ARGCS Atlanta Round 8 Live Look-In: Philip Ritche (Satellarknight) vs Jeff Jones (Shaddolls)

I'm here taking a look at the first table that chose not to intentionally draw the last round so time to see who's going to try and squeak into the Top 16!  I'm coming into the early turns of Game 2, after a quick Game 1 where Jeff locked down Philip with a Denko Sekka that he just couldn't deal with!


Game 2

Philip uses Reinforcement of the Army to get Deneb.  Philip then Normal Summons Deneb but Jeff responds with Breakthrough Skill to the effect to stop the search...but Philip has a Trap Stun to push the effect through, adding Vega to his hand.

Jeff uses MST on Philip's set CotH.  He then Special Summons White Dragon Wyverbuster, then Normal Summons Squamata.  He then Xyz Summons for Castel then uses its effect to spin the Fiendish Chain locking up his Mathematician.  He then drops BLS and that's enough damage for game!

Jeff Jones (most likely) moves onto the Top 16 with Denko-Dolls!

Joe Soto



  • Constantine Varelas

    best, most intricate, most interesting to study, match ever

    • Ben Hamar

      +1 Sarcasm points.

      On a side note, how come ARG has stopped doing written feature matches and end of day 1 deck lists? Your written content has dropped to an abominably low standard, I cannot comment on the streaming function as I don’t watch it due to time zone differences but I mean come on, I thought you guys were about setting a higher standard!

      Now Konami is slowly improving their stream features and still gives written feature matches etc. I would say good written feature match reports but from my reading neither side has managed to scratch the quality that was used on