ARG’s Pat Hoban: Interview from YCS New Jersey

Infernity has a number of ways to begin its loop. Anything from having Summoner Monk in hand with a spell card and anywhere from zero to three other monsters to simply having Armageddon knight with Stygian Street Patrol in hand. This gives the deck a very appealing early game. Once Archfiend is in grave, you've got plenty of cards to draw even if you weren't able to do a full loop which allows for it to have a strong long game.
Combine the deck's strength at all stages of the game with a great Fire Fist and Mermail matchup, and it proved to be a strong choice for this past weekend. A plus one from a Bear attacking you is almost entirely irrelevant, since the deck cannot OTK you and you have three or four turns to set up, which is plenty of the time. The Water matchup is appealing because the deck doesn't play many traps to stop your powerful combos. Check out the video to see more in depth analysis of the deck! Play hard or go home!

Monsters: 14
3 [ccProd]Infernity Archfiend[/ccProd] 3[ccProd] Infernity Necromancer[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Infernity Avenger[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Infernity Mirage[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Summoner Monk[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Stygian Street Patrol[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Armageddon Knight[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Dark Grepher[/ccProd]

Spells: 14
3[ccProd] Upstart Goblin[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Instant Fusion[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Reinforcement of the Army[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Heavy Storm[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Pot of Duality[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Card Destruction[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Infernity Launcher[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Foolish Burial[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]One for One[/ccProd]

Traps: 12
2 [ccProd]Trap Stun[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Bottomless Trap Hole[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Mirror Force[/ccProd] 3[ccProd] Infernity Barrier[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Infernity Break[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Solemn Warning[/ccProd] 1[ccProd] Solemn Judgment[/ccProd]

Extra Deck: 15
2 [ccProd]Diamond Dire Wolf[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Lavalval Chain[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Maestroke the Symphony Djinn[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Abyss Dweller[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Leviair the Sea Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Infernity Doom Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Void Ogre Dragon[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Hundred-Eyes Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Stygian Sergeants[/ccProd] 1[ccProd] Armory Arm[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Darkfire Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Fusionist[/ccProd]

Side Deck: 15
3 [ccProd]Infernity Randomizer[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Offering to the Doomed[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Dimensional Prison[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Reinforce Truth[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Soul Drain[/ccProd]