Tidal, destroying it.  Fire Hand goes off and Special Summons Ice Hand in defense.  

4000 (Brandon) - 6000 (Scott)

Scott draws for turn and starts off by banishing Dragoons and Abyssteus for Tidal.  He then Normal Summons Genex Controller.  During the Battle Phase, Tidal attacks Ice Hand and he chains Book of Moon to target Ice Hand.  Controller connects directly.  Main Phase 2, Scott Synchro Summons Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree before passing the turn.

2600 (Brandon) - 6000 (Scott)

Brandon begins his turn and activates Soul Charge to bring back both copies of Fire Hand.  He then overlays both of the Fire Hand for Evilswarm Exciton Knight in defense as a desperation play to deter  Scott from attacking.

600 (Brandon) - 6000 (Scott)

Scott starts off by discarding Mermail Abyssleed and Mermail Abysslinde for Mermail Abyssmegalo.  Brandon responds with a Maxx “C”.  Abyssmegalo resolves and he searches out Abyss-sphere.  Tidal is activated banishing Abyssleed and Abysslinde.  Scott enters the Battle Phase with fewer total cards then Brandon, so Brandon is forced to scoop it up!  Brandon is unable to put up any sort of defense against Scott’s onslaught of fishy threats.

Game 2

Brandon elects to go first for Game 2.

He starts off with a Normal Summon of Geargiaccelerator, immediately followed up with a Special Summon of Geargiaccelerator.  Both accelerators are overlaid for Gear Gigant x which searches out Geargiarsenal.  He sets one to his back row and passes the turn.

Scott draws to start his turn and immediately goes into the tank, a lot of different lines of play available to him.  He starts by activating Mystical Space Typhoon to hit Brandon’s set Fiendish Chain.  He then discards Genex Undine for Mermail Abyssteus.  Abyssteus’s effect goes off successfully to search out Mermail Abyssgunde.  He then Normal Summons Mermail Abysslinde. Entering Battle Phase, he crashes Abysslinde into Gear Gigant X to Special Summon Mermail Abyssleed.  He Xyz Summons Mermail Abyssgaios before passing the turn..

5900 (Brandon) - 7200 (Scott)

Brandon mulls it over before t-setting and passing it back to Scott.

Scott Normal Summons Genex Undine, sending Atlantean Dragoons to the grave and adding Genex Controller to his hand.  Dragoons adds Abyssmegalo.  Abyssgunde and Atlantean Marksman are then ditched to Special Summon Abyssmegalo.  Abyssmegalo then searches out Abyss-sphere.  Marksman goes off and targets Brandon’s set Call of the Haunted which brings back Geargiaccelerator in attack mode.  Abyssgunde brings back Abysslinde.  Abyssgaios attacks over Geargiaccelerator.  During Main Phase 2, Scott Xyz Summons Ghostrick Alucard destroying Brandon’s set Fire Hand.  Fire Hand destroys Abyssgaios and brings out Ice Hand.  Scott sets one and passes the turn.

4500 (Brandon)  - 7200 (Scott)

Brandon Normal Summons Geargiarsenal.  Ice Hand attacks Alucard and Scott responds by flipping his set Abyss-sphere.  Abyss-sphere Special Summons Abysslinde in defense.  Ice Hand brings out Fire Hand and pops sphere.  Abysslinde brings out Abyssteus in defense.  Fire Hand crashes into Alucard and destroys Abyssteus while bringing out an Ice Hand in defense.  Main Phase 2 uses Arsenal to SS armor in defense.  overlays for Exciton Knight and wipes the board.  sets one and passes

3900 (Brandon) - 7200 (Scott)

Scott kicks things off with Soul Charge for Dragoons, two Abyssteus, Abyssleed, and Abyssmegalo.  Abyssleed tributes off Abyssteus and forces Brandon to discard the Geargiarsenal in his hand.  He then overlays Abyssmegalo and Abyssteus for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in defense which is met with Breakthrough Skill.  He then Normal Summons Mermail Abysspike.  Next, Number 101: Silent Honor Ark is Xyz Summoned.  Ark detaches Dragoons and searches out marksman.  Scott passes the turn, definitely in a confident position.

3900 (Brandon) - 2200 (Scott)

Brandon draws for turn and immediately offers the handshake, completely out-advantaged. 

Scott continues to champion Mermails to an undefeated tournament record!

Joe Soto