ARGCS Atlanta Round 3 Top Table Update!

We're here in Round 3 of ARGCS Atlanta and I was able to take a live look-in at some of the matches going on!  Plenty of Qliphorts abound, but our own NA WCQ Champion, Korey McDuffie, has already taken his seat at Table 1!

Table 1 - Korey McDuffie (Shaddolls) vs Jessie Samala (Qliphorts)

Table 2 - Ben Burns (Burning Abyss) vs Alex Keeler (Shaddolls)

Table 3 - Michael Hairston (Qliphorts) vs Michael Harrington (Qliphorts)

Table 4 - Tristan Trucott (Burning Abyss) vs James Gladney (Qliphorts)


Joe Soto